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RacingThePlanet: Ecuador 2015 Blogs

Stage 6
01-Aug-2015 04:20:33 AM [(GMT+08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi]

Good morning everyone, it is rest day in camp after an epic long day. Wow can’t believe I completed the long stage, 60km and I think I came in 55th at 8.30pm.
I ran all the way and just kept going, everyone was amazed that I could actually run and keep up with the leaders (I was too). As much as they had advertised it to be a downhill day, from Camp to Checkpoint 3 there were quite a few climbs. I woke up feeling great and told my South African friends that I was going to give it a crack. I arrived at Checkpoint 1 in 40th position and just could not believe it. Then the downhill, I just put on my music and started running. The most amazing scenery and as we started to descend you could certainly feel the change in altitude. We ran down through the misty forest, at some point unable to see because of the thick fog. Luckily by the time I got to Checkpoint 6 and it was getting dark I came across Jacky the Canadian power walker and we just kept a steady pace all the way in to camp. I was pretty broken at the end of it, my feet are destroyed, blisters everywhere and just all over muscle ache. Only 10km to go tomorrow and I will be done with this amazing adventure.
G yesterday was for you, I know how much you would love to be here with me. You have been stuck inside studying for over a year and I am so proud of your determination. Yesterday you gave me the motivation just to run and enjoy it for the both of us xxxx
Thank you everyone for the messages of support, it makes such a difference.


Tam Dougherty

Posted: 02-Aug-2015 10:30:57 PM

Truly Impressive. That Chilean determination has impressed. Well done Andrea, what an amazing feat. You will remember this for many years to come and draw strength from it when you need it. I hope you get lots of rest after you are done. Very proud. Tam xxx

Linda Westberg

Posted: 02-Aug-2015 10:59:28 AM

Amazing work Andrea! Hugely impressed by this feat - having hiked all across this area (how amazing is Quilotoa?!), I can't even begin to imagine running it or covering these distances - the altitude is a killer. Enjoy the finish line celebrations and the well earned rest afterwards. Good thing toe nails grow back :) Big high five from Yangon

Joe Bonington

Posted: 02-Aug-2015 10:34:52 AM

Wow, Andrea. So very very very Proud. By the time I'm writing this you must be very close to finishing, if not just finished. You are amazing!!! Keep going Andrea, we are all shouting for you!!

Joe Bonington

Posted: 02-Aug-2015 10:33:52 AM

Wow, Andrea. SO very very very Proud. By the time I'm writing this you must be very close to finishing. You are amazing!!! Keep going Andrea, we are all shouting for you!!

Carly Steggles

Posted: 02-Aug-2015 06:32:22 AM

Whoop whoop! You go girl. :) hopefully by now you have finished and are basking in post race glory. Enjoy every second!

sophie hordern

Posted: 02-Aug-2015 04:11:21 AM

Reading this made me feel SO proud of you Andrea! I just can't believe how much effort you have put in and positive you have stayed throughout each stage! Tomorrow will be such a fantastic feeling and each KM you pass you will be so much closer! Can't wait for the next stage and the amazing feeling you will finish with! Love Soph xxxxx

Tomas Vergara

Posted: 02-Aug-2015 03:24:13 AM

You made it!! fantastic life time achievement! You have this special strong determined nature and persevered all the way. Well done Andrea

Kate Holloway

Posted: 01-Aug-2015 11:45:25 PM

You are amazing!!! Once you read this you will be done! Congrats on such an awesome awesome job! Big hug x

Phillip and Blanca

Posted: 01-Aug-2015 02:01:00 PM

What an incredible , a life time memory will remain of crossing the finishing line, it will make all the training insignificant compared to the glory of the moment, a very big hug, we will celebrate on your arrival to Santiago. Xxxxx

David Bonney

Posted: 01-Aug-2015 12:18:23 PM

Killing it Andrea.. awesome effort.. almost there

Sophie Humphries

Posted: 01-Aug-2015 12:18:19 PM

Wow wow wow..... Truely amazing!!!! So incredibly happy for you and feel so excited for the absolute sense of achievement you will feel when u cross that line tomorrow!! Still can't really believe you were crazy enough to take on such a race but from the day you did I never doubted you would finish it.. Good on u Hun xxx We missed our coffee buddy this morning

Gareth Andrews

Posted: 01-Aug-2015 10:35:48 AM

I'm so very proud of you! I couldn't believe your time, just fantastic! The long day is the one that everyone dreads but you tackled it with such determination and energy, superb. There were people from Australia, Chile, England, Guernsey, Wales, New Zealand all on the edge of their seats waiting for news! The photos look wonderful, there's some great ones of you. The cloud forest especially looked epic, I'm sure it was great to run through. Well my dear, savour these last few days, it's an experience that will stay with you forever and your first race is always the most special. By the way you've handled this one I'm sure it's not going to be your last :) Maybe we can do the next one together. Loud cheers and lots of clapping from all the way over here as you cross the finish line, I only wish I could be there. A bit more clapping and cheering and lots of love from me and Richard Parker :)

whitford and Heather

Posted: 01-Aug-2015 07:53:49 AM

Wow again! Couldn`t believe your time! Have run out of superlatives to describe your determination, tenacity and sheer class under the most painful and challenging task. Defies description. You will run across the finishing line tomorrow with such exaltation for yourself, Gareth and Toby! Loud cheers from all over the World! Love, W + H xxx

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