Team Member

Gail Brown


United Kingdom

Gail Brown is a physiotherapist from the United Kingdom with a "passion for getting the most out of life".  Using a few words to describe herself, Gail says she is "Positive, hardworking and energetic!". Alongside her physiotherapy Gail works as a freelance expedition leader and has led small groups of teenagers to Peru, Nicaragua, Madagascar and Borneo to do trekking, work on a project as well as some R&R. Other than the practical side of leading the expedition she likes to encourage people to get out of their comfort zones and achieve things, both physically and mentally, that they did not think possible. Her personal sporting hobby lies primarily in endurance cycling which has led her to doing a 12 hour night race, cycling the length of Wales and doing a bike tour from Croatia to Athens. She  is also a hiker and has no problem jogging a marathon distance whether leisurely at home in the UK or in New Zealand or Nepal.  Gail's talents and experience goes further.  She is a regular sight on the crew team for her partner at ultramarathons from 45 - 100 miles and triathlons. Her experience and passion for expeditions and ultras has lead her to look for a way to combine these with her physiotherapy.  She also loves the spirit of volunteering, enjoys meeting people from all over the world and being part of team.