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  • Relive and tease yourself
    Browse through the amazing photos from Atacama Crossing 2014 and simultaneously relive the competitors' experiences and tease yourself if you were not one of them. October 4, 2015 sees the next edition so you need only be teased until then!
    Last Updated: Nov 24, 2014
  • Mangold vs. Moroz
    Rumour has it that Atacama Crossing 2013 competitors and 4 Deserts stalwarts Zandy Mangold and Matt Moroz will battle it out again in Atacama Crossing 2015! Gloves off, mano e mano! That promises to be one explosive race!
    Last Updated: Nov 17, 2014
  • "Archeological jewel of Chile"
    The "Archeological jewel of Chile", that's certainly one way to describe the Atacama Desert. The backdrop certainly provides us with an absolute gem of a race! Many leave with a new sense of wonder, none leave disappointed...
    Last Updated: Nov 10, 2014
  • The Last Desert 2014 has concluded
    The final Stage of The Last Desert concluded at Telefon Bay in Antarctica with the coldest and windiest stage yet. All competitors completed the stage around 14:00. The winners were again Jose Manual Martinez Fernandez or "Chema" of Spain for the overall race, Isis Breiter of Mexico for the women...
    Last Updated: Nov 09, 2014
    The first stage of The Last Desert took place on Deception Island. See results, the stage update, blogs and photos on the race website.
    Last Updated: Nov 05, 2014
  • The Last Desert 2014 - follow the race live
    On Saturday, 1 November The Last Desert 2014 participants set sail from the most southerly point. Sign up for breaking news to receive regular race updates live from Antarctica.
    Last Updated: Nov 01, 2014
  • Atacama Crossing Fastest Times
    Double Olympian 'Chema' Martinez won convincingly this year, and ultra-legend Ryan Sandes won by almost 6 hours in 2010! But it is the winning time of 23h46m51s from Vincente Garcia Beneito in 2012 that remains the time to beat!
    Last Updated: Oct 27, 2014
  • What are you waiting for?
    After witnessing Atacama Crossing 2014 it is surely a must for anyone who's not already been, and an absolute desire to return for anyone that has. 349 days and counting until the next edition...
    Last Updated: Oct 20, 2014
  • Fundacion Amigos de Jesus: Making a real difference
    The 4 Deserts is proud to be supporting the Fundacion Amigos de Jesus through the 10th Anniversary edition of the Atacama Crossing. Read about Event Director Alina Prendiville's visit to the foundation, which provides services for 70 people with disabilities.
    Last Updated: Oct 19, 2014
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Mind Over Matter
Among the varied reasons why people decide to enter 250-kilometer desert races,
  • Pre-Race
    The next edition of the Atacama Crossing (Chile) takes place on 4-10 October 2015. The Pre-Race Stage Update will be posted on Sat...
  • Post-Race
    A Post-Race Stage Update will be posted on Saturday, 10 October 2015....
  • Stage 6
    The Stage 6 Update will be posted on Friday, 9 October 2015....
  • Stage 5
    The Stage 5 Update will be posted on Thursday, 8 October and Friday, 9 October 2015....
  • Stage 4
    The Stage 4 Update will be posted on Wednesday, 7 October 2015....
  • Stage 3
    The Stage 3 Update will be posted on Tuesday, 6 October 2015....
  • Stage 2
    The Stage 2 Update will be posted on Monday, 5 October 2015....
  • Stage 1
    The Stage 1 Update will be posted on Monday, 5 October 2015....
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Ming Pao: SMEs develop oversea markets by Internet   April 19, 2013
Sharing the experience of the winning company - RacingThePlanet Ltd use Internet to expand overseas business.

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More and more women from the financial sector participate in ultra-marathons.

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Natalia Watkins, a 40-year-old Hong Kong-based executive for HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA), knows about endurance.

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Natalia Watkins, a 40-year-old Hong Kong-based executive for HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA), knows about endurance.

An endurance ordeal by sand and in snow   December 5, 2012
Australia's Born To Run team has completed the Four Deserts Grand Slam, crossing the Sahara, Atacama, Gobi and Antarctic deserts together.

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Millions of people dream of traveling more when they retire, but it’s a safe bet that few would approach their leisure years like Len Stanmore.


One of the few deserts on Earth that doesn't receive any rain. It is a plateau in South America, covering a 600-mile (1,000 km) strip of land on the Pacific coast of South America, west of the beautiful Andes mountains.



  • 0h 00m1  Arguello, Manuel
  • 0h 00m2  Arlotta Tarino, Sebastiano
  • 0h 00m3  Barnard, David
  • 0h 00m4  Baron, Gary
  • 0h 00m5  Bennett, Mark
  • 0h 00m6  Bhalla, Dalip
  • 0h 00m7  Boettiger, Keith
  • 0h 00m8  Bunderson, Richard
  • 0h 00m9  Bustamante, Jorge
  • 0h 00m10  Cameron-Smith, Jeffrey L.
  • 0h 00m11  Chak, Raymond
  • 0h 00m12  Chan, Wing Fu
  • 0h 00m13  Charkina, Ekaterina
  • 0h 00m14  Chen, Tommy
  • 0h 00m15  Conservani, Clayton E.
  • 0h 00m16  Cortes, Ana Carolina B.
  • 0h 00m17  Dammone, Oliver
  • 0h 00m18  de Menezes Lucas, Antonio A.
  • 0h 00m19  Deguzis, Ryan P.
  • 0h 00m20  Demarco, John
  • 0h 00m21  Dowding, Dan J.
  • 0h 00m22  Edwards, James L.
  • 0h 00m23  Fawell, Andrea J.
  • 0h 00m24  Fisher, Graham V.
  • 0h 00m25  Fontaine, Ricky
  • 0h 00m26  Foord, Alex
  • 0h 00m27  García, Paco
  • 0h 00m28  Geddes, Robert
  • 0h 00m29  Gutierrez Jimenez, Carlos
  • 0h 00m30  Hansen, Marthin S.
  • 0h 00m31  Henley, Peter
  • 0h 00m32  Hill, Monika
  • 0h 00m33  Ho, Chak Lam
  • 0h 00m34  Ho, Jacqueline
  • 0h 00m35  James, Peter
  • 0h 00m36  Jung, Stefan
  • 0h 00m37  Kim, Yoo
  • 0h 00m38  Lacey, Simon
  • 0h 00m39  Lee, Linda
  • 0h 00m40  Leiva, Claudio B.
  • 0h 00m41  Leventhal, Shiri
  • 0h 00m42  Liang, Xiao Xiang
  • 0h 00m43  Luft, Patricia
  • 0h 00m44  McCorgary, Michael G.
  • 0h 00m45  Modignani, Alice
  • 0h 00m46  Moreland, Ross
  • 0h 00m47  Moss, Aaron
  • 0h 00m48  Nessi, Edgardo M.
  • 0h 00m49  Neto, Elcio A.
  • 0h 00m50  Newbury, Christine
  • 0h 00m51  Ng, Josh