Team Member

Ian Yates

Systems & Business Analyst

United Kingdom

I've been running now for just over 2 years and in that time have progressed from my first 10k race to completing a 200 mile ultramarathon.  I've enjoyed seeing what my body is capable of, what my limits are, learning valuable tips and experience from other runners and applying them to my next races.  I'm a regular parkrun volunteer and have also volunteered at other race events including being a pacer in half marathons.  I enter every race to enjoy running and learn new techniques and skills.  After races or training runs, I always look back to analyse my performance and identify areas for improvement. As well as having the 4 Deserts races on my target list of races to achieve in the future, I am also interested in volunteering at the races and being part of the experience of seeing runners competing and achieving the distances as well as venturing to countries which I've always dreamed of going to.  The combination of being in ideal locations with being part of a sport I love being part of would be ideal.