Team Member

Vladimir Bedrich

Business Owner

Czech Republic

Vladimir Bedrich from the Czech Republic is an active traveller, nature lover and globetrotter who enjoys being part of a team and exploring new challenges.  He has travelled all over the world and worked in many countries for multinational brands – and also as maths teacher and a volunteer at the agricultural experimentation station Ein-Yahav moshav in Israel.  Since 2014, he has been running his own business, providing industrial services to Central Eastern Europe – Vladimir is responsible for the creative direction of the company.  On top of all this Vladimir and his partners founded their own foundation, in order to formalize their non-profit activities.  When he is not travelling the world or working on his business, Vladimir is a passionate biker, drummer and beekeeper.  We are happy to welcome Vladimir to the volunteer team of the Sahara Race (Namibia) 2018 for his first time at 4 Deserts Race.