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  • The Gobi March (China) 2016 is the 50th race in the 4 Deserts Race series which have been going since 2002. Read more here on the Press Release with information about the history and foundation of the remarkable race series.
    Last Updated: Jan 18, 2016
  • The Gobi March (China) 2016 will be the 4 Deserts 50th race, and what a wonderful way to celebrate, having it be the first race in 2003.
    Last Updated: Jan 18, 2016
  • The stunning course of the Gobi March (China) 2016 will take competitors through beautiful scenery
    Last Updated: Jan 11, 2016
  • Have a read of Preparing for a Stage Race
    Last Updated: Dec 28, 2015
  • Blogs are a great way to get tips on gear and training. It's also a wonderful way to document your journey, from the moment you decide to compete, through your training and then the daily updates from your race. Sign up for your blog now.
    Last Updated: Dec 21, 2015
  • The Gobi March course will have you meeting nomadic farmers, sleeping in traditional yurts, staying in local Kazakh houses and camping among an abandoned village from the 1900's.
    Last Updated: Dec 08, 2015
  • The 4 Deserts Race Series draws people from all over the world with fascinating stories. Have a look at who you might be competing with for our 50th Race!
    Last Updated: Nov 30, 2015
  • There are 36 mandatory items on the Gobi March equipment list. Now is the time to familiarise yourself with these items and start to select and test each one.
    Last Updated: Nov 24, 2015
  • Gobi March 2016 is the 50th race for the 4 Deserts Race Series. Look out for special celebration gifts for competitors of the race.
    Last Updated: Nov 16, 2015
  • The Post-Race Stage Update for the Gobi March 2016 will be posted on Saturday 25 June 2016. ...
  • The Stage 6 Update for the Gobi March 2016 will be posted on Saturday 25 June 2016. ...
  • The Stage 5 Update for the Gobi March 2016 will be posted on Friday 24 June 2016. ...
  • The Stage 4 Update for the Gobi March 2016 will be posted on Wednesday 22 June 2016. ...
  • The Stage 3 Update for the Gobi March 2016 will be posted on Tuesday 21 June 2016. ...
  • The Stage 2 Update for the Gobi March 2016 will be posted on Monday 20 June 2016. ...
  • The Stage 1 Update for the Gobi March 2016 will be posted on Sunday 19 June 2016. ...
  • The Pre-Race Stage Update for the Gobi March 2016 will be posted on Friday 17 June 2016.   ...
   July 16, 2014
Five things I learned running my first multi-stage ultramarathon - the 155-mile, seven day Gobi March.

   July 15, 2014
My race started on the fourth day. We’d already run 70 miles over three stages - through the stifling heat of the Gobi Desert; scrambling down and u...

   April 19, 2013
Sharing the experience of the winning company - RacingThePlanet Ltd use Internet to expand overseas business.

   April 23, 2013
More and more women from the financial sector participate in ultra-marathons.

   April 22, 2013
Natalia Watkins, a 40-year-old Hong Kong-based executive for HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA), knows about endurance.

   April 22, 2013
Natalia Watkins, a 40-year-old Hong Kong-based executive for HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA), knows about endurance.

   December 5, 2012
Australia's Born To Run team has completed the Four Deserts Grand Slam, crossing the Sahara, Atacama, Gobi and Antarctic deserts together.

   November 28, 2012
While obesity rates soar in the developed world and we live an ever more sedentary lifestyle, the flip side to this health time bomb is the paradox th...

   December 12, 2012
The legendary ultramarathoner tells us why he blames his little habit on tequila, and that he’d be all in for a marathon in outer space—but also t...

   December 1, 2012
Millions of people dream of traveling more when they retire, but it’s a safe bet that few would approach their leisure years like Len Stanmore.

Sun Mercury


The Gobi Desert is the windiest non-polar desert in the world. The stunning course will take competitors over 250 kilometers of terrain in eastern Xinjiang Province. The area is known for the colorful culture of its ethnic minorities and beautiful green pastures sheltered by the mighty Tianshan Mountains.



  • 0h 00m1  Abdullatif, Almunthir
  • 0h 00m2  Abratt, David
  • 0h 00m3  Abud, Felipe
  • 0h 00m4  Almanza Garcia, Daniel A.
  • 0h 00m5  Armitage, Christopher
  • 0h 00m6  Bao, Jingyun
  • 0h 00m7  Barry, Lynne
  • 0h 00m8  Bechler, Christopher
  • 0h 00m9  Begin, Jean-Francois
  • 0h 00m10  Birkebaek, Simon
  • 0h 00m11  Blaiberg, Avi
  • 0h 00m12  Bong, Joosuk
  • 0h 00m13  Burke, Matthew W.
  • 0h 00m14  Chandler, Ryan
  • 0h 00m15  Chaudhry, Ali
  • 0h 00m16  Chen, Yen-Po
  • 0h 00m17  Chen, Mo
  • 0h 00m18  Cheng, Tsuang Chih
  • 0h 00m19  Choudhury, Prerna
  • 0h 00m20  Chu, Chun Ho
  • 0h 00m21  Cohen, Mauricio
  • 0h 00m22  Cunningham, James
  • 0h 00m23  Dernoncourt, Damien P.J.
  • 0h 00m24  Dierauer, Stefan
  • 0h 00m25  Do, RokChan
  • 0h 00m26  Enquist, Kathleen M.
  • 0h 00m27  Faehn, Gunnar
  • 0h 00m28  Fish, Cynthia
  • 0h 00m29  Fox, Benjamin
  • 0h 00m30  Funk, Brendan
  • 0h 00m31  Garrity, Stephen
  • 0h 00m32  Glen, Fiona
  • 0h 00m33  Grygoruk, Alexander
  • 0h 00m34  Happ, Jacob
  • 0h 00m35  Hegde, Pavan
  • 0h 00m36  Henson, Richard
  • 0h 00m37  Jackson, Ross E.
  • 0h 00m38  Jensen, Palle R.
  • 0h 00m39  Kan, Chao-Chun
  • 0h 00m40  Kenny, Derek
  • 0h 00m41  Kerton, Allen M.
  • 0h 00m42  Kim, Sanghyeon
  • 0h 00m43  Kim, Daeheum
  • 0h 00m44  Kim, Mijung
  • 0h 00m45  Knight, Adrian
  • 0h 00m46  Kovessy, Erik
  • 0h 00m47  Le-Gallez, Rich
  • 0h 00m48  Leonard, Dion
  • 0h 00m49  Li, Wei