Team Member

Laura Hutchinson

Small Business Owner

United Kingdom

I've been a keen runner for a number of years and as well as enjoying racing, I develop my core strength at a gym which allows me to compete in OCR events like Total Warrior. I also regularly support and crew my boyfriend as he runs ultramarathons and have seen how providing the right support at just the right time is a vital component to ensuring he finishes his events. During this months (August 2017) Ultra Great Britain 200 mile ultramarathon, I provided support to him and other runners along the route and at checkpoints and have committed to doing the same at his future races in 2018, including the Ultra Great Britain 214 mile ultramarathon in Scotland. I am also going to be taking part in my first ultramarathons in 2018 having been inspired by witnessing the runners achievements and how ultrarunners develop a close, family-type bond that you don't experience in shorter distance races. I thoroughly enjoy my running and strive to beat my personal best times through hard work and dedicated training multiple times a week. I also get a buzz from being a volunteer at races and seeing it from the other side and have regularly crewed and marshalled at various events. It's only from being a runner that I realise just how important the volunteering and support is and therefore make sure that when I volunteer, I give my everything to the role I'm allocated to. Having heard my boyfriends excitement at applying to be be a volunteer a the 2018 Atacama Crossing event and the amazing experience it would give him if he was accepted, it has been through listening to Tony Brammer during his speech ahead of the Ultra Great Britain 200 mile ultramarathon earlier this month that has inspired me to take the step to also apply to volunteer at the event. The experience of supporting some amazing runners at a unique location would be something to remember for a lifetime and would give me an insight of what it is like to run at such high altitudes.