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  • Photos from the previous editions of The Gobi March are all pretty incredible. Those from the previous editions in the Hami region are arguably the most spectacular however. The Gobi March 2015 returns to Hami and promises to be an amazing experience for competitors, volunteers, and staff alike.
    Last Updated: Sep 15, 2014
  • We select 4 Deserts volunteers from around the globe to make up the best volunteer teams in the sporting world. View the volunteer application now...
    Last Updated: Sep 08, 2014
  • View the current competitor list with competitor names, nationalities and charities. Who will be next on the list?
    Last Updated: Sep 02, 2014
  • Ryan Sandes returns to the 7th Roving Race amid dazzling landscape as competitors from 43 nations descend on Madagascar's northern tip...
    Last Updated: Aug 29, 2014
  • The 4 Deserts Pressroom is always updated with recent news articles, Press Releases and more...
    Last Updated: Aug 25, 2014
  • As a previous competitor and current race organiser, I cannot help but salivate at the prospect of Gobi March 2015. I struggle to think of any race with as varied terrain as seen in these pictures from 2006. Sand dunes coupled with grasslands and Alpine scenery!!!
    Last Updated: Aug 18, 2014
  • Gobi March 2015 returns to the Hami region for the first time since 2006! Old photos have us very excited! The incredibly varied landscapes include Alpine passes, vast grasslands, huge sand dunes, salt lakes, dusty tracks, rocky riverbeds & river crossings! All under the shadow of the Tian Shan mountains!
    Last Updated: Aug 12, 2014
  • With 1.3 million km2 of desert to choose from, it is no wonder the Gobi March has offered a variety of amazing locations over the years. See the fantastic array of backdrops in the photo gallery.
    Last Updated: Aug 04, 2014

  • It's not easy to convey in words just why you love an event, race, or location so much. Many of us simply don't possess the lexicon to describe the wonder that it provokes in us. Here we have some previous competitors explaining what makes the Gobi March so special.
    Last Updated: Jul 28, 2014
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Sachio Suzuki
No Record Found.
   July 16, 2014
Five things I learned running my first multi-stage ultramarathon - the 155-mile, seven day Gobi March.

   July 15, 2014
My race started on the fourth day. We’d already run 70 miles over three stages - through the stifling heat of the Gobi Desert; scrambling down and up ...

   April 19, 2013
Sharing the experience of the winning company - RacingThePlanet Ltd use Internet to expand overseas business.

   April 23, 2013
More and more women from the financial sector participate in ultra-marathons.

   April 22, 2013
Natalia Watkins, a 40-year-old Hong Kong-based executive for HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA), knows about endurance.

   April 22, 2013
Natalia Watkins, a 40-year-old Hong Kong-based executive for HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA), knows about endurance.

   December 5, 2012
Australia's Born To Run team has completed the Four Deserts Grand Slam, crossing the Sahara, Atacama, Gobi and Antarctic deserts together.

   November 28, 2012
While obesity rates soar in the developed world and we live an ever more sedentary lifestyle, the flip side to this health time bomb is the paradox th...

   December 12, 2012
The legendary ultramarathoner tells us why he blames his little habit on tequila, and that he’d be all in for a marathon in outer space—but also that ...

   December 1, 2012
Millions of people dream of traveling more when they retire, but it’s a safe bet that few would approach their leisure years like Len Stanmore.

Sun Mercury


The Gobi Desert is the windiest non-polar desert in the world. The 10th anniversary course will take competitors over 250 kilometers of terrain in northwestern Xinjiang Province. The area is known for the colorful culture of its ethnic minorities and for Genghis Khan, founder of the Mongol empire.



  • 00h 00m1  Ahmad Zabri, Azrina
  • 00h 00m2  ALSayer, Khalid
  • 00h 00m3  Anderson, Alan
  • 00h 00m4  Berridge, David
  • 00h 00m5  Blomme, Patrick
  • 00h 00m6  Butcher, Craig
  • 00h 00m7  Chen, Tommy
  • 00h 00m8  Cross, Andrew
  • 00h 00m9  Crosthwaite, Giles
  • 00h 00m10  Davies, Rachel
  • 00h 00m11  Del Valle, Jasmine J.
  • 00h 00m12  Dobbie, Peter
  • 00h 00m13  Ellison, Stuart C.
  • 00h 00m14  England, Charles
  • 00h 00m15  Fernandez Todea, Blanca
  • 00h 00m16  Fish, Cynthia
  • 00h 00m17  Gunia, Amy
  • 00h 00m18  Ho, Chak Lam
  • 00h 00m19  Hrenchuk, Fred
  • 00h 00m20  Hunter, Steven W.
  • 00h 00m21  Ingleson, David R.
  • 00h 00m22  Ip, Thomas
  • 00h 00m23  Ishibashi, Kiyofumi
  • 00h 00m24  James, Nathan
  • 00h 00m25  Jones, Jonathan G.
  • 00h 00m26  Kimble, Adam I.
  • 00h 00m27  Lala, Sures
  • 00h 00m28  Laurent, Faton
  • 00h 00m29  Liang, Jessica
  • 00h 00m30  Lim, Yew Khuay
  • 00h 00m31  Manner, Gabriel L.
  • 00h 00m32  Mcarthur, Jason G.
  • 00h 00m33  McCoy, Kyle
  • 00h 00m34  Millar, Luke
  • 00h 00m35  Millar, Rachael
  • 00h 00m36  Mohamedbhai, Hussein H.
  • 00h 00m37  Moss, Nicholas
  • 00h 00m38  Muylle, Joost R.L.
  • 00h 00m39  Nicolaus, Alexander
  • 00h 00m40  Noribie, Noel A.
  • 00h 00m41  Norstad, Ole
  • 00h 00m42  OConnor, Ryan
  • 00h 00m43  Parbery, John
  • 00h 00m44  Preston, Guy
  • 00h 00m45  Purdie, Darlene E.
  • 00h 00m46  Richards, Paul I.
  • 00h 00m47  Robinson, Lucy
  • 00h 00m48  Rutherford Fernandez, Amaya S.
  • 00h 00m49  Sanderson, Michael S.
  • 00h 00m50  Slayman, Annapurna
  • 00h 00m51  Smith, Ben R.