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Crossing the final finishline in the dunes

4 Deserts Friends Forever

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Namibia is home to the largest dunes in the world

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Sahara Race (Namibia) 2017 - Highlights 2

Sahara Race (Namibia)2017: Hightlights

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24th April 2018

Test ...

Posted By: Takashi Matsuyama  |  0 Comments

Another Fine Me...

21st April 2018

We leave soon for another grand adventure.  My body is a mess, my gear is a mess...still can't decide even what shoes to wear and I am using a calendar rather than a watch to time my limping along the trail.  On th...

Posted By: Robert Bennett  |  2 Comments

Into Africa

21st April 2018

On Sunday, I’ll board an Ethiopian Airlines jet at LAX and begin a long and withering journey that will eventually land me at the start line for the 4Deserts Sahara Race (Namibia). I’ll have four days on the ground i...

Posted By: Keith Gayhart  |  4 Comments