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Live Race Coverage
13 - 19 May 2012

RacingThePlanet: Jordan 2012 Blogs

Stage 4 Clinger
16-May-2012 07:44:14 AM [(GMT-04:00) Atlantic Time(Canada)]

Guess what arrived today? My legs…hopefully my feet will stay with me for another couple, they’re close to checking out. Really getting the hang of this stuff, hopefully tomorrow will be good and I can put this to bed. Stage 3 temperature was 41 degrees and today was supposed to be hotter, I thought I might have eaten a guatamaulen(sp?) insanity pepper by mistake…no coyotes with Johnny Cash’s voice though Si.


Tomorrow we start the 90km climb to Petra, by the time you guys are reading this I should be 30km in and hopefully feeling good. I look forward to reading all your comments .


I have to get back to my tent and see what I can eat and throw out, I’m going light and living off fat reserves after breakfast tomorrow, except for the essentials of course!


Rob and Stacey

Posted: 18-May-2012 09:14:35 PM

OMG Chris way to go!!! Abby, Aaron, Rob and Stacey


Posted: 18-May-2012 07:05:19 PM

Do you even get how amazing what you're doing is? No worries if not because you can feel the excitement here...you'll be hearing about this one for a long time, Aaen. I am so proud I feel like drinking Export!

Peter & Luka

Posted: 18-May-2012 06:09:50 PM

We'll done uncle Steve! very, very impressive performance. We were checking for your times all throughout the night. Enjoy Petra and the celebration afterwards. You've done something really incredible!


Posted: 18-May-2012 04:18:50 PM

Aaen! I'm glad you haven't taken Tommy Browne's advice which would be "just lay down, don't even move Chris, we need ya fit for Saturday, your health is the most important thing, just make a little bed with those bop pads and rest yer weary legs, then have a pint at the club tonight after training" . Keep going bud! You can do it! No retreat baby no surrender! Mooney

Sara S

Posted: 18-May-2012 02:36:18 PM

First thing I did this morning was Check the results! You've been on everyones minds this last week! Your So close! The girls and I will be having a beer tonight in your honor!


Posted: 18-May-2012 02:31:27 PM

Walk through the desert for 18 hours over 90k in 40 degree heat? Dude...I can't even sleep for 18 hours. I need to find some way to make every single thing I do for the next few weeks as extreme as possible. Barefoot uphill lawn-mowing maybe? Incredible man!


Posted: 18-May-2012 02:14:57 PM

Nice job Aaen. Just one more and you've made it! Bragging rights for eternity after that. Keep it up.


Posted: 18-May-2012 02:01:54 PM

Continuing to get faster! Amazing work Chris.


Posted: 18-May-2012 01:38:36 PM

HAHAHAHA! That's right, I just wanted to 'comment' my laughter at the previous post. However, I agree...now WAKE UP AND BLOG FOR US!! :)


Posted: 18-May-2012 01:34:48 PM

You know, you would think someone who could walk 250 km in 6 days would be able to blog a litle more..... just saying.


Posted: 18-May-2012 12:43:51 PM

Cleaning boots and digging holes has payed off, haha. I knew you would be stubborn enough to be able to do this. You ROCK Aaen. Simply awesome!!


Posted: 18-May-2012 11:35:56 AM

Mat's right..The lawn is a little long... ;) xo!


Posted: 18-May-2012 10:43:32 AM

Congratulations! Job well done.


Posted: 18-May-2012 10:34:11 AM

Have you seen my interchangeable screwdriver? And what was the Picaroon's beer that I tried in March that I really liked? The lawn's getting about knee-high, when you get done galavanting on your little walk, you should really look into mowing it... Speaking of your little walk: nice work, Capital O. I knew getting Katy Perry stuck in your head would carry you through...

Mom and Dad

Posted: 18-May-2012 10:28:16 AM

Extremely proud parents of " Aaen of Arabia" as Scott said. What a feat this is. Hope you will get some sleep and be ready for the short race to Petra. Can't wait to hear your telling of the whole race. Amazing. Take care.


Posted: 18-May-2012 10:13:48 AM

Wow, stage 5 complete in 18 hours. Proud of you buddy! only a little bit left! Finish strong!!


Posted: 18-May-2012 09:38:47 AM

GREAT WORK - SO PROUD, racing the planet.com must have racked up the hits yesterday and last night, I woke up a couple of times to see if they had posted your times - you did great; Aaen of Arabia you made it, only a "sprint" to "a rose-red city half as old as time". Looking forward to hearing about ChiNor of Petra and the great battle fought within his mind and body that enabled him to cover 250kms on foot. The mirages will be real this afternoon... finish strong...


Posted: 18-May-2012 09:26:32 AM

I am also awake and couldn't help but sneak a peak at the results...and...Wow!!!!!!!!!18 hours, I am just mind blown! I hope you are proud...and sleeping...1 more to go, that's it! Can't wait to read your next post! Congrats Chris, you earned this!


Posted: 18-May-2012 08:42:56 AM

I just woke up a little early to check your long march time. I don't know if you'll get this before your run into Petra, but can I just say how speechless I am about your time. YOU DID IT! I'm bursting with pride at 5:42am! I love you I can't wait to talk to you! xoxoxoxoxoxox!!!!

Paula and Eugene

Posted: 17-May-2012 11:17:28 PM

Your doing an amazing job. Can't wait to hear all the stories. The end is near, be safe.

Aaen, Chris

Posted: 17-May-2012 11:12:36 PM

Hi Chris, Larry and I have been following your blogs and cheering you on from here. I can't imagine the challenge in completing that race. Sarah says you are doing the big part today. Well done Chris. I'm sure you will finish. Good luck Larry and Carol


Posted: 17-May-2012 10:27:32 PM

Good luck chris your a rock star!! I knew you were tight like a tiger for some reason seems to be holding you together!!

Roger (CW)

Posted: 17-May-2012 09:56:53 PM

Sounds pretty cool bud, glad to hear your doing well and keep going bud, once in a lifetime adventure


Posted: 17-May-2012 09:08:29 PM

Chris, you don't know me but I know Sarah. I've been following you along this amazing journey and I just can't believe it!! You'll finish, I just know, and even if you don't, you've accomplished so much already that you would be nothing but a hero here in our little nesting spot of the world!! Keep it up, you'll have plenty of time to rest afterwards. I can't wait to meet you in person now, Sarah's got herself a special guy!! Congratulations, you are a winner already in my eyes!!


Posted: 17-May-2012 06:48:17 PM

Thinking about you all day man. You know you're a little bit crazy for even attempting this...well...maybe more than a little bit. Imagining how your last big challenge is going while not doubting for a second that you'll complete it. Wish I was there to help pull you through in some fashion..i'm sure I could last a km or two. So impressed and proud of you for taking this on and doing so well. Finish strong Chris, can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back. :)


Posted: 17-May-2012 05:40:21 PM

Aaen, if you are reading this you are surely exhausted beyond anything most people can imagine. I'm hoping this will give you a little lift. The Rock played CW last night at Windsor Park. Boz started at 6 and was named the man of the match in a 42-14 win. He then sent me pictures of our pictures on the wall from our championship years. Then he sent me a text at 5am that simply stated 'Roger is my favourite black man'. I look forward to him sharing the story about what he did to deserve that title over a beer at the clubhouse when you both get back. Si


Posted: 17-May-2012 05:21:00 PM

A Viking in the middle of the desert...Glory to the Brave, Aaen Lo, there do I see my Father.. Lo, there do I see my Mother And my Sisters and my Brothers.. Lo, there do I see the line Of my people back to the beginning.. Thay do bid me to take my place among them.. In the Halls of Valhalla, Where the Brave may live forever.


Posted: 17-May-2012 02:05:00 PM

Amazing is all I can think to say! Cheering from home for a strong finish!


Posted: 17-May-2012 01:47:08 PM

Racing in the desert, that is nuts. Keep it up! So close now!


Posted: 17-May-2012 01:01:04 PM

Great job fella!


Posted: 17-May-2012 12:35:04 PM

OMG Chris you are a machine!!! Sarah I want to send this blog to Kelly but am concered about what it will do to her crush- she already blushes whenever she looks at him, ha! Stay strong Chirs you are so close! (PS:I hope you guys are planning some major type of debriefing party!)


Posted: 17-May-2012 12:30:44 PM

Good job buddy! Keep it up!

Sara S

Posted: 17-May-2012 12:27:46 PM

Highlights of my last weeks have been reading your Blog posts! As Holly said everytime I think of what your doing I am amazed! Keep Going Buddy....your almost there!!


Posted: 17-May-2012 12:16:39 PM

Keep it up Aaen! You're almost there! The finish line is calling! Can't wait to hear all the tales at the old office WATER cooler. Maybe we should get a water cooler now. MR


Posted: 17-May-2012 11:58:59 AM

Sarah's right. These blog comments are a laugh a minute...but also really heartfelt and you can tell how proud everyone is of you - myself included! I hope the voice in your head while you're trekking today is as entertaining as your blogs have been - Good company! Keep the laughs up, the legs moving and holy crap... When you're reading this you'll have another 90k in the desert behind you. Not many folks can ever say that. xo ps - no insanity peppers!

Mom and Dad

Posted: 17-May-2012 11:53:17 AM

May the force be with you for the rest of the way. This is awesome. Good thing you found your legs, the feet will be there by now we hope. Don't worry about the fat reserves, we will get them back on you later. Proud of you.


Posted: 17-May-2012 11:37:09 AM

You will be done the long march when you read this, congratulations!! Went to Littleforks today withe the Squires brother today, rainy andcloudy. We are ready to go, had a snooze in the log cabin,easy place to sleep. Thought about the immencity of you journey today,amazing. I mentioned it to Peter, he retorted quickley that he knew you would finish well, not to worry, we will celebrate you success tonite at the Salmon dinner. So good luck tommorrow, we are all with you, your stregnth of conviction has gotten you where you are today and it will get you to Petra tommorrow. mac


Posted: 17-May-2012 11:25:10 AM

Winds at your back now, keep running! Lucky for you, you have a large fat reserves to live off.


Posted: 17-May-2012 10:37:34 AM

Everytime I actually stop and think about what you are doing, I can't help but shake my head and think "WHAT?" This is especially true when I think about the fact that you are halfway through 90 km through the desert...holy moly!! I'm sure that this trek will make tomorrow's 10km seem like a dance. Best of luck today, this is where your mind counts the most. As if you need to be told. I look forward to the next blog and to your results. Keep it up Chris...er....uncle Steve. WAY TO GO STEVE!!!!! :)


Posted: 17-May-2012 10:33:27 AM

So proud of you Chris, keep on keeping on. Whether your body has started to fight back, your sense of humour is still in tact according to your blog! So proud!


Posted: 17-May-2012 10:16:47 AM

Wii boxing references? The Uncle Steve joke? I'm beginning to look more forward to the comments on your blog than the blog itself! I'll say this. I hope as you read this you've realized what you've done. You've embarked on something not many in this world can say they've done. One can't predict the amount of pride and love that they'll feel for a family member when they do something like, and I'm amazed at how much I have for you. You didn't have to run the Jordan desert to make me proud, but man...is it ever the cherry on top. I can't wait to hear that beautiful voice of yours! Love love love! xo


Posted: 17-May-2012 09:47:28 AM

Aaen you monster! Cheering for you to finish strong. Amazing results so far and Im sure you will finish this thing.


Posted: 17-May-2012 07:07:42 AM

O - it's time to to go - only 90 more, easy to say hard to do? not for you... you've found your legs - turns out you were a freak among freaks, who knew, well all the ones that love you did, you bring everything to the next level and never stop until it's done - that's why you played Wii boxing for 5 hours, with options of "Quit" or "Try again" your mind and heart and legs had no Quit in them... Very impressed, but not suprised in the least - Go get your holy grail... Enjoy YOUR day...


Posted: 17-May-2012 06:07:02 AM

All those long saturdays will pay off. Your feet may be shot but your legs will carry you. Hang on , bri Ps left you all the confirmations at front desk of biet zaman hotel


Posted: 17-May-2012 05:34:04 AM

You're killing it Aaen. Clear out that pack and push through to Petra!

peter and Luka

Posted: 17-May-2012 03:41:46 AM

directly from Luka" dear uncle steve.... good luck on your race. I hope you finish" the context for everyone else reading this blog. luka always gets Steve and Chris mixed up. so in his mind uncle steve is the cool uncle who takes him canoeing and he is even cooler for racing in the desert on the otherwise of the planet. way to go uncle steve!


Posted: 17-May-2012 03:28:19 AM



Posted: 17-May-2012 03:27:39 AM

Proud of you buddy! If anyone is stubborn enough to get through the last 90km of this race it's you. Wishing you the best, and hope that your feet stay with you til the end. The fat reserves should carry you for a few days right?

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