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Peter Bruyneel


United States

I was born in Belgium, moved to the New York in 1996 , became an American and live most of my time now in Italy.( see italian cellphone) I have been a commercial photographer for the last 10 years and a student and professional assistant 8 years prior to that.My work consists of Commercial fashion, Portraits and Documentary work for the United Nations such as UNDP,UNFPA, so I'm accustomed to not so accessible places( see documentary of Kurdish Nomads) I would like to be a part of this amazing event because i like to document people who manage themselves in very difficult circumstances and prevail! My work can be seen at : www.bruyneel.com Athletically : I'm a runner, I go 3 times running a week and swim now and then.I'm in a pretty good shape { if i have to say it my self :-) }