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Less than two months to go!!
07-Jan-2010 04:31:29 AM [(GMT) Greenwich Mean Time: Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London]

Atacama Crossing (Chile) 2010
Happy New Year to you all.

 I hope you've had a lovely Christmas and lots of nice presents.

December was a very hectic month for me, and I'm sure it was for most of you too.
Now after all the dinner parties and over endulging in all the good things (or bad perhaps), I can say I'm trying to get back to my training.

 It hasn't been easy with the weather we've been having in the UK at the moment, but I must say I have enjoyed running in the snow. I leave my house with a backpack containing all the necessary things for this kind of weather and just go for a couple of hours. It has been a new experience for me running in the snow, so beautiful and relaxing. I take my camera and just try to capture all the beautiful things around me.

I can tell you I'm having fun while training. Next week will be a different story, because I will be in Miami, apparently the temperatures there are around 5 to 10 degrees centigrades, hopefully will be warmer by the time I get there.

Take care you all, and keep up with your training. Will write again next week .

Marilena xx
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