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Live Race Coverage
13 - 19 May 2012

RacingThePlanet: Jordan 2012 Blogs

Day 1 is Done
13-May-2012 02:42:53 AM [(GMT-07:00) Mountain Time(US & Canada)]

Well, my first stage is finished and I survived!  It is hot, reaching high 27 by 10 am, and apparently hit high 30's.  Luckily there was a nice breeze to keep things cool.  The week is supposed to remain hot and the nights are only dipping down to about 18 degrees.  I'm happy with how the day went and plan on taking each day as it comes. If every day goes like this I'll be happy providing I can recover well trhough the remainder of the day.


Tonight we are camped by some amazing rock formations.  The scenery is stark but beautiful.  I now have several hours just to hang out in camp, rest, visit and eat!


Saw a herd of camels today.  We are also seeing and experiencing lots of local bedouin culture.  I'm enjoying the local musicians around the campfire at night and the locals we see while running all smile and wave (probably think we are all crazy).  The only thing I can't claim to enjoy are the authentic toilets at camp.  A hole in the ground with a tent around it.  Some of the holes are quite wide and as the week goes by and the legs get tired it will be interesting to balance over it....hopefully I won't be blogging about falling in.


I've had a chance to see some of the messages that have come in to me.  Thanks for the well wishes!  I'm having a great time!!  Hopefully the amazing Zandy, course photographer, has some photos posted so you can see the amazing place I'm in.  I'll be home in a few weeks with pictures and stories to tell!


Manny, I hope everything is going okay...don't forget to check on punkie!  Mike, thanks for the Spirit Bear Coffee.  This morning I was the envy of everyone with the press and fresh coffee!  Ann, Liz and Christine, say hi to mom for me and let her know I'm doing fine.


I'll be checking back in tomorrow!!





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Paula Walsh

Posted: 15-May-2012 02:11:23 AM

Way to go Mary. Hope the weather doesn't get too hot for you. Have a great time. We are following you every day.

Blair O'Neill

Posted: 15-May-2012 01:24:25 AM

Mary, I just saw your times!! Pretty amazing in that heat and better today than yesterday!!! We will be spinning hard tomorrow to power you on stage 3!! Keep running!! We\'re proud of you!


Posted: 14-May-2012 07:51:37 AM

I'm SO GLAD you are enjoying the coffee! Secretly, I was worried it would take up valuable space. It will be your own private link back to Canada. And with all those Rice Krispie squares you ate, there'll be an eighth Column of Wisdom in the desert before you leave! :D -Mike


Posted: 14-May-2012 06:07:20 AM

May your legs stay strong enough to also manage the toilets. Be proud you are contributing a bit of yourself to the local landscape! Sleep well, recover well and enjoy your amazing race. Are you running alone or with others? Are you running most of the stage or do you trek a fair bit? How is the sand - no worries? Look forward to reading your next blog! Take care.

Gail Kamitomo

Posted: 14-May-2012 04:17:13 AM

Wow Mary! How awesome! I am so proud of you! Gail

Erin Logue

Posted: 14-May-2012 03:20:36 AM

Yay stage 1, I'm super glad to hear your feeling good. Good luck on stage 2, I'm super proud and jealous and inspired all rolled into one.

Shona Nichols

Posted: 14-May-2012 02:45:25 AM

Mary, you are doing great! I can see the smile on your face as you run, hang out at camp and blog. You are amazingly fit and prepared for this race so I have no doubt that your body will recover each night and be ready to run every stage. Go Mary Go!!!!!

Ann Sutherland

Posted: 13-May-2012 11:00:51 PM

Yeah for you! Stage 1 is done! Sounds amazing. I was at a choir concert today and they were singing some Soweto African music. I know you aren't in South Africa, but the music was so beautiful all I could think of was you over in Jordan having this amazing experience. We are keeping Mom up-to-date, reassuring her that you are safe and having a good time. Good luck tomorrow!

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RacingThePlanet: Jordan 2012

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I am a Health & Fitness Specialist in an employee fitness facility at the U of A hospital in Edmonton. I help health professionals make healthy lifestyle changes, provide personal training and teach fitness classes. And it is the most fun I've ever

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RacingThePlanet: Jordan 2012 competitor


I worked for 15 years in a corporate setting as an HR specialist. About 6 years ago I decided to take the leap and make a major career change and do what I love and became a personal trainer and health & fitness specialist at the U of A Hospital's employee fitness centre. I am fortunate to work at something that I truly love, which is sharing my passion for health & fitness with others. My success is defined by seeing individuals make lifestyle changes that ultimately make them stronger, healthier people.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I am a Health & Fitness Specialist in an employee
fitness facility at the U of A hospital in
Edmonton. I help health professionals make
healthy lifestyle changes, provide personal
training and teach fitness classes. And it is the
most fun I've ever

Why are you competing?
My reason for running in Jordan is to challenge
myself. I also look at it as an opportunity to
see an amazing part of the world, meet amazing
people from all over the world and take part in an
amazing experience.

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