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Two Weeks To Go

2nd June 2017 10:53 AM[(GMT+08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi]

It's only two weeks to go. 

Mrs Fung and I still do the weight training regularly. When we have holidays, we will difinitely go hill running. We usually go to Tai Mo Shan, Needle Hill, Grassy Hill and Sunset Peak for training. Our plan is to run 30km everytime. This distance can help us to gain our strength safely and avoid injuries. We try to finish the training before it gets dark as it is quite dangerous for me to run in the dark. Last but not least, it is important to allow time for recovery after trainings.

April and May are within the rainy season in Hong Kong. The weather is so unpredictable. Once we were running along Lung Mun Country Trail and heading to the peak of Tai Mo Shan, all of a sudden, it started raining and thundering. The trail became too muddy so we could only turn back to Shing Mun Reservoir. It would be great if it was a sunny day. We really want to gain strength as much as we can.

It's a dream for us to complete Gobi March (China) 2017 safely and meet the competitors from around the world. We are getting closer and closer to our goal.

*translated from Cantonese


距離戈璧沙漠比賽倘有2個星期的時間, 馮太和我ㄧ直都相約戰友做負重操練。每逢假期天必往山裏跑, 慣常操練是在大帽山、針山、草山、大東山........等等; 因負重的關係, 操練的距離定在30公里左右, 目的是安全地鍛練體能, 避免意外發生; 尤其黑暗的環境對我更為不利。艱辛操練後的休息復原更為重要, 才能促進殘肢肌腱的修補。

香港的4月及5月是雨季, 天氣變化莫測。我們遇過從龍門郊遊徑走上大帽山, 途中打起雷暴, 山路泥濘, 迫於折返城門水塘。若果能遇上晴天,我們就能盡量多跑些, 希望更強化體能!

我們希望能夠安全地完成這2017戈璧沙漠之戰, 更加期待與各國跑手相聚, 向我們的夢想進發!


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Alex Jared

Posted On: 04 Jul 2017 09:08 AM

Riitta H

Posted On: 05 Jun 2017 03:21 AM

Hi Mr Fung and the Team, Really great to hear that you training is going so well. Amazing photos too! We can't wait to see you take on the Gobi March!

Mary Gadams

Posted On: 09 Jun 2017 04:01 AM

You guys are awesome, we are so inspired. Can't wait to see you at the Gobi March.