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Gobhi March Blogs 2018

Ready For The D...

26th July 2017

The day has been very calm. I have managed to do…..nothing. This happens very seldom, if ever. Maybe that’s why I need to come to these races.   I have now spent some time to read through all blog comments t...

Posted By: Mikael Tag  |  8 Comments

Latest Update F...

30th June 2017

This is the last update before the long march. We just had the race briefing. The start is at Devil City. We will start in the early morning and the cut off time is 26 hours. The stage is 82 km. First check point is at 1...

Posted By: Runi Simonsen  |  33 Comments

Stage 5 - The L...

28th June 2017

We had a long bus ride from our camp to the finish line and we left camp at around 1 am and drove for about 4 hours. The race started shortly after 5 am and this was before sun rise, but it was bright enough to se the ve...

Posted By: Runi Simonsen  |  13 Comments