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The 4 Deserts Race Series management team works year-round planning and executing as many as five races per calendar year. Management team members attend races to coordinate on-the-ground operations.



The 4 Deserts medical committee is comprised of medical doctors from the United States who provide guidance and oversight into 4 Deserts Race Series medical operations. Medical doctors on the committee regularly attend 4 Deserts events as Medical Directors overseeing medical teams that handle day-to-day medical activities and care during the races.



The 4 Deserts Race Series seeks volunteers from around the world to assist in race operations. Volunteers are selected based on a comprehensive set of criteria; selection as a volunteer is a highly competitive process. The volunteer experience is life-enriching and unique, and volunteers form an important component of the spirit of the race. Volunteers can be friends or family members, would-be competitors, outdoor enthusiasts, or those who simply aspire to volunteer at a world-class event. Many volunteers return to races year after year. Of many hundreds of 4 Deserts volunteers, we would like to highlight a special selection who have worked with us over many years. Learn more about being a 4 Deserts volunteer.

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