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The Last Desert 2012 Blogs
Final few words
08-Dec-2012 12:30:07 PM [(GMT+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney]

Its hard to believe were that last two weeks went what an incredible experience. I look at the photos with almost disbelief that we have been to such an amazing place and in saying that I also remind myself that the pictures really don't do the place justice. I thank you all for sharing in the experience and will treasure the friendships we have made along the way. 

Col and I have spent  three days in Buenos Aires taking in the sights and reflecting on our journey. My surprises for Col was a heart ..... we get to share half each as a reminder of our completion of the 4 deserts.

Time to go home and plan other adventures.... until we meet again stay safe and happy training... Sandy
Post Race 2
01-Dec-2012 04:27:49 AM [(GMT+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney]

Two and half day trip accross the drake passage has so far not been as bad as on the way over. Still have my patch on for sea sickness and eating lots of ginger lollies. Feel a little sick but not too bad. Everyone is so looking forward to being back on land.

The awards baquet and presentation is tomorrow night when we start going through the Beagle channel and the waters are carmer. Also the Expedittion Guide is going to give us a journal on our trip and also said he would mark up a map for me so that is great.

Col and I have been talking about our experience and how different this event is from the other races... other than a few top competitors who are here to race...the race is more about the whole journey and the challenge in this one isn't so much the running but the coping with everything to get you to the start line of every stage. the sea sickness, the cold and constantly wondering how many layers to put on and I tell you if you get it wrong you suffer big time, the zodiac ride over and when you get to shore we mostly have had to plough through thick snow to get to the start line. You have to take a drop bag each day over with you incase we get stranded on shore and also you leave cloths to change into so you can get the zodiac back to the ship.

But in saying all that it has been a trip of a life time... so much to take in I almost feel strange heading back to Ushuaia.

Well the question keeps getting asked so whats next... oh there is lots of things on my list but at this point I want to enjoy every last minute of the incredible journey..

Love to all and will blog tomorrow after the awards ceremony...

Damage to body is face got badly sunburnt especially lips .. Col did to only not as bad
Big toe nail dropping of as kicked and big chunk of ice and nearly fell
One toe with blood blister on in and two with blisters
Finger got stuck in door on ship have a great cut on it and all bruisesd

Hope no more things to add to list.. Ha ha ha ....clumsy person I am.... good night and should hopefully have phone service tomorrow............. thanks for all your wonderful words I am going back to read them again now means so much xxxx

P.S. have a surprise for Col but can't tell yet as he could read this blog and find out let you know tommorrow
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The Last Desert (Antarctica) 2012

Melbourne Australia

Business Managers with the Education Department but secretly we are adventure seekers.

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The Last Desert (Antarctica) 2012


Business Managers in the Education Department.

Melbourne Australia

Business Managers with the Education Department
but secretly we are adventure seekers.

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