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Official photograph of Sahara Race 2017

Incredible support staff

The overall champion of the Sahara Race 2017

The women's champion of the Sahara Race 2017

Iulian Roteriu, Mo Foustok and Chloe Kim

Mo Fousok and Chloe Kim

Incredible volunteers at Sahara Race 2017

Korean competitors at Sahara Race 2017

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Sahara Race 2017: Photo Slide Show

Sahara Race 2017: Stage 6 Recap

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The Last Update

20th May 2017

It’s been a couple of weeks since the race concluded. I have celebrated by eating loads: my guess is that I consumed around 30,000 calories and ate less than half of that. It’s been fun to catch up! Like any blog...

Posted By: Riitta Hanninen  |  1 Comments

Last Day

11th May 2017

Day 7: Home Stretch Competitors awoke early in anticipation of running the last 10 km to the finish line.  The murmur of voices outside my tent started around 4:30 AM.  By 5AM, the murmur had grown to general rowdin...

Posted By: Simon Melanson  |  4 Comments

Part 1 Desert -...

9th May 2017

And that's a wrap, well at least the desert part anyway.  Day 7 finished triumphantly, it was an easy 10km along the coast and then inland to a nice sand dune where the finish line was waiting for us.  Overall, 42n...

Posted By: Peter Swinney  |  4 Comments