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  • Chema Martinez from Spain continues his 4 Deserts Grand Slam goal going down as the favourite for the Gobi March
    Last Updated: Apr 21, 2014
  • We are very excited to announce that Sahara Race 2015 will take place in Jordan, starting on Sunday, 8 March 2015. As with this year's race, the continued political uncertainty in Egypt, means we turn again to the incredible deserts of Jordan.
    Last Updated: Apr 09, 2014
  • With less than 2 months left, have a look at what goes on behind the scenes in order to get a more rounded picture of what to expect. Campfire, glowsticks, communications, and the all important medals are explained.
    Last Updated: Apr 07, 2014
  • Whatever term you use to describe it, it equates to the same thing. Equipment is essential to the successful completion of the race. Final pieces should be sourced as soon as possible in order to test beforehand.
    Last Updated: Mar 31, 2014
  • As time gets ever closer to the start line on June 1st, we urge competitors to share their feelings, plans, concerns, and excitement regarding these final 2 and a bit months. Start blogging today!
    Last Updated: Mar 24, 2014
  • The social evening takes place on 20 March and the Trail Run on 22 March. Contact us for more details...
    Last Updated: Mar 18, 2014
  • With 75 days to go it's time to get those last few pieces of kit. Purchasing early to get everything tested is strongly advised.
    Last Updated: Mar 17, 2014
  • With less than 3 months to go before the Gobi March 2014 start line, why not check out the highlights from some previous editions. Have a look at what you'll look like before and after, and also the unwritten spectacle of so much lycra!
    Last Updated: Mar 10, 2014
  • With over 20 Grand Slam contenders in 2014, it is not only 4 Deserts staff that must dust themselves down, look forward, and plan for Gobi March 2014. With another spectacular race on the horizon it is with excited anticipation that all look towards June 1st.
    Last Updated: Mar 03, 2014
A conversation with Xing Bo quickly reveals that running through a desert may no...
Sebastian Armenault has made fundraising an art form at the Gobi March 2013....
We talk to the four race leaders of the Gobi March 2013....
The Cable-French Trophy was awarded to Agnes Cheng during the Gobi March Awards ...
Glad to have participated, this Singapore team can't believe they will finish it...
We ask competitors to explain what makes the Gobi March such an enduring event....
Ten years ago the Gobi March was held for the first time near Dunhuang, China wi...
There are three times more Chinese competitors in this year's Gobi March...
Steve Brydon was never prepared at how emotional it would be at the finish line ...
On a 4 Deserts Event, competitors have a lot of time to think. Learn how they ov...
  • A Pre-Race update for the Gobi March (China) 2014 will be posted on Saturday, 31 May 2014. replica watches replica watc...
  • A Stage 1 update for the Gobi March (China) 2014 will be posted on Sunday, 1 June 2014....
  • A Stage 2 update for the Gobi March (China) 2014 will be posted on Monday, 2 June 2014....
  • A Stage 3 update for the Gobi March (China) 2014 will be posted on Tuesday, 3 June 2014....
  • A Stage 4 update for the Gobi March (China) 2014 will be posted on Wednesday, 4 June 2014....
  • A Stage 5 update for the Gobi March (China) 2014 will be posted on Thursday, 5 June 2014 and Friday, 6 June 20...
  • A Stage 6 update for the Gobi March (China) 2014 will be posted on Saturday, 7 June 2014. rolex yachtmaster replica fak...
  • A Post-Race update for the Gobi March (China) 2014 will be posted on Sunday, 8 June 2014....
   April 19, 2013
Sharing the experience of the winning company - RacingThePlanet Ltd use Internet to expand overseas business.

   April 23, 2013
More and more women from the financial sector participate in ultra-marathons.

   April 22, 2013
Natalia Watkins, a 40-year-old Hong Kong-based executive for HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA), knows about endurance.

   April 22, 2013
Natalia Watkins, a 40-year-old Hong Kong-based executive for HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA), knows about endurance.

   December 5, 2012
Australia's Born To Run team has completed the Four Deserts Grand Slam, crossing the Sahara, Atacama, Gobi and Antarctic deserts together.

   November 28, 2012
While obesity rates soar in the developed world and we live an ever more sedentary lifestyle, the flip side to this health time bomb is the paradox th...

   December 12, 2012
The legendary ultramarathoner tells us why he blames his little habit on tequila, and that he’d be all in for a marathon in outer space—but also that ...

   December 1, 2012
Millions of people dream of traveling more when they retire, but it’s a safe bet that few would approach their leisure years like Len Stanmore.

   November 12, 2012
In just a few days, I'll strap on my 25-pound backpack and lace up my shoes to start a seven-day race across the coldest desert on the planet as part ...

   October 22, 2012
In just over 12 months, the father of two has transformed himself from a chubby armchair spectator to an ultra athlete.

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The Gobi Desert is the windiest non-polar desert in the world. The 10th anniversary course will take competitors over 250 kilometers of terrain in northwestern Xinjiang Province. The area is known for the colorful culture of its ethnic minorities and for Genghis Khan, founder of the Mongol empire.



  • 00h 00m1  Akeroyd, Lisa
  • 00h 00m2  Albarran, Juan Carlos
  • 00h 00m3  Amore, Celestino
  • 00h 00m4  Arlotta Tarino, Sebastiano
  • 00h 00m5  Autissier, Valerie
  • 00h 00m6  Barnes, Chris H.
  • 00h 00m7  Barr, David T.
  • 00h 00m8  Bech-Thomsen, Asger F.
  • 00h 00m9  Bell, Alexander J.W.
  • 00h 00m10  Bennett, Daniel M.
  • 00h 00m11  Borlinha, Paul
  • 00h 00m12  Breiter, Isis
  • 00h 00m13  Brown, Fraser S.
  • 00h 00m14  Cairns, Tim
  • 00h 00m15  Calimano, Chris
  • 00h 00m16  Chan, Wing Fu
  • 00h 00m17  Chau, Duncan
  • 00h 00m18  Chauhan, Rudra Pratap S.
  • 00h 00m19  Chen, Hui
  • 00h 00m20  Chu, Arthur T.
  • 00h 00m21  Chu, Yat Wang
  • 00h 00m22  Cutler, Kim-Mai
  • 00h 00m23  Dulic, Adriana
  • 00h 00m24  Edwards, James L.
  • 00h 00m25  Espin, Andrew M.
  • 00h 00m26  Ewart, Hilary J.
  • 00h 00m27  Felzmann-Khaled, Monika
  • 00h 00m28  Foo, Chik Aun
  • 00h 00m29  Foote, Brett A.
  • 00h 00m30  Fujii, Shinichiro
  • 00h 00m31  Gilgen, Michael
  • 00h 00m32  Gomez Alciturri, Jose Luis
  • 00h 00m33  Gondek, Andrzej
  • 00h 00m34  Gonzalez, Francisco
  • 00h 00m35  Gosse, Cyrille
  • 00h 00m36  Ham, suck hyun
  • 00h 00m37  HAMAGUCHI, Sachiko
  • 00h 00m38  Harreither, Christoph
  • 00h 00m39  Hong, Kyungpyo
  • 00h 00m40  Huang, Chao-Sheng (Jason)
  • 00h 00m41  Hung, Shing Hing
  • 00h 00m42  Huynh, Linh
  • 00h 00m43  Jones, Brian S.
  • 00h 00m44  Kairon, Jagdeep
  • 00h 00m45  Kallervald, Martin
  • 00h 00m46  Kenny, Derek
  • 00h 00m47  KIM, TAE WAN
  • 00h 00m48  Kitada, Takao
  • 00h 00m49  Kogi, Yoshiko
  • 00h 00m50  Kong, Sung-hun
  • 00h 00m51  Krys, Kenneth