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Atacama Crossing 2017: Stage 2 To Stage 4

Atacama Crossing 2017: Pre Race

Atacama Crossing Blogs 2017

Dark And Stormy...

6th October 2017

Dark and Stormy day As planned , everybody completed this 80 km. It is done. Our feet now look like Hobbit feet, but as Serge said : pain is a privilege. Blisters count is a little bit out of control. For ...

Posted By: Yves Lortie  |  4 Comments

Stage 5: The Lo...

6th October 2017

Successfully completed stage 5, and we are resting in Camp 5 today. We have 8+km left tomorrow, a nice ‘victory’ jog/walk through the finishing line. Barring any unforeseen calamity, I feel safe to say that I will fi...

Posted By: Ken Wee  |  3 Comments

Not The Ending ...

6th October 2017

Unfortunately I could only get to the 42km mark on the last Long stage today in Atacama. Very emotional to not be able to finish and things had been going well up to the afternoon before. My feet became the issue and ar...

Posted By: Ben Davies  |  2 Comments