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One Step Forward and. . .
22-Nov-2010 07:08:08 AM [(GMT+05:30) Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi]

Atacama Crossing (Chile) 2011
September started very well. I wanted to start running/walking with weights as well as delve more extensively into the core area. The schedule for September therefore looks somewhat like this: Monday: Walking/running with 6-8kg weights - easy pace 7-8km/hr - covering a distance between 13-15km (cross country course on the treadmill) Tuesday: Warm up run of 4-5km - strength training - Wind down run, 2km Wednesday: Repeat Monday routine Thursday: Repeat Tuesday routine, warm up variant being cycling for 30 minutes Friday: Easy paced run, covering a 20-25km distance Saturday: Easy paced run. covering a 25-30km distance Sunday: Rest The weekly routine is accompanied by yoga and stretches, primarily for the back as well as exercises for the core, about 15-20 minutes to a session. So against this plan, how did I stack up. I managed to run a little over 85km through the first week, about half of it with a back pack weighing about 7kg. The Friday and Saturday runs also went off nicely as planned, only I was running on a treadmill at a slight incline. The weather has been very inclement in Hyderabad with rainfall in the early morning and I am hoping it gets better this week onwards. The second week was a washout totally as I was vacationing and out the whole week at a family wedding, a full 4-day affair!!! I will restart again today. Nutrition during exercise comprises Hammer's Perpetuem or Sustained Energy as well as Endurolytes and my body is adapting to these quite well. Plus, water intake of about 2-3 litres during the training itself. All told, the first fortnight has been a sort of one step forward and . . . Well, onward and upward. More later. S
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