Breaking News:  Just one day until the 69 competitors head for Antarctica. The staff and competitors have been reuniting from around the globe. The favourite to win the woman's cateogry is Isis Breiter from Mexico who has been in the region for a few days getting acclimitised to the cold. Others spotted around Ushuaia yesterday include George Chmiel from United States, Beatriz Camiade from Mexico, David Barnard from South Africa, Shigeru Watanabe from Japan and Linh Huynh from Canada. Top seed, double Olympian, Chema Martinez is en route together with Team 1km+ from Spain. Tomorrow they will all meet for a briefing before boarding the expedition ship that will be their home for the next 10 days. Breaking News Archive »

More than fifty competitors are competing in The Last Desert (Antarctica) 2010.  Each individual has had to successfully complete two of the other 4 Deserts (Gobi March, Sahara Race and/or Atacama Crossing) to qualify for a place.  The results below are listed according to kilometers completed.  The individuals and teams who complete the most kilometers will be the winners of The Last Desert 2010.  The table is shown below.  To see past results, click here.

Competitors will be ranked as Active (A),  Incomplete (I), Unranked (U), Withdrew (W) or Did Not Start (DNS).  "Active" (A) means that the competitor has completed all sections of the course to date.
"Incomplete" (I) means that the competitor has not yet completed the current stage and so is still on the course.  "Unranked" (U) means that the competitor has not completed all sections of the course but is still continuing – unranked competitors will not receive an overall time or a medal, but will receive times for all stages that they do complete.  "Withdrew" (W) means that the competitor has withdrawn from the race and will not continue with any stages of the course. "Did Not Start" (DNS) means that the competitor never started the race.

Age group 

Racing The Planet
Active In the Field Unranked Withdrew Did Not Start Penalty
Racing The Planet
stage-1 stage-2 stage-3 stage-4 stage-5 stage-6
Rank Bib Competitor Age Sex Team Charity Country Residence Blog Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Overall Status  
146Sandes Ryan N.30M 87.009.00100.0034.500:00:000:00:00230.50A
23Barghini Paolo 50M 72.509.0082.5029.900:00:000:00:00193.90A
320Gallo Emanuele 38M 72.509.0080.0032.200:00:000:00:00193.70A
416Evans Guy 33M 72.509.0080.0027.600:00:000:00:00189.10A
51Acheson Paul 37M

Save The Children

618Fujioka Yutaka 34M 58.009.0072.5027.600:00:000:00:00167.10A
722Hogan-Murphy Diana 33F View58.009.0075.0023.000:00:000:00:00165.00A
741Pearse David 52M View58.009.0075.0023.000:00:000:00:00165.00A
942Pellizzer Mirjana K.49F 58.009.0075.0023.000:00:000:00:00165.00A
1021Gash Samantha J.29F Royal Children's Cystic Fibrosis Research TrustView58.009.0075.0023.000:00:000:00:00165.00A
1154Vola Marco 58M 58.009.0067.5023.000:00:000:00:00157.50A
126Brattoli Raffaele 56M 58.009.0067.5023.000:00:000:00:00157.50A
1347Skipworth Paul 45M 58.009.0067.5023.000:00:000:00:00157.50A
1436Mori Terumasa 34M 58.009.0065.0025.300:00:000:00:00157.30A
1540Paugh Ricky 34M 58.009.0060.0029.900:00:000:00:00156.90A
1613De Gouyon Matignon Alexandre 55M 58.009.0065.0023.000:00:000:00:00155.00A
1735Mokhtari Ashkan 47M United Way/Dilico 58.009.0065.0020.700:00:000:00:00152.70A
1829Lee Stan 52M 58.009.0062.5025.300:00:000:00:00154.80A
1927Knowler Shane 47M 58.009.0060.0023.000:00:000:00:00150.00A
2017Faehn Gunnar 62M 58.009.0060.0023.000:00:000:00:00150.00A
2112Coyne Robert 51M 58.009.0060.0020.700:00:000:00:00147.70A
2248Smale David S.53M 58.009.0057.5023.000:00:000:00:00147.50A
2314Dods Kimberly A.49F View58.009.0055.0023.000:00:000:00:00145.00A
2411Climent Arcadi 49M 43.509.0065.0025.300:00:000:00:00142.80A
255Borras Enrique 41M View43.509.0065.0025.300:00:000:00:00141.80A
2655Wehbi Alain 42M

Brave Heart Fund

2726Kent Tremaine 41M

Carla's Angels

2753Tye Philip 49M

Hong Kong Cancer Fund

2952Tomada Pat 57M 58.009.0050.0018.400:00:000:00:00135.40A
3050Tang Lucy 46F

Parkinson's Disease

3131Love James D.40M 43.509.0057.5020.700:00:000:00:00130.70A
3228Lawrence Thaddeus 37M


3319Furniss Jacqueline E.35F

Hong Kong Cancer Fund

347Carter Helen S.41F

Hounds for Heroes and Black Rat Fund

3532Malvestiti Maria Luisa 59F

Per Un Sorriso Onlus

3556Wilkie Neil M.42M

Marie Curie Cancer Care

3739Okabe Mayuko 29F 43.509.0052.5023.000:00:000:00:00128.00A
3823Irving Gordon 60M 43.509.0055.0018.400:00:000:00:00125.90A
3833McKerrow Michael A.40M View43.509.0055.0018.400:00:000:00:00125.90A
3851Thompson James 34M 43.509.0055.0018.400:00:000:00:00125.90A
412Akasaka Takeshi 38M 43.509.0052.5020.700:00:000:00:00125.70A
4344Quirk Linda 60F

Run7on7 - Scholarship funds for Caron Treatment Centers

4415Eastridge Jacqueline Y.52F

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

4434Metcalfe Robyn 64F Gobi March (China) 2005 Atacama Crossing (Chile) 2006 Sahara Race (Egypt) 2008 The Last Desert (Antarctica) 2010 43.509.0052.5018.400:00:000:00:00123.40A
4445Rivers Bulkeley Lucy 34F

Macmillan Cancer Support

4737O'Brien David J.59M

Chernobyl Children's Project

489Celal Devrim 40M

Multiple Sclerosis Society UK

4810Chang Eric 31M


508Carvajal Diego 27M

Multiple Sclerosis Society UK

514Bishop Simone A.49F

Door of Hope

5149Tamblyn Greg 57M 43.509.0050.0013.800:00:000:00:00116.30A
5338O'Connor Rory 45M 43.509.0045.0016.100:00:000:00:00113.60A
4225Jong Peter 38M Friends of ErmeraView43.509.0050.0023.000:00:000:00:00125.50U
024Jaget Mark L.44M

Fisher House

043Perry Kenneth C.45M View0.
030Liu Yumeng (Raymond) 32M