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20th May 2017

It’s been a couple of weeks since the race concluded. I have celebrated by eating loads: my guess is that I consumed around 30,000 calories and ate less than half of that. It’s been fun to catch up! Like any blog...

Posted By: Riitta Hanninen  |  33 Comments

Last Day

11th May 2017

Day 7: Home Stretch Competitors awoke early in anticipation of running the last 10 km to the finish line.  The murmur of voices outside my tent started around 4:30 AM.  By 5AM, the murmur had grown to general rowdin...

Posted By: Simon Melanson  |  17 Comments

Part 1 Desert -...

9th May 2017

And that's a wrap, well at least the desert part anyway.  Day 7 finished triumphantly, it was an easy 10km along the coast and then inland to a nice sand dune where the finish line was waiting for us.  Overall, 42n...

Posted By: Peter Swinney  |  18 Comments