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The Day After

15th June 2012 05:58 AM[(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time(US & Canada)]

Body definitely feeling the effects of the long stage today.  Ankle is very swollen.  Dr. Nancy diagnosed me with a left high ankle sprain and strained achilles and has it tightly wrapped in RWL blue for tomorrow. Cant put much weight on it at all. Thank God for the day off. Looks like I have a 1 minute 18 second lead over seventh position. Why does that always have to be the case? Was really hoping tomorrows stage would be a casual 9 mile stroll to the finish but that wouldnt be my style anyway. Gonna go out and do everything I can to hold onto the position but Johns been real strong this race and if the ankle becomes too painful Im shutting it down. No reason to risk major injury at this stage in the game.


Other than that all is great. Feel strong and healthy with no stomach issues.  Overall this race has been run very well and the cooler temps and tremendous medical care has kept the dropouts and camp illnesses to a minimum. Great sense of pride - our tent had all ten of us finish. Thats a huge accomplishment and speaks to the comraderie, support and growing friendships between us.  Id like to specifically recognize Tara Gaston, Sarah Lord and Geoff Heald for being absolute warriors and not giving up despite fighting through a number of injuries and foot problems over the course of the week.


Our camp today is set against a lush meadow of green sheep covered fields covered and amongst a number of billowing willow-esque trees.  Looks like a portrait of Sherwood forest.  Temperature is perfect and skies are clear.  Guess you could say today is my official one day of R&R on this trip with lots of napping, stretching, chilling and dreaming of eating anything non-prepackaged or dehydrated.  Would kill for a burger, a couple beers and a clean pair of shorts but we shall have to wait another 24 hours for that.


Just wanted to thank everyone one last time for your extraordinary support this week.  So above and beyond. I cant say or stress that enough. No matter what it is in life...I think its incredible to see so many people from so many different walks of life and situations united behind a single cause.  Theres nothing more powerful.  At the same time we can always work harder and we can always do more. I feel extremely blessed to be a part of this special family...The MAGIC Family...and I look forward to continuing to do my small part to help advance the mission on behalf of the families (you) into the future.

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Ben Brunt

Posted On: 16 Jun 2012 02:53 AM

Way to go buddy! You have inspired me to ride 65 mies on my bike this week and going for another 20 mile ride tomorrow. All I can say is thank you and you are the man. Finish strong my friend and save some of the celebration when you get home : )

Faith,frank And Lexi

Posted On: 16 Jun 2012 05:25 AM

When I sit back and think about my  life's events it's sort of strange.  I never in a million years thought my kid would have a growth disorder. I never thought i would worry about the simple things in life that many take for granted  I never thought I would be part of such an amazing organization. I never thought I'd talk to and make life long friends ( friends who were strangers ) who I share so much with. I never thought I'd meet an incredible ,selfless, inspirational, athlete who runs for a cause he is so passionate about.  In a nutshell I am saying thank you for all you do. Your number one fan received her gym report today , she showed it to her uncle and asked if we can bring it to Boston so you can see how many laps she ran. Inspiration... Yeah i would say you are!   I could go on and on about how many families have been touched by your story or have asked questions about why you run, what is the magic foundation etc but I'd be here forever.lol Stay safe don't push that ankle, I mean we all know you are nuts and want to stay in 7th but.. Yeah don't push it!  Enjoy a few drinks, change of clothes and some real food after you cross that finish line.   Lexi will write to you tomorrow  Have a safe trip home  Faith


Posted On: 16 Jun 2012 08:03 AM

George, great week out there! We're all very proud of you man!


Posted On: 16 Jun 2012 09:56 AM

George, final results r still not in, but you certainly have earned first place in so many hearts. You have once again set out to show others that anything is possible. I know you are planning a little R&R on the way home in Beijing, but scaling the Great Wall, PLEASE DON'T. Go take a picture, go back to the hotel, have a cocktail and relax at the pool!!!! Then, come home to us safely!

Steve Szcublewski

Posted On: 16 Jun 2012 11:09 AM

I proud of you buddy great job, enjoy the rest of the week.

Rich Eichhorn

Posted On: 16 Jun 2012 11:50 AM

Great result my friend! They don't give those medals away! Can't wait to hear about it when you get back. Do me a favor and duct tape your passport to the inside of your leg this time!

Marcie Behman

Posted On: 16 Jun 2012 12:28 PM

Congratulations!!! You did awesome! Watched you all along the way, read the comments and looked at the photos. Amazing job, George! Looking forward to your return and hearing the stories. Take care and safe travels. Marcie


Posted On: 16 Jun 2012 14:02 PM

You are the man! And You continue to amaze. Enjoy yourself and the beers. Congrats again! So so awesome!

Joe Z

Posted On: 16 Jun 2012 14:33 PM

Awesome Race!!! Lots of people back here relieved and proud that you ran such a solid race under some tough conditions. You are a warrior!

Beth Stahmer

Posted On: 16 Jun 2012 15:09 PM

George you are doing awesome !!!!!!! Inspiration to all!!!!!!! You are number 1 to all of us MAGIC FAMILIES! !!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great race

Larry And Kathy Yabo

Posted On: 16 Jun 2012 21:17 PM

George, you are really an amazing person. to put yourself through all that you have for the love of the Magic foundation and all us supporting you is unbelieveable. Thank you so much for being you and what you have done. we are both truly amazed


Posted On: 16 Jun 2012 21:23 PM

Rock on George!!! I've been keeping you in my thoughts each day and sending energy and positivity your way!!!! I meet with Juli from Zico on Wednesday and we talked all about you and how amazing you are! Can't wait to fill you on everything when you get back to Boston!!!!


Posted On: 16 Jun 2012 22:48 PM

AAAAmazing!!! As a MAGIC family, we are so thankful to have you leading the way for our kids. As your friend, I am always constantly inspired and proud. You kicked some serious booty!! Safe travels home...of course, make sure you have all your "travel needs" this time. We wouldn't want you to get stuck over there:) Can't wait til hear all about it!! PS: Ethan is quite good at saying "George Go" now and Natalie totally loves checking the updates!!!


Posted On: 16 Jun 2012 23:07 PM

You are the best...thanks George, from me and the other Magic Foundation adults with pituitary disorders. Celebrate your success & enjoy.

Audrey Chmiel

Posted On: 17 Jun 2012 13:55 PM

Congratulations George. Thank you for your blogs -- we enjoy reading them and your writing is so vivid, we feel that we're watching you every step of the way. How does the thought of a nice long hot shower and clean clothes sound now? We're very proud of you and your determination to support the MAGIC Foundation and hope to see you soon. God Bless and safe travels home.


Posted On: 17 Jun 2012 15:56 PM

Way to go George!!!! Thanks doesn't begin to cover all you do to support MAGIC, you truly are an inspiration to all of us. Safe travels home. "The purpose of life is not to be happy - but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived at all". ~Leo Rosten


Posted On: 17 Jun 2012 17:45 PM

George, Congratulations on your endurance and passion. Another top finish from a crazy man. You did Earn it!! Travel safe, G

Matt L

Posted On: 17 Jun 2012 21:07 PM

Awesome showing yet again dude! Very happy for you and the Magic team...


Posted On: 18 Jun 2012 00:26 AM

So proud of you!!!! Xo


Posted On: 18 Jun 2012 13:43 PM

I can't believe all the stuff you went through and made it. Very proud of you, even if i think you are kind of crazy! I hope you have a great time resting and touring. can't wait to see all of the pic's. enjoy and see you soon. Maxx
Big One In The Books...

15th June 2012 05:43 AM[(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time(US & Canada)]

What an amazing day on so many levels.  The Long March is usually a mental chessmatch with a multitude of highs/lows and this one was no different. Day started off with a 2 hour bus ride to the starting line so we would begin the stage closer to the host town of Kashgar. While we all hated the idea of a mid-race busride earlier in the week it was a welcome opportunity to get some zzzzss outside our increasingly cold and smelly tent.  Things kicked off at 10am local time with 75kms staring us in the face.  My approach to this day never changes...break it down checkpoint by checkpoint (there were eight of them today) keep running keep running keep running and eventually youll get there.


Again like the past three days I couldnt keep up with the pace upfront. Legs totally thrashed and in dire need of four or five days rest.  But Ive felt very strong physically. So I just plodded. And grinded. Between CP 1 and 2 we had more rollers with some steep climbs and feeling good and knowing the terrain was preventing a fast pace I used this opportunity to gain on the pack.  I spotted Justus, Anne Marie, Phillipe and John Ross out in the distance walking up a long hill.  So I started stalking them.  Seeing competitors in the distance walking can give you such a mental pick-me-up...just as seeing a competitor run away from you has the opposite effect.  I pursued hard and finally passed all four to pull into third place.  I tried hard to bury them Prefontaine style but they stayed on my heels and passed me back about ten minutes later.  Within 30 minutes they were out of site.


From CP3 to CP4 it was real struggle with more running through rocky riverbeds that took a major toll on the ankle. I struggled and lost a few more places. Again...gutcheck time.  For what seems like the 100th time this week.  Always just try to chop it out when feeling bad and wait for it to pass.  Once we got to the top of another long climb we started descending and would be running generally downhill for the final 30k. I opened it up and started feeling good.  So I pressed hard.  The fact that we were starting to countdown the mileage instead of up helped as well.  Had a stretch of about ten miles that felt simply amazing.  Got the confidence back that I could maybe turn in a good day.  Then immediately after CP6 the weather got nasty, winds starting ripping and a real-life sandstorm took hold.  It was so crazy running directly into it. Sand was getting into my eyes, mouth, ears, pretty much everywhere. Got some incredible footage though.  At this point I was just walking with my hands up trying to get through it. Gave the legs a nice breather.


When I got to CP7 I was told we had 8.5km to the finish and two competitors were 12 minutes ahead of me. I also knew if I could lay this distance down in 46 minutes Id have a shot of breaking nine hours.  So I went out really hard.  Within ten minutes I spotted the two competitors in the distance run/walking.  That got me fired up.  I kept picking up the pace faster and faster as this five mile stretch could define my race.  I passed both of them with two miles to go and sprinted all the way across the finish screaming like a total lunatic and letting out UofT warcry after warcry.  Havent seen the final times yet but I missed breaking nine hours by less than a minute.  But the stretch run did get me into fifth for the day and I believe back into sixth overall for the event.  Couldnt be happier about it and I owe so much of it to each of you!!!


I was thinking about this during the run but I think what I love most about these races (and ultrarunning/endurance racing in general) is that its the only sport I can think of (at least now in a state of total exhaustion) where professionals, amateurs and average dudes like me all take the field of battle together.  And bc theres no prize money involved, more so just a sense of comraderie, self-discovery and accomplishment, that while many ultrarunners are firecely competitive they are also equally supportive.  I think back to the five races Ive run now and to all the winners - Paolo Barghini, Ryan Sandes, Salvo Redondo, Anders Jensen, and now Vicente - Ive honestly never met more humble collection of champions in my life.  All great guys.  All supportive of everyone who participates in this sport.  Makes me very proud to be a part of it all.


Thats it for now on this end.  We have a day to chill in camp tomorrow, rest and take in the beautiful scenery as the final competitors finish through the night and into the morning.  Saturday we have 15km left to the finish and then let the celebration begin.  What a special week. Not much more to say.

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Epic Day 4 / The Long March Awaits

13th June 2012 09:06 AM[(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time(US & Canada)]

What a rollercoaster. I could write an entire essay on todays action if I had a little more time.  But here goes my 15 mins.  We started Leg 4 with a very steep climb to Shiptons Arch. I was wrong yesterdays camp was at 7500 so we got north of 8000ft on the climb.  Altitude again made it difficult to sleep last night. Knowing we had a long day in front of us we paced ourselves appropriately.  And I must say it was magnificient. I was so blown away by the view I didnt care how much time I wasted taking photos. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Hope it doesnt become an overly commercialized tourist destination in a few years.


After descending out of the canyon the race was on.  And it was a monster.  For the next six miles all we did was climb and descend steep ridges and lengthy mountain passes.  Again the terrain was very steep, very technical and the footing was awful. I fell time and time again. Often on my rear, many times on my shoulder and a few times face first. As did many of the other competitors I saw out there. On the way up your feet would slide out from under you and you were on all fours.  On the way down you simply couldnt keep your footing so you just slid down many of the declines on your bum. That is if you didnt trip or stub your toe first. Must say those nice leisurely 20 mile training runs around the Charles in Boston are useless out here. Physically Ive taken quite a beating in this race. Maybe not quite as bad as Australia but close. The coolest part of the course was runnning several ridgelines that couldnt be more than 1.5 or 2 feet wide with severe dropoffs on each side. Scary and happy to have not taken a major plunge. But the vistas overlooking the valleys, towns and mountains in the distance were fantastic. Felt almost like running in the clouds.


Around mile 7 about two miles from the checkpoint I took a bad step and rolled my left ankle hard.  I immediately went to the ground in pain.  I sat there with my shoe off for about five minutes trying to shake it off and got very upset in the process as fellow competitors passed me. I got back up and started limping on one foot while I shouted obscenities into the air.  I thought my race could be over at that point.  When I finally made it to CP2 I was furious. I demanded 800mg of IBs immediately and then very bluntly told the volunteers to get me fired up at all costs.  Tell me how big a wimp I was being, etc. They even gave me a couple blows to the chest. It was comical.  But it also got me going again.  By the time I left that checkpoint the adrenaline was flowing full force and I was running with anger.  The pain in the ankle slowly started subsiding. Partially from the drugs but mostly from the adrenaline rush. If your reading Eichhorn it was kind of like our Yardsale moment.


The next 7 miles I went on a terror flying past four competitors like they were standing still.  We had a long slow descent through a riverbed till the next checkpoint and finally had some runable terrain.  I made the most of it cranking on pure adrenaline with goosebumps on my arms and and no thoughts in my head.  Just pure flow.  The legs felt like they did day 1 again.  That 45 minute stretch might end up being the highlight of this race for me.  Every once in a while you get in one of those zones where you feel invincible and its a special feeling.  I barreled into CP3 on top of the world.


Unfortunately that ended quickly as we had about 10 river crossing immediately after.  The water was ice cold and by the time I got through them the legs felt like bricks again and I came off that high.  The last seven miles were a slug and I started getting a little delirious and dehydrated out there.  I swear I saw two snakes but then realized one was a hose and one was a curled stick. Ended up finishing the day in 7th place to go with a 3rd, 6th and 8th. Gotta say Im very happy with the way things have gone so far...especially considering my lack of altitude training and technical running skills. 


On the lighter side its getting pretty filthy around camp.  Our tent smells like a combination of B.O., canned salmon, parmesian cheese and muscle rub. Its not pretty.  Ive been in the same clothes all week and just feel gross.  Funniest moment of the week so far happened this morning when my tentmate Jeff got up and in his morning daze grabbed his hanging compression shorts and left the tent to put them on.  When he returned he immediately commented on how nice and comfortable they felt. Then we realized they were Sarah Lords shorts.  She was mortified having to put them on after Jeff worked em in. Cant stress just how nasty that is.  Another day in the desert.


Now that were through the worst of the technical stuff Im pumped.  Tomorrow is the long stage.  Its approximately 50 miles and mostly flat which should help the runners not the climbers. My goal for tonight...get the ankle taped, eat as much food as I can, take as many IBs as I can, avoid renal failure and go out tomorrow and put up an effort that I can be proud of looking back 10 years from now.


Mary/Jamie/Dianne and all MAGIC Families - cant thank you enough for all the support and the personal stories. Helps so much to hear from you.  There will be a story posted on the RTP site under features on the MAGIC Foundation in the next day.


Horvath - well said brother.  Thx for the shot.  Send my best to the fam and tell Luci I said hi!


Pops - great sports update. I was in serious need. Always come through in the clutch.


Ford - If something happens tomorrow...remember...he would have wanted it this way....


Steveo/Maxine - glad things are cranking in upstate...looking forward to my trip west end of the month


Chmiel out...

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Cathy Jones

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 05:06 AM

George, you once again astound all of us who THINK our day was eventful! Amazing! Keep up the spirits! You are doing awesome! Praying the ankle feels much better tomorrow! Be sure to stay healthy and finish strong! Enjoy the moments!


Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 05:32 AM

Reading your descriptions of the race and the toll it takes on you is unbeleivable -yet your ability to continue on continues to amaze us! Wishing you a restful night and injury free day tomorrow. Know the MAGIC families are cheering for you every step of the way!

Virginia Callahan

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 06:33 AM

Hey now, b.o. and canned salmon is like unto a fine eau de parfum here in Alaska! ;) Keep up all the awesome hard work. We MAGIC moms think you are a pretty great guy! Thank you so much from me, Ginny! AKA mommy of Maury who has Russel Silver Syndrome.

Jenny O'connor

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 07:24 AM

Keep going! I have Growth hormone deficiency and cannot thank you enough for running for magic. The charity as a whole has really helped me and the people involved are wonderful.Your doing an amazing job- good luck!


Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 09:51 AM

Wow George....quite an adventure! I'm glad that you're still taking pictures though! I hope the "running" days help you out some. I love hearing your posts and LOVED the story about the shorts! Keep going strong...your kidneys probably won't mind one week of heavy IB!

Steve Szczublewski

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 10:16 AM

George the adventure keeps rolling, enjoy it and stay motivated ! If I would have known you would have let people take free whacks at you I would have came along ! You are doing great the rest of the race is all you , burn it out stay safe.

Maggie Sievert

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 10:53 AM

We know you can! We know you can! Go George!!!!

Peg Watson Ebert

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 11:06 AM

Keep up the good work. Many are behind ya. We love you!

Rich Eichhorn

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 11:16 AM

YARDSALE!! Nice!! Whatever works. Keep it rolling my friend!

Betsy Robbins

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 11:19 AM

Go, George! We're another MAGIC family. My GHD son is going into seventh grade in the fall, and is planning to run on the school cross-country team. I'm going to have him read your blog.

Beth Stahmer

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 11:40 AM

George what an adventure! Your doing fabulous! I was telling scotty about your race and he said"George us magic kids need you" He is so correct! What you do for the parents and kids there are no words to describe!!!!!!! Hugs to you


Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 12:20 PM

Godspeed, George. Thank you for your dedication to helping our children.

Patty Vehmeyer

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 12:22 PM

What a day George! But you made it through! Keep up that spirit. I know you have what it takes to get through! Will be praying for your safe run on the long march.

Ben Brun

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 12:27 PM

Sounds like a epic day! Finish strong man. I know you can do it!

Bill Gallitto

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 12:52 PM

Great job Chmiel!! Keep up the pace. You are killing it out there. We are all behind you. Safe travels.


Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 13:04 PM

Chmiel you are kicking a**! The Chmiel I know wouldn't let a rolled ankel ruin his run. Glad you were able to power through, to bad i wasn't there to throw a few punches myself and get you pumped. We are all keeping our eyes on you love the updates, we'll see you soon. Be safe.

Audrey Chmiel

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 13:09 PM

Great job George. I have many people in Pittsburgh reading your blogs and living vicariously through you. btw, your description of the "aroma" in your tent - thanks. Be safe! Prayers are with you.


Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 13:13 PM

Hey George, if you ever get tired of Merrill Lynch, you could always become an author. Love reading the blogs. Enjoy the scenery as you fly over the 50 miles. Hope the ankle is better today. Visualize a shower & clean clothes. Thank you!

Jodi And Max

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 13:31 PM

50 miles today? Well, it seems like it will be more your kind of running and you should do well. I hope the ankle is better. At least you aren't throwing up along the way this time. Keep up the good work! We are with you all the way!

Nancy Allen

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 13:55 PM

George, I am simply amazed by your race you are running and the incredible strong will to push through and keep going! Hilarious and priceless about the shorts! I am praying you ankle is much, much better today. I don\'t know if you have seen the movie \"Secretariat\", very inspiring movie about that horse...he ran his race, won the triple crown, and the last race at Belont Stakes...he won by 31 lengths (about 248 feet)..the distance between Secretariat and the next horse! Can you imagine? What a miracle. George, you are a loving miracle. There\'s probably a very small percentage of people in this world that can do what you are doing right now! So be proud of yourself, enjoy everything and we are all supporting you and love what you are doing for Magic and countless families! I\'ll leave you with his powerful quote from the movie, when Secretariat is finishing the last turn of his race, running like a tremendous machine, the crowd silences...\"He laughs at fear, afraid of nothing. He does not shy away from the sword. He cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds.\"...then you hear the roar of his feet, hitting the track and winning his race. Beautiful...George...you are an amazing person....may God bless you on your 50 mile run today. Ps-I think you should write a book about all this...what a incredible journey! Go get em!

Nancy Allen

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 14:02 PM

My apologies for typos... * Belmont Stakes * living miracle

Mattt Cox

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 14:12 PM

Hi George, You are truly an inspiration to everyone in your life. Very few people are wired the way you are, and it is a special quality. You're doing a great job out there, and I look forward to seeing you when you get home. Best, Matty

Magic Mary

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 14:25 PM

You are unbelievable George. We are all with you every step of the way. Keep the ankle safe. Finish strong today! It's your day!!! Be safe


Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 14:29 PM

I remember that smell...lol All kidding aside, the long march is where you really seperate the men from the boys! Take advantage of this stage, you have a ton of experience use it to your advantage. Stay tough and push thru, remember there are a lot of folks rooting and praying for you. Get after it you "wimp"


Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 14:43 PM

My MAGICal kids and I are cheering you on from Chicago!


Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 14:44 PM

Go George go! Love reading your posts...hope you get some rest. Thanks for helping Magic help our kids...they are a huge part of our son's success. The intervention the first year of his life gave us the tools to provide the best care possible. We believe that is why he is doing so well! Thank you, thank you thank you! :) xo

Sharon Spaulding

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 15:05 PM

You are truly an inspiration George! Little Anthony & I are cheering you on! I did the Avon Walk a few years ago...can't imagine doing what you are doing! THANK YOU from so many!

Anita Wheatley

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 15:07 PM

You are amazing, George Chmiel!!!! Thank you on behalf of all the MAGIC families that look up to you! This little corner of Montana is praying for you! STAY HYDRATED and stay safe! Thank you again for all you do!

Steve Kuehn

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 15:17 PM

Keep charging Chmiel!! Love the story...don't be a wimp! Keep it up brother, the light is near!


Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 15:18 PM

Thank you so much for everything you do for the Magic Foundation and my child! Good luck with the run. You could do it!!!

Nicole Jeffers

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 15:26 PM

Wow...so finally had a min to sit down and check up on you. Again...another amazing feat! You never cease to amaze me...it's like simething out of a fictional story!!! I would have quit miles ago. Be careful out there taking all the IBs and being dehydrated...that can be bad news! Keep charging ahead and know we are rooting for you over here!!

Mom And Dad

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 15:33 PM

Just read that you finished 5th for today--what amazing day! We couldn't be more proud of you. You have certainly left nothing behind and overcame all the adversities of yesterday. Get some well earned R


Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 15:43 PM

Continued--get some well deserved R

Tracy Steele Poole

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 16:36 PM

Congrats on the great job you are doing and praying that all is well with you. I can only imagine the cramps and muscles aches you are feeling but you are a strong person to have come so far in this challenge. Just wanted to say keep your head up and keep doing a GREAT job and we are EXTREMELY PROUD of you George!

Vicki Bailey

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 16:48 PM

George it's so great to read such a positive post. It sounds like you're really in control in this race. You're a machine!!! Way to go. I feel like I have a lot of nerve sitting down typing you a message. I feel like I should be running and typing instead. I hope you kill it in the last stage and finish strong. I'll be sure to share you latest entry with Cam. I know that he'll think it's so cool to hear that you felt like you were running in the clouds. Knowing him he'll ask me if I can take him there to run in the clouds too! Keep on keeping on.

Dayna, Magic, Rss Dc

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 17:20 PM

George, Today is YOUR day...I can just feel it!! Keep the ankle strong and know how much we appreciate all you do for our kids! When I showed your post to my 10 year old daughter, she was simply awed. She ran her first 5k this year and wasn't sure if she could do another one. After reading your post she thinks running in Kansas is a piece of cake. Now she thinks she wants to do more...thanks for all your inspiration!!


Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 17:41 PM

awesome job, George! You rock!!! How did I miss that you were on Gobi already?

Dave G

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 22:43 PM

Wwwaaaaoooooo!!! Just saw the long stage results! Eleven hours on the dark side.... Wow. Can't imagine what the body and mind went through out there bro but you're home now... Time to throw form out the window and make it a pure guts race for the last stage!

Mom And Dad

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 23:25 PM

Ok, gonna try this one more time. By now, hopefully you have enjoyed a relaxing day at camp and getting some major rest. Hope you have some food left as your pack was only supplied with enough to feed a mouse! We want to give a great big shout out to all the top finishers who seem like did this stage at amazing record pace. A special congrats to you 3 Americans who will undoutably finish in the top 10. We should have a parade to welcome you back home! Stay strong and can't wait to see the pic of you crossing the finish line. Then, baby, come home to us safe and sound. Love tons


Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 23:38 PM

Fantastic job George, enjoy the last day and look forward to that beer and pizza. Looking forward to seeing the photos - descriptions make me want to do Gobi again.....almost!!


Posted On: 15 Jun 2012 00:34 AM

I knew that you would own Stage 5!!! Once again, all the training and hard work you put in paid off... Congratulations on a top 10, well deserved!! Now, onto the bad news... Phil opened up with a 76, 10 shots behind the leader. He blew his first shot OB, couldn't find it and had to re-tee.. Very similar to the opening tee shot at Congressional on 10 when he opened by dumping it into the water! Anyways, once again fantastic job and although I can't imagine the type of pain you are in, it has to feel so great that you have so many people who care for you and especially the kids who are inspired by what you do to raise awareness... Congratulations and I can't wait to see you next month!! Safe travels brotha.... FYI, keep the damn passport in your pocket!!!

Teresa @ Magic

Posted On: 15 Jun 2012 00:38 AM

And the beat goes on!!! Stay strong

Megan Donnell

Posted On: 15 Jun 2012 01:31 AM

Hey George, Emerence (now 9) loves to post but she is in bed. She had a rough day. School nurse called me and thought she had a seizure in class. However, dr. thinks she just fainted...was was dx last year, in addition to being SGA, with vasovagal syncope...she has had a slow irregular heartbeat and bp issues. Anyways, she went down in class and landed in the lap of her best friend. I think her poor teacher suffered the most. Anyways, the doctor cleared her to perform in the school talent show tonight so she did - she just chugs along like you do...kinda like those weighted things you punch and they always come back up... :) she really looks up to you and in that "just keep going" mentality is a bit like you. (I PITY the future boyfriends!) good luck tomorrow!


Posted On: 15 Jun 2012 01:38 AM

I thought my day was tough but you put things in perspective. Thanks for keep'in on, for all of us at MAGIC!! I'm with your Mom, "get some rest".


Posted On: 15 Jun 2012 01:45 AM

Beyond impressive! You must be so thrilled with the time you put up today. Stay safe and enjoy the finish!


Posted On: 15 Jun 2012 02:06 AM

Truly Amazing!!!! What a great adventure you're on! No matter where you finish your #1 with MAGIC!!! Go George!

E Reily

Posted On: 15 Jun 2012 02:57 AM

Sixth after stage 5 and rolling your ankle in stage 4? You are a beast! 30 yrs old but still a beast!! Kick arse and duct tape that passport to your leg, chest or something so you make it home safe


Posted On: 15 Jun 2012 03:31 AM

You finished 6th on stage 5 with a screwed up ankle. Incredible! Are you human? I probebly would have waved the white flag after stage 1 ?.. That's if I even made it there. Lol As for the smell at camp... I'm guessing no showers same clothes for a week no deodorant etc could really stink up the joint. Yuk a poo You are amazing, inspiring and crazy Have fun crossing that finishline you are # 1 to Magic Oh and please hold on sto your dam passport on the way home! Thanks in advance <3 Faith,Frank and Lexi GHD

Michele Bessett

Posted On: 15 Jun 2012 11:23 AM

You pack a lot of info. into your 15 minutes ! So well written,amazing perspective inside and out! You know what you're doing......you seem to manage your risks carefully. Keep it up, be safe! Sounds like lots of people want to put their arms around you when you get home!


Posted On: 15 Jun 2012 18:41 PM

Thank you for sharing your journey with us George. My ten-year-old son is growth hormone deficient. We love what you are doing and raising awareness. Be careful out there!

Jamie H

Posted On: 15 Jun 2012 21:33 PM

I know you are probably beyond exhausted after today- but I have to leave town and am not sure I can post again...So I hope today went well...I know you are an iron man...but am still saying prayers for you over here...Please take care! Looking forward to your Party n July! Anyone out there reading this from MAGIC in the Boston area....meet George in person at his party! See MAGIC's website for details!
Halfway Home

12th June 2012 05:27 AM[(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time(US & Canada)]

Well were finally halfway home here in the desert.  The light at the end of the tunnel is very dim and about 130k away.  And there are a lot of obstacles (most noteably mountains) in the way.  But at least its there.  They told us today would be a relatively straightforward day before the two hardest legs of the race. Not so much. Today was 36km and involved 4000ft of climbing and 1300ft of descending for a net gain of 2700ft.  And were now at 5800ft altitude so its noticeable. The terrain today was essentially all rocks about the size of grapefruits and it seemed like all we did was run up and down a myriad of canyons and crevices. I felt great this morning after a decent night rest and was hoping to put up a good number today.  And God willing I was able to. But it seemed like I had to work way too hard to do so. The highlight of today was the final 1500ft climb from CP3 to the finish. It was straight uphill for 8.5km.  I was in ninth place at the time and trailing the eigth place competitor by seven minutes. My goal for the final stretch was to just chop it out and attempt to catch him.  And I finally got him about half a mile from the finish. A nice small mental victory.  Unfortunately at this point the legs are completely shot and just dont have the spring Id like to run faster. But as they say it is what it is. There are no days to recover now.  So just got to keep battling.  And despite many rolled ankles, kicked stones and bad steps the feet/ankles are hanging in there. As are the ST5s.


Tomorrow is supposedly the hardest leg of the race as it involves 42km of very technical terrain.  A lot of it will be climbing and scrambling.  The highlight will be running through Shiptons Arch (also known as Heavens Gate) which is the tallest natural archway in the world.  Supposedly taller than the Empire State Building.  We shall see but Im sure its going to be quite a challenge.  Im hoping to just survive tomorrow with no major blowouts and stay around the top 5 to gear up for the 50-mile day.  Historically thats been my best stage as it will be flat and ultimately comes down to who wants it most.


Thx again to everyone for the extraordinary support. Cant tell you how much it means or how big a smile it places on my face.  Wish I had more time to read through them all but theres generally a line 15 deep waiting to get on the computers.  And there are only five.  Safe to say I take my sweet time though.


Aunt Aud - Please sent Uncle Bern my best wishes.  Cant imagine the pain hes dealing with right now but let him know hes in my thoughts.  I know his road will be a long one.  And as I know he wont quit nor will I. 

Comments: Total (35) comments

Dave G

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 00:39 AM

WOW... Absolutely love the golf metaphor right up front! Opening round 67 so sick. Keep it up bro!!! Clearly the nights, weekends, and vacation time spent in rocky four mode in the dungeon are paying huge dividends. Went hard out of the gates to make a statement and now keeping yourself in striking distance! So proud of you my man.

Megan Donnell

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 00:58 AM

from Emerence, age 9, SGA: George, you are awesome I know you can do it. Keep up the good work and perservere through. Just know that wherever you are, that I'll always have your back even though I'm not there and that I'm rooting for you! Good luck! from Megan (mom) working on stuff for the Aquarium :) keep smiling...in the words of Dory the fish from Nemo "just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..."

Mom And Dad

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 01:04 AM

Valiant effort, George. Have been checking the blogs every 15 mins., waiting for word. Sounds like this one is as technical as they get. No question you're determination will take you all the way. We all know one thing for sure -- you are able to find that place so deep -- most of us are too afraid to try. Keep on keeping. God speed, son, and continue "redefining your reality"!!! Love tons

Ben Brunt

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 01:25 AM

Great work today buddy! Keep breaking down the race into small goals and don't forget to enjoy it. The scenery looks amazing! Get some rest tonight and rock it tomorrow!

Michele Bessett

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 01:26 AM

We're with you George! Amazing blog...amazing effort...amazing man! Michele

Steve Szczublewski

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 01:36 AM

I have everyone in the office watching and cheering your efforts. we all look forward to the pictures and the blogs. Keep up the animal effort you are doing great! stay safe enjoy the ride !!


Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 01:54 AM

George You are amazing. Keep on running and you will finish. We spoke about your race over dinner tonight. Mommy and I can\'t wait to visit Boston we have never been there before. My mom always takes me on adventures during the summer. I ask my mom if I could run the race in china too she told me I could but I had to be a grown up. I love running an dancing but dancing more I will write to you again tomorrow. Keep up the good work believe in yourself because we believe in you. Love Lexi ( typed by Mom dictated by Lexi exactly how she wanted it written)

Joe Z

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 02:18 AM

Stay strong! Glad to hear the ST5's are holding up... I just got mine in the mail today!

Teresa @ Magic

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 02:50 AM

As always George...you rock. I know you won't quit, because the MAGIC kids don't get the option of quitting. They fight through the disease, as you will fight through till the end. Keep yourself mentally strong & keep the music flowing. The finish line awaits you!

Teresa @ Magic

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 02:51 AM

As always George...you rock. I know you won\'t quit, because the MAGIC kids don\'t get the option of quitting. They fight through the disease, as you will fight through till the end. Keep yourself mentally strong & keep the music flowing. The finish line awaits you!


Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 03:24 AM

George, you are kicking butt out there.. Some fine running... Shipton's Arch is epic and the terrain after that is challenging.. save something for descent and you will rock it. ...


Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 04:17 AM

Ahhh Light at the end of the tunnel" Either you read my comment i left you yesterday or we are on the same page! Not for nothing but the tallest archway in the world sounds pretty amazing, taller than the empire building... Yeah that's crazy!!! Keep running your race and doing your thing. You are amazing! Thank you for all you do for Magic and our kids. Faith,Frank and Lexi


Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 04:19 AM

Hang in there cuz! As Nicky said 5 races ago! "Go Georgie Go" God speed and love!


Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 04:42 AM

Gotta love a mountain race ey!! Sounds pretty tough going but your day in the sun (& I am sure wind) is coming up soon. I am sure you did more than just survive today and I look forward to checking out how you did soon :) Make the most of your recovery time and spend some GC time focusing on stage 5.

David Mohring

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 12:50 PM

Go George - doing great buddy. Dave

Jason F

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 13:56 PM

Sending positive thoughts your way. Nice work on grinding it out and fighting for every minute and place! Keep it up and savor your time bud!!


Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 14:47 PM

Yessss......strategy.....pace til the 50 day....then run like the wind...! Glad you got some shut eye. Have a killer long march!


Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 15:25 PM

You are incredible. Your fortitude and determination keep you going. You are totally amazing. We are so proud of you. Hope you sleep tonight. Prayers are with you and the angels are pushing you foreward...as they say "the wind in your wings." Sail on, you are certainly the best of the best in our minds.

Michelle And Ed

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 15:26 PM

Best of luck! Keep up the good work.....

Audrey Chmiel

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 15:46 PM

I read your blog to Uncle Bern every day. He's so very proud of you and your dedication. We say a prayer everyday for your health and safety. Uncle Bern is doing well, must be in the Chmiel genes, he's got a great attitude and work ethic. The road to recovery may be long but there's doubt in our minds that he'll be better than ever. In fact, you're a great inspiration to him right now - he says if you can do it - he can do it better. ;0 I think that's a challenge - are you up for it George? Read you tomorrow!

Luci's Grandpa/ma

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 16:03 PM

George... You keep reminding us that our lives are rather ordinary. There is more we could be doing. We only need to strive to do it -- whatever we choose it to be -- to make our lives extraordinary. We are with you, as always. Keep it going.


Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 17:56 PM

LETS GO CHMIEL.... Great job so far overcoming some adversity to get to a solid 7th. I know the legs are shot, the body is sore and food is horrible but the mind is sharp, the pride is up and because NO ONE can touch you on the long runs the INTENSITY IS CRANKED THE HELL UP!!! You have always been one of the strongest people I have ever had the privilege of knowing (After four of these races, 25 plus years of being friends and countless blog comments I am running out of good things to say about you...haha), so I need you leave it all out on the course. It's time to put the women and children to bed and go looking for dinner!!! I will leave you one last saying in preparation for tomorrow's US Open 10:30 group of Bubba, Tiger and PHIL: GO LOW PHIL!!!


Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 18:53 PM

Hey George - you're crazy! You can imagine how I would have said that to you if you were in the office right now!! Keep up the amazing work!!!! We're all cheering you on :)


Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 18:53 PM

Hey George - you\'re crazy! You can imagine how I would have said that to you if you were in the office right now!! Keep up the amazing work!!!! We\'re all cheering you on :)

Bill Perna

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 19:05 PM

Keep it going George. you will bounce back for the march. i know it.

Larry & Kathy Yabo

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 02:32 AM

Doing GREAT George!!! Keep the faith! We are very proud of you. Tomorrow is another long day - you can do it!

Faith,frank &lexi

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 02:49 AM

Doing great George! I just finished looking through the photos and all imcan say is WOW! I can't imagine how breathtaking "stairway to heaven " was in person! Did you know that Alexis danced to that song this past Saturday in a fun edgy rock number! Ironic huh. Hope you are resting up for tomorrow. You are almost at the finish line:) Until tomorrow good luck and stay safe. Faith,frank and Lexi GHD magic family

Linda Freeland

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 20:49 PM

Phew, I was breathing a sigh of relief because I was thinking you were "almost home", not halfway home :-(. What a sense of accomplishment awaits you when you get there, George. It will surely be very emotional. I'm proud like a mom would be! Linda

Luci, Holli, Jolie

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 21:09 PM

Hey! Great to see you're running smart and doing great! We just got back and are trying to get back in the swing of things here, but wanted to let you know that we are watching and cheering. Keeping you in our prayers for health, safety, and a killer race!


Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 21:37 PM

You are so inspirational! Hope you are all set for the 50 mile day with both you & the ST5's continuing to hold up.

Jamie H

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 21:47 PM

Your blog details for today give a whole new meaning to the phrase...rockin it! But you did it and are killing it! Stay strong and keep showing those dimples!

Brian Ford

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 22:22 PM

You're a beast bro! Glad the ankle is hanging in there. You are a closer and we all know you'll give it everything that you have in the tank. A wise man, with odd dance moves, once told me an unforgettable quote: "The world owes you nothing, neither does your competition....earn it!" Boom

Billy Behman

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 23:52 PM

Good luck, George. Did u know that there are bodies buried in the great wall of china. Billy

Pam Kustas

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 03:40 AM

Im borrowing a great qoute ... Run the first 3rd of the race with your head, the 2nd 3rd with your personality, and the last 3rd with your heart. George you are so strong its awesome,Im proud just to be in the same fusion pilates class as you back home - you are rocking this - keep going and dont think about the empire state building - just think YOU"VE GOT THIS!! Keep making it count!! Sending you great vibes from back at Equinox , Boston!!! Over 1/2 way , keep thinking you OWN it! AMAZING!!!

Pam Kustas

Posted On: 14 Jun 2012 03:41 AM

Im borrowing a great qoute ... Run the first 3rd of the race with your head, the 2nd 3rd with your personality, and the last 3rd with your heart. George you are so strong its awesome,Im proud just to be in the same fusion pilates class as you back home - you are rocking this - keep going and dont think about the empire state building - just think YOU\"VE GOT THIS!! Keep making it count!! Sending you great vibes from back at Equinox , Boston!!! Over 1/2 way , keep thinking you OWN it! AMAZING!!!
The Not So Heavyweight Slugfest

11th June 2012 04:43 AM[(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time(US & Canada)]

I’d like to define today as a heavyweight slugfest but at 160lbs and losing weight rapidly by the hour that would be a complete fabrication.  Nevertheless I took some serious body blows out there.  The day started off miserably as I again failed to sleep last night.  I was weak, exhausted and had zero giddy up in the legs.  Quads full of lactic acid from burning it yesterday.  On top of that I took two solid falls in the first 6 miles….one head first into a thorn bush that sliced up my right forearm pretty good.  After that I was pretty dejected and competitors were passing me at will.  The terrain was very technical as we were climbing up and down steep canyons covered by loose rock.  It took a lot out of you.  I slipped all the way back from 4th to 12th position and was in danger of putting up a really bad number today.  Fortunately I relied on my experience (for a change) and kept telling myself it’s a long race and I’d break through this wall sooner or later. So no need to force it.  Right before CP2 around mile 12 a Roctane combined with Flock of Seagulls on the ipod got the juices flowing a little.  Legs started to loosen up and I started making a move.


Over the next 12 miles I managed to overtake six competitors.  The last 11k stretch home was a very steep 3k climb followed by a nice downhill into camp.   I chopped it out on the way up doing one minute running/thirty second walking intervals.  Then at the peak I told myself not to walk one more step until I crossed the line.  And I didn’t.  Came home bombing the downhill for 40 minutes straight and finishing strong.  So all in all I’ll call stage 2 a draw.


While today’s overall result was worse than yesterday I’m more proud of my effort considering I had my C- game and could’ve quit on the day because I sure as hell wanted to.  It’s funny no matter how many of these races you do they never get any easier.  I guess as time passes you forget about how much pain you’ve endured in the past and somehow expect it won’t reappear next time round.  But that couldn’t be further from the truth.  This is brutal.  And we’re only through two days.


At this point I’ll be relying on my inner strength and constantly reflecting on the cause at hand to get through the dark moments.  Its only going to get harder at this point.  But at least we’ve made a small dent now.  Again I can’t thank all of you enough for your support.  And I’m super pumped for The MAGIC Foundation fundraiser were hosting in Boston in late July so we can continue to advance the cause. 

Comments: Total (75) comments

Brian Ford

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 00:03 AM

Jorge,family and crew have been asking me for constant updates and we are all pulling for you! Nice work on keeping your pace and focusing on your race. You are that horse that always finishes stronger than the others no matter what you're doing or racing. Dominate brotha and hang tough! So pumped to see you in 5th place when I pulled up the updates today. Now get to #1 and stop messing around!!!

Steve Szczublewski

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 00:32 AM

George, the whole family is gathered around the computer looking at pictures and reading your blog. We are always in awe of your drive and perseverance. We are all cheering from Rochester NY stay focused and safe. Good Luck, tomorrow is new a new day, enjoy the journey !


Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 00:39 AM

Every champion takes punches from time to time. But as you know it's how you react to those punches that defines you. You took some serious shots today and you still finished strong, build on that. I'm sure more punches are on the way. Just get up and keep moving forward. All the Magic Families would agree, sometimes the punches just keep coming and yet we keep getting up, why? you ask....because our children watch our every move and reaction...the same way we are watching you all the way across the world.

Georgina Rice

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 01:06 AM

Wow! You're amazing-sounds like you are one motivated,strong, awesome individual to me!! May the wind be at your heels for the rest of the race! What a great job you are doing for the MAGIC Foundation and their families x

Ryan Bennett

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 01:08 AM

Stay strong brother!!! I am rooting for you back here in the US of A

Cathy Jones

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 02:25 AM

You are doing great! Praying for less pain for you tomorrow! You are an inspiration to so many! Keep it up!

Jamie H

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 02:46 AM

Sounds brutal over there. But if anyone can pull this off it is you! Stay strong. Hope you get some sleep! HUGS from over here!

Becky Pohlmeyer

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 02:52 AM

Go George!!! you can do it...we believe in you..we appreciate all you do for MAGIC!!!


Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 02:53 AM

GEORGE!!! You better keep on trucking over there!! Proud of you rockstar!! Rooting for you and know you will stay strong!!

Libby George

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 02:55 AM

George, stay focused!!! You CAN do this!!!


Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 02:58 AM

You are doing an amazing thing for magic thank you keep up the good work

Randi Smith

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 02:58 AM

You can do it :) Stay strong!! Thanks for helping my child, the children, and the adults of the Magic Foundation!!! You are an inspiration to so many of us.


Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 03:00 AM

Thank you,George, for all you endure to spread the message of the Magic Foundation! You have a strong will and sense of purpose. May God be with you as you continue this journey!

Miranda Davis

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 03:00 AM

Hoping for more sleep and less pain! We're watching from afar and cheering you on. Hang in there! We know you've got what it takes!

Beth Stahmer

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 03:02 AM

George, you are doing awesome! Stay focused and strong! You are an amazing man! We appreciate everything you do for Magic!!!!! I hope you can get some sleep tonight!

E Reily

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 03:04 AM

No whining cuz you are in your thirties now. Stronger than ever! You've got the music in you!


Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 03:04 AM

Keep it up! You're doing great things for MAGIC and on behalf of my son, THANK YOU!!

Miranda Davis

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 03:06 AM

Hoping for more sleep and less pain! We\'re watching from afar and cheering you on. Hang in there! We know you\'ve got what it takes!

Lisa Anne

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 03:08 AM

Im so proud of you for persevering!!! Thanks for all you do for us and our kids. :) keep up the good work!! Sending love and good vibes!

Elizabeth Figueroa

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 03:09 AM

Wow! George May God guide u n give u all the strength you need.. Keep Focusing and I know u can do it!!!! Si se puede!!!!

The Madeiros Family

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 03:09 AM

George, thank you for all you do for our kids. You continually amaze me with what you endure and I know you have the strength to make it through. Prayers for sleep and health in the coming days. Thank you!!!


Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 03:12 AM

Your journey is inspiring! Thank You!

Jenny Kourany

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 03:20 AM

I haven't had the pleasure to know you but by this blog I can get a glimpse at your heart. Sincerely, THANK YOU. On behalf of my daughter and MAGIC, Thank you. And the best is yet to come.

Carmen Needham

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 03:21 AM

I want to commend you for your perseverance. I hope you stay safe and will endure this to a great finish as the champion that you are. Everyone is rooting for you, hope you can rest well and be refreshed to reach your goal. Thank you for making such efforts to help this group of wonderful people.

Tammie Mathias

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 03:34 AM

Thank you so very much for your unselfish efforts to raise awareness for my daughter and our MAGIC family. I am humbled by the concern you show.

Faith,lexi &frank

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 03:34 AM

George , no words dude! You are an inspiration,crazy, brilliant, talented, athletic oh did I say crazy?... Man. You have no idea how we ( magic families) are thankful for what you do. Think of my crazy morning story you know the one where Lexi was freaking out because of the mile she had to run..... Dude she thought of you!!!! You are a total inspiration. Stay strong focused and remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel,the race will end..... You can do this!!!! Lexi and I will see you in Boston. Oh and A brief sports update the devils lost tonight. Don't stop believing" <3 faith!frank and Lexi


Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 03:38 AM

Thank you for doing this for magic!

Wendy Thompson

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 03:38 AM

George, wow what a day you've had. First I'd like to say thank you for all you do for kids like mine that don't even belong to you. And second I want to tell you something that I tell the kids at the day care when they see my m on my shirt. I tell them that everyone has some magic to help them grow but some of us just need a little help to do it. It's because of people like you that gives us all our magic so thank you from the bottom of my heart

Lori Gulluscio

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 03:52 AM

Your determination is a true inspiration. MAGIC is lucky to have you fighting for our children. Keep up the good work!

Annemarie Fitzgerald

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 03:56 AM

What a day! I am amazed at how you were able to complete the day. Praying you can get some sleep tonight. We are grateful for all you do for MAGIC families. Be safe. Looking forward to hearing about day 3.

Angela Boyle

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 03:56 AM

George, My family and I wish you all the strength you will need to get through. My 2 and 1/2 yr. old daughter has CAH and we were so proud of her during her last doctor visit. She has been seeing the doctor and getting her labs drawn quarterly for a while. This last appointment she blew us away with her bravery as she did not cry for the first time ever in getting her labs drawn. I almost cried because I was so proud of her. She is a very strong and brave little girl, if she could, she would tell you to be brave as well and say THANK YOU!!!!

John M

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 04:27 AM

George, thanks for putting yourself through this for our kids. I knew you must be a stand-up guy, but when you mentioned "Flock of Seagull"...well, that sealed the deal. Praying that you will be able to get your much needed rest.


Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 04:28 AM

George, Sending positive thoughts for a better tomorrow. Hope you were able to sleep. Keep the faith, you are stronger than you know! Meribeth


Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 04:30 AM

Hoping you can get some sleep. Watching your journey with admiration. Thank you.

Magic Mary

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 04:33 AM

There are no more dark moments! You've got it George. You've proved that to us before. Go get em. You can do it. No more falls, no more injuries. The strong pace of all the kids are behind you, watching you, and taking the steps to victory with you! Now, if you ever want me at the finish line again get some sleep and show them how it's done. Gods speed to magic's hero!

S. Rustan-woosley

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 04:52 AM

You are amazing and an inspiration! Thank you for what you do for our children, we will continue to root you on. Our baby boy who is 18 months and still trying to learn to walk among many other challenges, thanks you. One foot in front of the other man, keep us posted.

Dannielle And Max

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 05:07 AM

Wow George...thorns....ouch! Our little guy is 4, and only started walking at 3. He now "fast shuffles"- we call it marathon running. We have been following you, and your fast shuffling, from oz since your first run for magic. You are an inspiration to the parents, and their kids that dream of marathon steps, that include walking, talking and one day running like you. We tell our little guy that he may not be the fastest and win like the other kids, as long as his super hero legs try as hard as they can...we might call them George superhero legs....:)


Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 05:38 AM

Thank you for your support of these children! It's great to be inspired by your journey

Maggie Sievert

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 11:08 AM

First place or last place you are # 1 in our hearts. Wish all of us could be standing at the finish with our kids to greet you. We will be there in spirit though. THANK YOU!!!!

Tamera Garrett-magic

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 11:47 AM

George--Again, I lack the words to tell you how much we appreciate all that you do. You are amazing! Your dedication and "never quit" attitude gives our MAGIC kids and parents such a good reminder of what we must do, both as patients, parents and advocates of these special people. Be safe and know we love you! Tam and Maddie

Nancy Cohen

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 11:58 AM

If you made it through a day like this you can do anything. I am amazed by what you are doing. Thank you for helping the MAGIC Foundation which has helped us so much.

Kc Sheehan - Magic

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 12:12 PM

Stay strong George. Keep in mind you have a whole lot of support behind you. I sure hope you are able to get some rest and get those legs fueled up for the next part of the race. With having FD i know it feels not having those legs always being up to par but fighting through. Go get 'em George.


Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 12:15 PM

Funny because when you were in Nepal Ethan took his first step and we waited almost three years for him to walk. We call his smaller leg Louie (left) and his bigger leg Ralph (right). Maybe we should have tried to name one of them George..haha. Natalie and I were looking at pics last night, as she gets just as excited as I do to keep up on your progress. We said your name outloud and Ethan very clearly said, "George go." For a child with many speech delays and using mostly sign...pretty amazing moment. Ethan keeps pushing ahead in the face of challenges every day...so must you!!! As a MAGIC family we are blessed to have you be a part of our team. Stay strong...sending our prayers...and try to stay out of thorn bushes:)

Laura Rutherford

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 12:30 PM

What you are doing is so appreciated! We are enjoying following your progress. Prayers and positive thoughts are being sent your way! :)

Jodi And Max

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 12:37 PM

George, it would not be a race if you didn't fall a few times. You always do, and then you pick yourself back up and try again. It's like our kids and what they deal with every day. There are ups and downs, but they still keep on going. You are a true inspiration and we love you for it. Can't wait to see you in Boston! I hope you get some sleep. I would think that is the most frustrating part of it all. You need your rest.

Terri Mom Of Grace

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 13:19 PM

George, After reading your post a song came to mind by Toby Mac(christian artist)-" We lose our way, We get back up again It's never too late to get back up again, One day you will shine again, You may be knocked down, But not out forever, Lose our way, We get back up again, So get up, get up, You gonna shine again, Never too late to get back up again, You may be knocked down, But not out forever [May be knocked down but not out forever]" That is the chorus. Prayers of safety and victory coming your way! Thanks for all you do. Terri,mom to Grace(RSS)


Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 12:44 PM

One foot after the other! Dig deep and pace for these 2 days before the long march. You know how it goes, you've been here before. Was listening to a little ' 100 miles and runnin' this am during the workout....go get er done!!

Jodi And Max

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 12:45 PM

George, you always fall on these expeditions and you always pick yourself back up again and find the strength to pull through. We have lots of faith in you! It's kind of like the struggles our kids face each day. They fall, the get back up, and they try again. You can do this. We can't wait to see you in Boston to thank you in person. Get some sleep. Think of all the MAGIC kids and adults pushing you forward.

Peter Vw

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 13:00 PM

Hey George, top race so far -- keep it up! I know you have a spot on that podium waiting for you...go get it! Have a great time, Pete (RTP Australia).

Uncle Richard

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 14:03 PM

George, I'm so proud of you. I don't know how you do it. Pain, injuries yet you surge forward. You are a goal maker but most important a goal achiever. Nothing stops you. Get out of the way, here comes Georgie. We love you. Uncle Richard

Laura Kuhns

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 14:39 PM

George, I hope you got some quality sleep last night. My 10 year old daughter and I look forward to each day reading about your determined spirit through all of this. Thank you for doing this for Magic.

Jodi And Max

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 15:00 PM

George, you always fall and you always rise up again, all the stronger. Just picture us behind you, pushing you along and cheering you all the way. We cannot wait to see you in Boston and thank you ourselves. You are awesome.


Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 15:03 PM

You are an inspiration to all of us and make us all proud! Our motto is going to be, "when the going gets tough.... call on Georgie!!"

Dayna, Magic, Rss Dc

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 15:30 PM

George, Sounds like as usual you doing what most of us would consider nearly impossible. And you keep getting back up and keep going. You are an inspiration to us all. May you be inspired as you keep going!


Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 16:38 PM

Stay strong...not like you havent done this before! Cheering you on from beantown! and i forwarded your email to cutters for july fundraiser :) xo

Audrey Chmiel

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 17:35 PM

C'mon George, you can do this. "To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them." ~ Picabo Street

Toby Leach

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 17:47 PM

It is just amazing to see you up high on the leaderboard George. Just finishing one of these races is something that most of us will never accomplish in our lifetime. You are now competing with the best at the top and that is so great to see. I have a gut feeling that you are going to absolutely own the Long March in this race. Good luck out there and stay healthy.

Steve Kuehn

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 18:16 PM

Aye, fight and you may die......Run, and you'll live...at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willing to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just ONE chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take...our FREEEEEDOM! LET'S DO THIS CHMIEL!!!

Jessica Kerley-magic

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 18:34 PM

So, just because you didn't start off with a crippling injury this time, you thought you had to get one ON the trail?! You're amazing, George, and my whole family is anxious to hear about you every day! I hope that sleep finally found you and today's leg of the race was a little less daunting for you! (Totally appreciate the Flock of Seagulls motivation, by the way.)


Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 19:05 PM

You are such an inspiration!! Thank you for all that you have done for MAGIC. Stay focused, stay safe and know that there are many of us out here lifting you with our prayers.

Patty Vehmeyer

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 20:52 PM

Wow, falling to 12th and then catching back up to 6th place! You are amazing! You are such an inspiration! Keep going George! You have so many supporting you and praying for you!


Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 21:15 PM

George- Greetings from Wisconsin! We've got two sons with a rare congenital growth disorder- panhypopituitarism. We can't tell you how amazing you are! Thank you for continuing to bring awareness to the children and families of MAGIC! Prayers for strength!

Katrina Kielman

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 21:19 PM

Stay strong, you can do it, we're cheering you on from the UK :-)

Katrina Kielman

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 21:19 PM

Stay strong, you can do it, we\'re cheering you on from the UK :-)

Katrina Kielman

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 21:20 PM

Stay strong, you can do it, we\\\'re cheering you on from the UK :-)

Peg Watson Ebert

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 21:26 PM

So amazing! You make us all proud. We appreciate everything you do for Magic!! You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Mary Pourciau

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 21:50 PM

Your are such an inspiration to us!!! My grandson whom is 14 is cheering you on!! You can do this! No matter what place you finish it will be #1 to us!! We love you..

Sue Harmon

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 22:15 PM

You are an inspiration to all.... Stay strong, you got this! Cheering you on from Virginia!!!!

Kim Deppen

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 22:55 PM

Greetings from The Deppen family in Pennsylvania. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers and we hope you know how proud we all are of you! Hang in there!

Nicole And Maximus

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 23:03 PM

Wow you are such an inspiration George!! My 3yr old Maximus was diagnosed with Hypopituitarism 2 weeks ago and it's still soaking in....Thank You for what you are doing!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!

Vicki - Cam's Mom

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 23:36 PM

You sound like a true Bostonian ova there!! Just when you thought you were done you kept pushing & made a come back! Love it. You can do this!!! Cam said to tell you "you'll do good George!!!!!"

Andrew Scobbie

Posted On: 12 Jun 2012 23:40 PM

Ditto Mikes post. You can dodge and parry for a while but sooner or later you're going to take one in the kisser! Keep your head about you, keep the relentless forward progress going regardless of pace and recover well, you have proven your sucess at it already. Rest when you can, thanks for your amazing support of our kids!

Stephen Allison

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 00:11 AM

Great Work George! You're the toughest guy I know. Give 'em hell!

Jamie H

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 06:15 AM

Yo! Not sure what you can access, but comments are all over our Facebook etc. Power on but most of all-stay safe! From all the moms ;-)

Jen R

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 13:41 PM

It is very inspiring to read about your perseverance. There are days when I want to bring my C-game dealing with my son's issues, but know that doesn't cut it and just have to step it up, as you've done. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate you doing this and putting a spot light on the MAGIC Foundation. Just had to be a thorn bush, didn't it!
Opening Round 67

10th June 2012 05:48 AM[(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time(US & Canada)]

Have to say Im pretty pumped with todays round.  Got off to a good start holing a 20-footer for bird on the first and sticking it tight on the third for a tap-in.  Got up and down from the thick stuff a couple times in the middle of the round to keep the momentum going.  And despite three-putting for bogey late (ala Phil Mickelson) when I took a bad step and got soaked in a river crossing I was able to make a few good strokes down the stretch and finish a strong 3rd for the day.


It was absolute pristine conditions out here.  Clear, cool, dry and very windy.  I went out like a freight training running my first two miles at a 6:30 pace.  I maintained the lead for about 5k until Vicente and Mo passed me on a climb. Those two are absolute freaks and will be virtually impossible to beat unless something goes wrong. I settled into a solid 7:30 pace for the majority until the last 7 miles where we turned into a brisk headwind.  I now understand why its the windiest desert on the planet.  Made the day a lot harder than it shouldve been.  Last three miles Anne Marie was bearing down on me hard so I had to keep the pedal down and barely held her off.  Shes tough. 


Overall Ive gotta be happy with my performance today.  The terrain was very rocky and you never know what can happen on day one.  Case and point my good friend Stephanie took a monster fall and is now blogging next to me with dried blood on her hands and knees.  The rocks definitely took its toll on the feet and ankle. Soles of my feet are very sore.  Little concerned about the ST5s making it through the week. Probably shouldve opted for a little more shoe. Otherwise I feel good physically and am ready for a much harder day tomorrow.  


Todays day finished in the town of Tashpushka.  Again we were greeted by an overwhelming amount of local support at the finish. You have to wonder if these people really understand what were doing or not.  But it feels great. And tonight we get to share sleeping quarters with the locals as they have opened up their huts to us. 


Gameplan for tomorrow...more of the same.  Need to focus on running my own race and not push beyond my limits with the leaders and blow myself out.  If you hang around long enough you never know what can happen.  And either way...Ive positioned myself well for a spot on the podium.  Tomorrow will be very important.


Thanks again everyone...we havent received any comments yet but I want to thank all those of you who are following along.  Obviously miss and love you all. 






The last seven or eight miles 

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Ben Brunt

Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 01:01 AM

Way to go man! Keep up the great work! You are an inspiration to so many people and I am so lucky to have had the chance to work with you and become friends. My wife and I went on a decent ride today, 17.25 miles around Boston. It felt great, I asked her if we could do it again when we got home, haha. I'm doing it tomorrow though once I get out of work. It will be a easy ride to your roof deck from my place.

Steve Szczublewski

Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 01:01 AM

George sounds like you have things under control and you are thinking straight . The whole family is watching your journey. Excited to see your success. Be strong and a little crazy :) Your the man best of luck !

Magic Mary

Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 01:13 AM

Great start George! Keep it up. You can finish on top!!!! Be safe

Teresa T @ Magic

Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 02:56 AM

Hey George...you have it in you. Keep up the momentum


Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 03:38 AM

Hey George. Really solid first day, you should be proud. You are an animal for wearing your ST5s out there but I would expect nothing less from you. You said it well when you wrote you wanted to focus in on your own race. Hope you were able to do that today and continue to do that. You know you are a beast when it comes to the long stage - allow that body of yours to build stronger and stronger into the race.

Lexi, Faith &frank

Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 04:04 AM

Run you race and do your thing. Your number one fan had her dance recital yesterday , felt like i was doing a marathon ( im a back stage mom). Btw she totally rocked! We are so proud of you. F.A.F

Janet Pingree

Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 05:27 AM

It is just amazing & so interesting to read your blog & follow you. Wow, go George! If I read the ranking correctly "George Chmiel & The Magic Foundation are posted as #3". Yahooo. We are with you!

Mark Nugent

Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 07:04 AM

My family is following your race very closely. George, we are with you in Spirit! *You* *Are* *Awesome*

Joe Z

Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 09:43 AM

Go Chmiel!!! Sounds like an awesome first day. And to finish in 3rd on the stage when your tank was still a little less than full from your passport "detour" is even the more impressive. Vincent and Mo need to be worried. Run fast and safe, Joe


Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 11:39 AM

Well done George! Can't wait for Stage 2 update - keep crushing it, we are all pumped for you. xo


Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 12:18 PM

Glad to hear you're feeling good! Keep it up. Waiting patiently for the next stage update.

Patty Vehmeyer

Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 12:26 PM

George you are truly Amazing! Keep the spirit up. Have a great race! Go USA!

Dianne & John

Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 13:15 PM

Go George! Awesome first day!! Keep it up ~ you\'re amazing!!

Dianne & John

Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 13:15 PM

Go George! Awesome first day!! Keep it up ~ you're amazing!!


Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 13:18 PM

Way to go, George. Stick to the plan and run your own race! So proud of you. Photos of the terrain are amazing. Keep it going. We are all rooting for you, and hoping the shoes hold up.

Joey Horvath

Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 14:37 PM

You are truly an inspiration!

Maxx Awner

Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 14:51 PM

Sounds like you are doing great. Enjoy it all. Maybe next year I will join you, but don't want to overshadow and beat you though!


Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 14:58 PM

Way to start out strong George! Remember what you wrote above (for now)...run your race, let them burn themselves out. No passing out on the trail...although you do always rally x2 afterwards!! Keep it steady and you'll be in better shape for the long day vs. the field. Eat drink run, repeat! Cheers man, have a killer 2nd stage!!

E Reily

Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 15:20 PM

better to wear out your shoes than lose your passport again. You can become 'that guy' who runs without shoes! :)


Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 15:24 PM

Great job George, keep it up baby!


Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 15:28 PM

Go George!!! Not sure if you realize how much of an inspiration you are to everyone around you and many that don't even know you. Keep it up and THANK YOU! Hope to see you again at Magic Foundation convention next month. :)

Joshua Stowell

Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 15:29 PM

Running like a Boss. Keep up the impressive work buddy! Josh S

Jason Silverman

Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 16:59 PM

George - We are behind you my friend. Got together with some close friends over the weekend and we raised a glass and toasted to you and your great efforts! Way to go. Be safe and keep it up. J


Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 17:12 PM

Great job, George! Keep it up! You're doing an amazing job. All of us at MAGIC are rooting for you! You're in out hearts and minds and know how much you're hard work is appreciated. Thank you!!


Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 17:14 PM

Yo Chim! Who loves you? All of us. Well during the Red Soxs game on Saturday evening.... dismall Red Sox game on Saturday evening where we got crushed I shared your story with some good friends. Well how to describe him? Inspirational Really!!! Check it out - I forwarded your blog info. We are all behind you for a strong performance out there. Have a great time killing yourself daily. Best wishes hugs and kisses.


Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 17:20 PM

Goooo George. You are doing so well, not that I expected anything less:) What a journey already...I am so proud, amazed, and inspired by what you do. Keep pushing...we will be checking in frequently to see how you are doing.

Peg Watson Ebert

Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 17:25 PM

Hang in there! You are one awesome dude! We all love you!!

Jamie H

Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 17:39 PM

I was talking with a mom of a very ill 5 year old earlier today...and during our talk she said "I have to stay strong like George-the guy running for our kids- because if he can do what he's doing for us- I can handle this and she will be ok." Enough said.... HUGS!

Vicki Bailey

Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 17:46 PM

Keep it up George!!! As a MAGIC mom I'm 100% behind you along with all the other parents of the amazing kids you're raising awareness for. You're an inspiration to so many. Way to go!!! It will be nice to finally meet you at the Aquarium in July. ~ Vicki (Mom to Cameron, Age 6, SGA)

Beth Stahmer

Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 18:22 PM

George you are doing awesome !!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work.


Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 22:45 PM

Keep focused you are doing a great job Make sure you drink water. Love Alexis GHD


Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 22:48 PM

Hi george..I wish you good luck. keep up the good work and keep going. Ethan really appreciates what you are doing for MAGIC. Love Natalie-marlas daughter. have fun!!!!!!! we are having fun reading about the China trip:)


Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 23:26 PM

You are having an amazing race so far. Keep to the game plan. Photos and videos are great. Looks like you are using some of the skills you learned in the Outback. What an amazing experience to see this part of the world up close and personal. Mom and I are loving every photo through Zandy's eyes! Tell him the next Jack is on me! Thought you might like some sports updates to take your mind to another place. Miami won game 6 & 7 over Celtics. LeBron put on an MVP clinic. Game 6 in Boston. He put up 45 (30 in first half), 10 rebounds, 5 assists. Game 7, 31 pts. 12 rebounds to win series. Tues. Nite open champ finals in Oklahoma City. Rangers hangin on to first by 3 games. Hamilton hit his 22 on Sat. Angels getting hot. BC landed quarterback who had an offer from fla. That's about it for now, will keep you updated as the week goes on. Be strong, be fast, be smart.
Another Adventure Begins

9th June 2012 04:45 AM[(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time(US & Canada)]

Well its been a crazy 60 hours to say the least.  On top of four consecutive flights covering 40 hrs of travel time I managed to leave my passport in the seat pocket in front of me on my final leg from Urumqi to Kashi.  Its really not surprising considering how delirious and sleep deprived I was upon landing.  Most other competitors have been here for days/weeks acclimatizing.  Not Chmiel.  And the ironic thing – if I was in the states Id say my chances of recovery would’ve been very small.  But not in Western communist China.  After an exhaustive search for a translator, many people shaking their heads not having a clue what I was talking about and some serious black market negotiation at the airport the Passport was located on the ground in Urumqi last night and flown back to me on the last flight in.  What a break.  To that kind man at the airport I thank you.  And now as i meet fellow competitors for the first time im ‘that guy’ from Boston who lost his passport. Sweet.


So we just arrived to checkpoint 1 and I can say its nothing sort of spectacular.  Stepping foot off the bus we were greeted by hundreds of locals, military officials, children dancing in circles, etc.  That’s what really makes these events so special.  Were tucked away in a river bed surrounded by the majestic Tian Shian mountain range in all directions.  Phenomenal.  And im super stoked about my tent…cast of characters to say the least with inappropriate joke after inappropriate joke.  Thats what happens when you mix Americans, Brits, Aussies and South Africans in close quarters.


So Ive gotten a good look at the competition and it looks very tough.  There are 163 runners from 42 different countries in the field.  Ive confirmed at least four past champions. The Spaniard Vicente looks to be the heavy favorite.  Like all great ultra runners he’s incredibly fit and very light.  As is his pack. He’ll be very tough to keep up with but that’s what I’ll be attempting to do.  Got my pack down to 6 kilos.  By far the lightest its ever been.  Absolutely no frills or luxuries.  One pair of socks.  One pair of underwear.  One shirt.  For the entire week.  Happy I did go with a sleeping pad though as the terrain is very rocky.


Temperatures are expected to be warm but not scorchingly hot.  With tomorrow being the easiest stage of the race I expect the pace to be blistering.  I’m not sure what the total distance is yet but rumor is about 37k…or 23 miles.  I’m gonna go out hard and try to lay it down around 3 hours.  I didn’t come out here to take it easy.  Thx everyone for your continuous support.  Hope to report back tomorrow with good news.  Love you all.


Go C’s!!!!

Comments: Total (14) comments

Karen Andruska

Posted On: 10 Jun 2012 00:39 AM

Hey Cuz, I truly don't know how you do it! I wish you a safe, healthy, and painless journey! you are an inspiration to us all, especially Zach. Stay well. love ya! Karen

Shannon Barrett

Posted On: 10 Jun 2012 00:43 AM

SO glad everything worked out! Go out there tomorrow and knock'em dead! you have what it takes. Can't wait to read about how great it went!

Dayna, Magic, Rss Dc

Posted On: 10 Jun 2012 01:31 AM

George! I'm so glad you arrived safe and sound and everything worked out so quickly! I wish I could be there to cheer you on in person, but this will have to do. May your feet be swift, your pack light and your heart and mind full! THANK YOU for making a difference!!


Posted On: 10 Jun 2012 02:12 AM

Know u are kicking arse and becoming ' that guy' for all new reasons. Hope u r taking the passport stress and channeling it into your run. Thinking of u


Posted On: 10 Jun 2012 02:14 AM

Holy Crap! Just saw u r leading the race by 500m!!!! Whoo hoo


Posted On: 10 Jun 2012 02:43 AM

Way to start it off! Incredible first stage. Keep that amazing energy going! Praying for safety and continued strength.


Posted On: 10 Jun 2012 03:27 AM

way to go!!! thanks for all that you do!

Audrey Chmiel

Posted On: 10 Jun 2012 03:53 AM

Go for it George.

Jessica Kerley

Posted On: 10 Jun 2012 06:03 AM

I agree with Reily; you're "that guy" to all of us for such a different reason. Losing the passport is just so you have a good story to tell leading up to how you stomped the competition. :) Good luck tomorrow! I hope that you are resting well. I can't WAIT to hear the stage updates. We're all cheering you on here! Much love from your MAGIC family in Alabama!

Morelli Magic

Posted On: 10 Jun 2012 06:18 AM

George! Dude.... Seriously 1 pair of undies and socks? Oh my.... Ok on a serious note, we have no idea how you do it, total dedication and focus. Stay safe and do your thing. Looking forward to your next update. Love your adopted magic family Faith,Frank and Lexi


Posted On: 10 Jun 2012 10:40 AM

Have fun, enjoy the scenery and RUN China for Luci!!!!!!

Brian Ford

Posted On: 10 Jun 2012 13:21 PM

Nothing ever comes easy, right? At least the lost passport took your mind off of the punishment you are about to give your body. Love it! Flying home from your Beantown after a good trip but wasn't the same without you. Family is wishing you all the best! Crush it kid!!

Megan Donnell

Posted On: 10 Jun 2012 16:05 PM

Michael and Emerence can't wait to hear how you are doing! We did see you are kicking butt and ahead :) keep it up!

Jamie H

Posted On: 10 Jun 2012 17:49 PM

Once again, your stength is beyond us mortals....just amazing! Stay strong!
Alive And Well In Guongzhou...

7th June 2012 04:28 AM[(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time(US & Canada)]

Survived the beast across the Pacific and so far no major hiccups. Have to say I've been very impressed with how outgoing, cordial and respectful the Chinese have been in welcoming "that guy" to their country. Aimlessly meandering through the airport with that look of utter stupidity while carrying a large pack with sleeping bag and water bottles attached doesn't really help you blend in. But nevertheless were here, were ticketed to the final destination in Kashi and were moving forward. This is the part of the adventure where the nerves and anxiety peak out and you usually start looking for excuses to justify a poor performance b/c deep down (even though you hate to admit it) you're a litte scared. Will i go out too hard? Will the heat get me? Will my ankle flare up? Will I get sick? Will I get lost? Will the competiton eat my lunch? Well this race I'm not thinking any negative thoughts heading in. I know this is a very strong and deep field of talented runners. But im ready. And I'm gonna embrace that challenge and attack it head on. I've trained harder than ever before and have made certain sacrifices required to compete at a very high level. And I'm going to go out there with no regrets and push myself to the edge - harder and faster than ever before. And whatever happens happens. I specifically want to thank a few people who've played a major role in getting me prepped for Gobi. Matt Hart, Jason Fowler and Jenn Phelan - thanks for your time and for pushing me equally hard on the trails, the bike, and the reformer. Brian Ford - thx for being there in so many ways. Ben Brunt and Terra Giddings - thx for all your help on the backend and for just being great friends. To my awesome friends at Zico - thx for keeping the muscles lubricated and the gas tank full. Proud to be a part of your team. Mama Chim - thx for helping add some organization to the tornado at 14.5. And to everyone else whose contined to support me and The MAGIC Foundation my heart goes out to you and I can't thank you enough for your inspiration. It's you who I run for.

Comments: Total (22) comments

Audrey Chmiel

Posted On: 09 Jun 2012 03:54 AM

Good luck George. We're praying that you stay healthy and strong physically and mentally. Looking forward to reading your blogs - God's Speed.

The Fluss Family

Posted On: 09 Jun 2012 04:42 AM

Thinking of you on your journey this week & THANKING YOU IMMENSELY for all you do for our MAGIC family!!! Be strong, we are here cheering you on!! ~The Fluss' (Shawn, Jean, Alexis, Andraya, & Daylon)

Alexis,faith &frank

Posted On: 09 Jun 2012 05:30 AM

George what can we say? You are our inspiration... Do your Magic as you embark on your race. We are with you every step of the way,cheering you on. Stay strong and focused. Looking forward to reading your blogs. <3 F.A.F

Marcie Behman

Posted On: 09 Jun 2012 11:03 AM

Good luck, George!! Stay strong and take good care. You are going to do an awesome job at this race! Marcie

Carly Fraser

Posted On: 09 Jun 2012 12:22 PM

My name is Carly and I am a Magic kid. Me and my mom will be reading your posts and cheering you on! Go George! You rock!


Posted On: 09 Jun 2012 12:33 PM

Ok, baby, this is it. Put all the stress of yesterday behind you and full steam ahead. You can do this. Can't believe the weight of your pack! You should fly! Go get this one, and remember that we are all on your heels pushing you with every step of the way.

Audrey Chmiel

Posted On: 09 Jun 2012 12:46 PM

Sorry George, I commented last night but see that it hasn't appeared yet. We wanted to say good luck, we're thinking of you, and we pray for your health, mentally and physically. Can't wait to read about all your experiences. God's Speed!

Margene Kennedy

Posted On: 09 Jun 2012 13:31 PM

Go for it! We're all cheering for you .

Jamie H

Posted On: 09 Jun 2012 16:41 PM

I too had a airline seat pocket issue a few weeks ago....I was lost my newly purchased item completely! However, and per usual (Mr. Super Achiever).... your saga...tops all charts! Those pockets are amazingly steathly! Have a super time!

Erin Beamon

Posted On: 09 Jun 2012 17:18 PM

We joined the MAGIC family this year with the birth of our second son who has Panhypopituitarism. Your story and Lucy's blog were the first things that led us to MAGIC. You are in inspiration and I thank for unknowingly introducing me to and supporting this foundation that has given us information, connections, and hope that our son will be able to lead an adventurous life. We will be praying for you and cheering you on! The Beamon Family (Jason, Erin, Jerek, and little Cullen)

The Allen Family

Posted On: 09 Jun 2012 17:33 PM

George!! So happy to see you running your race that is set before you! What an incredible inspiration you are to all of us! You will do a phenomenal job! Good luck and know that we are cheering you on. A million, zillion heartfelt thank you's for doing all this for MAGIC families. I watched "Act of Valor" last night, very good movie. The sacrifices those soldiers made reminded me of you...all of your tremendous hard work, training, planning, and sheer will to do the right thing...that is an incredible and precious gift. Thank you for going way, way above and beyond for precious MAGIC children and families! When you get a chance, you should check out the new Keith Urban song "For You", very inspirational, like you. God bless you and be safe!

Heather Mccornack

Posted On: 09 Jun 2012 17:42 PM

My son was diagnosed PHP on April 12th at one week old. Thank you for bringing awareness to our kids and for being an inspiration to all of us. I look forward to following all your adventures. Wishing you strong legs, happy feet, easy breath, unbreakable spirit, and a full heart. From Manhattan, Kansas, - thank you for all you do. The McCornack Family: Heather, Brian, Jackson(6), Andrew(4), and our superhero, Dillon(2 months)

Pat Ingle

Posted On: 09 Jun 2012 17:56 PM

Good luck George!! Stay strong! Stay positive! You are an inspiration to all that follow you! May the wind always be at your back, and may God grant you wings on your heels! Hugs!! The Ingle Family (Craig, Pat, Julie, Aidan, Johnathan, Brandon (RSS), Kelly, Kaitlyn, and Mason)

Jodi Zwain

Posted On: 09 Jun 2012 18:34 PM

George, you are our hero. Max and I are following you and cheering you on. We cannot wait to see you in July! Go, George, go!


Posted On: 09 Jun 2012 18:44 PM

Go George!!! Good luck, stay strong! You rock!

Gail Needham

Posted On: 09 Jun 2012 19:28 PM

Thank you for taking your time to help people affected with this "orphan disease". Hopefully because of people like you and events such as this, that will not be a term to describe MAS or any others we have come to know about through the Magic Foundation. You make a difference in people's lives, thank you Rita Jackson, and Gail Needham

Maggie Sievert

Posted On: 09 Jun 2012 21:21 PM

Looking forward to "running" a new adventure with you! I always feel so much thinner after you are done.... thanks from Oma and Opa of Devan Hanks, RSS! Stay healthy and run strong!! See you in Chicago!

Steve Szczublewski

Posted On: 10 Jun 2012 10:05 AM

Hey George get it done because I know you can!! Ill be watching and cheering for you

Jodi And Max

Posted On: 10 Jun 2012 13:53 PM

Glad the first part is over. Jamie said you came in first! Way to go! As Max always says, you are awesome, George. We are running with you in spirit as always.


Posted On: 10 Jun 2012 16:06 PM

George, So glad to hear you feel things are going well! China is a beautiful country with great people- my youngest child was born there. Thanks doesnt begin to cover what you are doing to help support MAGIC. You are an inspiration to us all, true testament to what a difference one person can make in this world! Best of luck, enjoy thIs journey Meribeth


Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 17:02 PM

George, We heard you are doing well!!! We keep watching for updates on how things are going. It makes me tear up everytime I think about what you are doing for all of our kiddos. MAGIC has helped my family in so many ways, from connecting us with Dr.H who has changed Ava's life, to connecting us to countless families who have become some of my closest friends. Thank you so much for helping support MAGIC and in turn for supporting us. We thank you from the bottom of our heart. Keep up the good work!!! Sending you positive thoughts and lots of love!!! The Bissonnette Family, Sara, Nathan, Ava (RSS/SGA), Landon, and Ace

Jenn Phelan

Posted On: 13 Jun 2012 18:02 PM

So proud of you!!!!!

30th May 2012 06:03 AM[(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time(US & Canada)]


Comments: Total (2) comments


Posted On: 07 Jun 2012 10:01 AM

Go George, go!!! Good luck and be safe!


Posted On: 07 Jun 2012 12:47 PM

I walked to the harbor and went to Middelton's and McGarvey's.The beer was cold and as alwasy, the people of Annapolis were warm and kind. As I spoke of you, the people listening were awed by your commitment and courage.This extraordinary thing you do helps all of us realize that the best of life comes from adventures of the heart and body.Run boy-know that by conquering a course in nowhere, you set yourself apart from the rest of us and will end up in a somewhere of respect.It is beautiful here now George.Run as though you are running down Main Sreet to the City Dock. Cold beer and warm hearts await your return