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Live Race Coverage
13 - 19 May 2012

RacingThePlanet: Jordan 2012 Blogs

Back Home in Riga
21-May-2012 10:08:42 AM [(GMT+08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi]

Labdiene, Arrived back home in Riga yesterday afternoon after a very early morning & long travel day...short compared to some! So happy to be back in Riga, in just the 12 days of being gone the city absolutely changed...from a little bit of green to completely green & fresh. Jordan is beautiful but there is not much colour to be seen. Stage 6, our last stage, was amazing. It was approximately 6.5 km from last camp into Petra...it was an untimed stage so everyone was encouraged to go slow, walk with friends, take pictures and truly embrace & soak everything in. We were not disappointed...it was incredible. We had an earlier start about 6:15am, everyone in the camp seemed to be on slow mode knowing it was our last day & an easy one. The finish line was right in front of the treasury in ancient Petra, & it was breathtaking...i cannot find the perfect words to describe the feelings, the vision, the atmosphere...it was just surreal. Mary Gadams, the founder & CEO of RTP was giving us our medals, which are beautiful and after taking some pics & hanging around there for a while the competitors walked another 2km to where we were being served some 'real' food after eating way too much freeze dried food for a week & then to get to where our buses were waiting to take us to our hotel, it was yet another 2.5 km straight up hill...no buses are cars are allowed past a certain point into ancient Petra thats why we had to walk, but anyway after 250km, it was a walk in the park :0)! The hotel in Petra was beautiful & they did a great job checking so many people in at the same time but I had my concerns over whether their system would handle so many people showering simultaneously but it did & we had plenty of hot water. What a treat that was, I just didn't realize how dirty we really were until I saw the water running off my body, black...it was funny. Never have I appreciated a shower as much as I did at that moment. We decided not to hang out in Petra & stay for the after party, so we transfered back to Amman Sat afternoon & checked into the Four Seasons for 24 of luxury & pampering. But before we left Petra we had a beer with our tentmates & said our goodbyes, we met some really awesome people & hope we will cross paths again likely at another RTP event or who knows maybe somewhere else! YES its true after the long day & I was adamant that I would not do another one, but its classic...once the acute pain subsides the idea of doing another one doesn't seem so bad! Maybe I need to take a hammer & pound my knees for an hour or stab knives in my feet to remind myself of how it felt on the long day :0)! We checked in to the hotel in Amman & promptly got cozy in the robes, ordered some mezzahs and a bottle of wine & did not leave our room until the next day...it was heaven! We went to some beautiful stores selling Jordanian crafts & antiques but ended up not buying anything. Stopped for some delicious Arabic coffee & then back to the hotel...had an early start on Monday & arrived back in Riga at 3pm....couldn't wait to see my doggies! Feet are getting better but my ankles & feet are still very swollen & still can't see my ankle bones, traveling of course didn't help & I hope over the next couple of days they will be better. Lost the big toenail on my left foot, as expected, didn't even hurt when it came off...I think I am immune to it now! Fred's feet are really good save a couple of blisters. He is much smarter when it comes to what he does, he wears toe socks & then compression socks over top & this seems to be a good formula for him. Next time I will pretape my feet in the vulnerable areas for blisters, where wider runners and compression socks while I run & then lower leg (footless) compression socks while I sleep to help with swelling. Overall it was awesome, we had a good time, it was beautiful & of course the personal challenge both physically & mentally was life changing. As I just ready in RUN by Dean Karnazes ..."endurance events don't build character the reveal it". I tried to stay as positive as possible but there were moments when I felt defeated & was a bit grumpy...sorry Fred...but overall you have to dig deep and find ways to keep yourself up or you will not survive. Compared to Atacama, Jordan was harder or maybe its just fresher in my mind, but from everything I heard & the people I spoke with on Friday after the long day, the people that have done multiple RTP events, all said the same thing....the long day in Jordan will go down (so far) as the toughest long stage in RTP history! I never mentioned before but usually in these events they do some kind of medical study & this time they asked volunteers to participate in a study measuring electrolyte levels & weight loss...they took a small sample of blood & weighed us on stage 1, stage 3 & at the end of stage 5. It was interesting, I managed my electrolytes very well & all things considered did not lose too much weight. Save the first stage my electrolytes were a bit low but I think its because I entered the race not fully hydrated but other then that it was good so my system from Atacama really works for me. Very long last blog that likely no one will read now that the race is over but wanted to close it off...again a big Thank you to everyone for your awesome messages of encouragement & support!! Until next time...RTP Iceland... stay healthy & be happy! PS A HUGE Thank you to Sam & her team, all of the volunteers, medical staff & local crew for their untiring support and energy...they are the glue that keeps these races together....absolutely incredible, every single person!!!! Ata Lisa xo


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    silly goose of course we'll read your long blog! Glad you're home home and that you both seem healthy. Love you lots and I am very proud of you. Can't wait to hear the deets in less than a month. By then you'll absolutely be talking about the next one!

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    Riga, Latvia (current residence)

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