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Amanpreet Singh



Hello Dear Official, I am highly enthusiastic Hiker, camper, food lover and YES! I am also a Family Physician. I have been practising medicine in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for the past 6 years for Dr. B Mann Professional Incorporation. I have completed my Doctor of Medicine Degree from Windsor University School of Medicine. Further more I do posses 100 credit hours in the field of Genetics and Molecular Biology as well as a passion towards Nutrition and Diet. My motto is Diet over Drugs and thats what how I start treatment with my patients when the need be ( of course, cases by case a patient differs ) . That was a little intro about myself and If need be I do have supporting documents for my degree and just to emphasis I do have a very recent First aid, Basic cardiac life support and a advanced cardiac life support certificates from St. john's ambulance. I look forward to hearing from you and really look forward to serving in these fantastic races around the world.