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30th June 2016

Exactly one week ago today, I was out in the sun, struggling somewhere between checkpoint 6 and 7 and about 14 hours into The Long March (stage 5). My tent mate from tent 11 – Richard was with me and we were basically in survival mode. That already...

Posted By: Allen Kerton    |   

27th June 2016

So after Stage 5 - the sandstorm wiped out the camp and we were evacuated to a sheltered location for the rest of the long day. Sand filled the air and it was an incredibly long day. In many respects I'd have preferred to have pushed on and finis...

Posted By: Bryan Murphy    |   

27th June 2016

8.5 months after I decided I would participate in the Gobi March I have achieved my goal, I completed the race!!!!!! I am extremely happy about that and can say that all the effort was worth it! It felt amazing when I crossed the finish line! Pricele...

Posted By: Felipe Abud    |   
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