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    Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka 14 Feb 2016
    Sahara Race Namibia 1 May 2016
    Gobi March China 19 June 2016
    Atacama Crossing Chile 2 Oct 2016
    The Last Desert Antarctica 18 - 29 Nov 2016
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Aussies Stoked Over RacingThePlanet Walkabout

Aussies Stoked Over RacingThePlanet Walkabout

By Dave Flanagan


“It’s going to be awesome running on home turf,” says Michael Hull, barely able to contain his excitement over RacingThePlanet’s choice of the Australian outback for its 2010 roaming event. “We just don’t get these type of races here. I can hardly wait.”


Seasoned competitor Michael isn’t the only athlete champing at the bit Down Under. Since it was announced that RacingThePlanet would be heading their way next year, Australians have been signing up for the event in their droves.


And although the exact location for the race has yet to be decided – it’s either going to be somewhere in Western Australia, or in the Northern Territory – there are already more Aussies confirmed as starters than in any previous roaming or 4 Deserts event.


According to Sydney born Michael – a finisher in the Gobi March, Atacama Crossing and The Last Desert - the presence of such a large Australian contingent is sure to create a unique atmosphere.


We’re a laid back lot, but we know how to have fun no matter where we are,” laughs the 41-year-old father of three, who is also set to take part in this year’s Sahara Race. “We’re pretty competitive too and there will be bragging rights to last a lifetime for the first Aussie to cross the finish line.  I expect camp to be rather lively with lots of laughter and friendly banter and there’ll be a few beers drunk on the presentation night.”


Michael, who runs as part of Team Trifecta, is confident his country will deliver the goods for everyone who takes part next year, regardless of where they’re from.


“The competitors will see a truly unique and special part of Australia,” he declares. “In fact, they’ll see parts of the country that many Australians will not have experienced before. It's more of an adventure with a 250km race thrown in.
The wildlife and scenery will be something to be in awe of,” he adds. “I suspect that whatever region Mary and the team decide upon we will come across a wide range of animals, including kangaroos, birds, snakes and emus.


“It's going to be hard, hot and dusty too - I guess just like ever other RacingThePlanet event!”


No worries.



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