San Pedro de Atacama - what an amazing place

The most chilled town I've ever visited” said two-time 4 Deserts competitor and three-time volunteer Natasha.  “It hasn't changed much since the first time I was there 11 years to when I volunteered for 4 Deserts more recently.”

It’s a place where pizza and pisco sour make perfect partners, and friendly dogs roam the unfinished streets hoping for a morsel of crust and a pat on the head.   

San Pedro de Atacama is the host town for the Atacama Crossing and has been for the last thirteen years.  An oasis town located in the middle of the Atacama Desert has a permanent population of just 2,500 people - it's little more than a handful of picturesque adobe streets clustering around a pretty tree-lined plaza and postcard-perfect church.  But you’d be mistaken to think that this means there is nothing to do.   San Pedro is surrounded by some stunning and unique sites for before and after the race. 

It's easy to get side-tracked in the hippy vibe of the town centre which has an addictively relaxed atmosphere but San Pedro offers a wealth of options for every traveller.   From the 4 & 5 star luxury adobe hotels just a few blocks from the main square (as well as many hostels and mid-range hotels), to fantastic adventures and experiences awaiting anybody with a few days to spare.   “San Pedro can hook travellers for weeks” says The Lonely Planet