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Training in Yemen
11-Oct-2008 08:51:39 AM [(GMT+02:00) Jerusalem]

Sahara Race (Egypt) 2008
For the last two weeks of my training I will be in Sanaa, Yemen.
This city is 2800m above sea level which means 10% less oxygen levels than sea level back in Beirut.
This was not by choice but rather where my work is based, which is a good thing, I hope.

I will increase the amount of muscle buildup, which I mainly do in the morning.
Work on loosing a few more kilos (2-4) between now and the 25th of October.
Increase my daily mileage from running 12k to at least 15k.

I'm worried about getting all the right equipment, and the proper food supplies. But the worst worry of all is the 100k event day.
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02-Oct-2008 10:00:25 AM [(GMT+02:00) Jerusalem]

Sahara Race (Egypt) 2008
The reasons why I'm going to submit myself to the Eyptian desert sun for six consecutive days covering a distance of 250 kilometers of the most rugged and gruesome terrains is simply that I'm turning 30 years old and I need to affirm to myself that the young adventurous spirit still burns strong in me.

I started running on a daily basis, increasing my flexibility, decreasing food intake, and building some leg muscles. Overall, I will have trained for 8 weeks. I hope it is enough.

Need all the support and have all the motivation, I will make it.

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