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Mission.... Incomplete

11th March 2013 07:38 AM[(GMT-06:00) Central Time(US & Canada)]

I refuse to say failed. Granted the goal of coming home this week with a finisher’s medal in hand did not happen but this whole trip was a huge huge learning experience that will allow me to come back next better prepared. While altitude sickness and heat where the primary things I battled with on stage one, I have learned a great deal from the other competitors concerning gear and some other types of training to better prepare. In spite not getting my finisher’s medal, the past week was phenomenal; from the volunteers and all they do to make this event run smoothly to the competitors helping others from duck taping shoes to needed encouragement, etc. It is hard to put into words and I am still in awe. So now I am back home in civilization and making my plans for next year. I have a score to settle with Atacama =)


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Michelle Dobson

Posted On: 10 Apr 2013 19:33 PM

You definitely did NOT fail Carla...it was totally clear from your dogged persistence on Day 1, and the strength it took to not just stick around but to become even more involved in the event, keeping everyone's spirits high despite your personal disappointment showed what a true and strong person you are. Vengeance and victory at Atacama 2014 is YOURS baby!! xoxo

Joe Canada

Posted On: 28 Oct 2014 13:08 PM

Running, not finishing and returning "to settle a score" is not failure, it's perseverance! This takes character and integrity... I'd take someone like you on my team any day! Period! Best wishes & Continued Success, Joe