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STAGE 6: Team Winners Never Give Up from Hong Kong

STAGE 6: The Superstar Volunteers

STAGE 6: Takashi Okada from Japan (aka Spiderman)

STAGE 6: Sow Fong Lee from Singapore

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Drone & Phone - Gobi March (Mongolia) 2018 Stage 5 News

Drone & Phone - Gobi March (Mongolia) 2018 Stage 4 News

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Gobi March Blogs 2019

Half Way There

16th August 2018

Well we are half way through the Grand Slam now.  I have officially qualified for Antartica.  I figured I should right a final blog for Gobi.  I think where we left off was the last marathon day where we got to cross ...

Posted By: Scott Baldridge  |  3 Comments

Beyond The Fini...

14th August 2018

Hello. Is anyone still reading this?? Haha. Well, for my own sake, I thought I would wrap up my race blogging with a recap of the final stage along with some thoughts about the whole adventure. Strap in for a long pos...

Posted By: Bethany Betzler  |  8 Comments


5th August 2018

I forgot to thank so many other people.... My tent mates. Andrew, Ben and Olaf. Specially Olf, who unfortunately became ill and could not complete the race but lent me his poles allowing me to complete the race easier...

Posted By: Nigel Vaughan  |  0 Comments