Team Member

Megan Stewart


New Zealand

When New Zealand's Megan Stewart arrived at the Sahara Race in 2010, she was not expecting to end up aiming for the 4 Deserts Club in Antarctica in 2014. "I had no idea what to expect, let alone [thinking that I would] complete them all," she says. "During the Long Stage of the Sahara Race, I was adamant: no way, no more, and look what happened!" Stewart, who works as a paramedic in New Zealand, went on to compete in the Atacama Crossing 2012, Gobi March 2013 and The Last Desert in 2014. "These events are more than just a race," she says. "It is the people, the locals, the history, the scenery, fellow competitors, shared amazing experiences (that no one else that hasn't been there can really truly understand), race officials and volunteers, and friendships made from around the globe." Megan tells us that along with her poles, her trusted iPod is a key item on the races - and she reveals her impressive playlists: "Ministry of Sound in the Sahara, Pink Floyd in the Atacama, house music in the Gobi. One thing that has amazed me is the power of memories - where years later you can listen to a song on your iPod that takes you right back to a memorable moment in one of these races, literally stopping me in my tracks." Meanwhile, her list of favorite food to bring is enough to make your mouth water: "My stash of cashews, dried ginger, and dried garlic bagels. These were the afternoon treats, can't go past Expedition Foods though as the base meal. I am looking forward to chocolate coated coffee beans in Antarctica." Megan has raised funds for charities throughout her journey, from Taranaki Land Search and Rescue of which she is a volunteer team leader to Taranaki Rescue Helicopter and the L.I.A.M. (Life Saving Initiatives Against Methanol Poisoning) Foundation after the methanol poisoning of her nephew Liam in 2013. Megan works with us as a volunteer in the RacingThePlanet: New Zealand 2019.