Team Member

Bo Edenfäll



Bo Edenfall from Stockholm in Sweden is an experienced traveller and accomplished runner.  He has been to six of the seven continents with only Antarctica left.

From a running perspecitve Bo has run 96 marathons around the world and some ultra-races.  As you can see from his long list of races - he doesn't choose the easy ones close to home.  Some of the races that Bo has completed include the New York City Marathon (ten times!), Sydney Marathon, Kilimanjaro Marathon, the Marathon des Sables, Two Oceans, Atacama Crossing 2014, Gobi March 2015 and Sahara Race (Namibia) 2016. 

Bo previously owned an electrical installation company with 25 employees along with his brother and was CEO of the company, they sold the company in 2013 and he currently works as a project manager.

With so much experience as runner we are delighted to welcome Bo to the volunteer for the third time at the Sahara Race (Namibia) 2018 where he will be on the course team.  He has previously been a volunteer at the Atacama Crossing 2016 and the Gobi March 2017 where he was a huge support to the field of competitors.