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Atacama Crossing 2017: Stage 2 To Stage 4

Atacama Crossing 2017: Pre Race

Atacama Crossing Blogs 2018

Race Is Over , ...

28th October 2017

We did start 3 in our team  , 5 total from Sept iles with Denis and Catou. It was tough, very tough . Many stories for years to come At the finish line , we were happy and proud, all of us. Katou was tough , ve...

Posted By: Yves Lortie  |  12 Comments

Dark And Stormy...

6th October 2017

Dark and Stormy day As planned , everybody completed this 80 km. It is done. Our feet now look like Hobbit feet, but as Serge said : pain is a privilege. Blisters count is a little bit out of control. For ...

Posted By: Yves Lortie  |  11 Comments

Stage 5: The Lo...

6th October 2017

Successfully completed stage 5, and we are resting in Camp 5 today. We have 8+km left tomorrow, a nice ‘victory’ jog/walk through the finishing line. Barring any unforeseen calamity, I feel safe to say that I will fi...

Posted By: Ken Wee  |  3 Comments