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Wong Ho Chung 4 Deserts & The Last Desert Champion

Isabelle Sauve 4 Deserts& The Last Desert Champion

The 12 Amazing 4 Deserts Grand Slammers!

Men's winners, Chung Ho, Iulian and Christophe!

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Thank You

7th December 2018

A heartfelt “thank you”... To everyone that took the time to read and  post on my blog.  To Cathy Salter, for the plastic penguins and book on leopard seals.  To my coworkers for the days I came to work tired and ...

Posted By: Simon Melanson  |  3 Comments

Closing Thought...

7th December 2018

Sometimes, I ask myself this question when things get hard.  But, the answers are never very far away.     First, there can be no success without adversity.  These races are not easy and they certainly don’t...

Posted By: Simon Melanson  |  0 Comments

Ultima Etapa ...

3rd December 2018

Toda buena aventura tiene su final.  Salimos puntuales a las 7:30 hacia la orilla. Esta vez íbamos acompañados de por todos los pasajeros del barco que se agruparon alrededor de la meta para vernos terminar. Má...

Posted By: Ramiro Alfaro  |  1 Comments