Team Member

David Mild


Germany, Resident in Georgia

David Mild brings optimism and running experience to his role as a volunteer at the Gobi March (Mongolia) 2018. David has run in marathons and the Transalpine Run and says that running plays an important role in his life. His experience competing in multistage races helps him understand, assist and motivate competitors during 4 Deserts events. David is a farmer in his native country of Germany. In 2013, he was stationed in south Chile for an internship on a fruit farm when he volunteered for his first 4 Deserts event at the Atacama Crossing. He also volunteered at the Sahara Race in 2014, RacingThePlanet: Ecuador 2015, Sri Lanka 2016 and Patagonia 2017. David holds a Bachelor's degree in business management and a Master of Science from the University of Hohenheim, focusing on business management and agriculture. He speaks German and English as well as some Spanish, Polish and French.