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    Sahara Race Jordan 8 Mar 2015
    Gobi March China 31 May 2015
    RacingThePlanet: Ecuador Ecuador 26 Jul 2015
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1:What is RacingThePlanet: Jordan 2012?
It is a seven-day, six-stage, 250-kilometer footrace across the deserts of Jordan, including Wadi Rum, and finishing in the World Heritage Site of Petra..
2: Is RacingThePlanet: Jordan 2012 an ultramarathon, adventure race,
expedition race or some kind of extreme race?
RacingThePlanet: Jordan is an endurance foot race with a very similar format to the Tour de France, except by foot and self-supported.
3: Why was this location chosen for RacingThePlanet: Jordan 2012?
The RacingThePlanet roving race series has an annual event which moves to a new location each year. The location may be anywhere from islands to deserts to mountains to jungles. Jordan has been chosen for the 2012 roving race due to its remote and undiscovered deserts as well as the ever present Bedouin culture. Previous roving races have taken place in Vietnam, Namibia, Australia and Nepal.
4: Do I have to complete one or more of the 4 Deserts first?
The roving race series is completely separate to the 4 Deserts, although it is organised by the same company. You do not need to complete a 4 Deserts event in order to take part in RacingThePlanet: Jordan, anyone may apply for a place in a RacingThePlanet event. However, roving races do not count towards qualification for The Last Desert (Antarctica).
5: What is the format of RacingThePlanet: Jordan 2012?
RacingThePlanet follows the same signature format of the 4 Deserts. It is a self-supported footrace over 250 kilometers / 155 miles in seven days.
6: Where do competitors sleep each night?
At the end of each stage, you will meet your fellow competitors and staff in an incredible campsite where you will sleep in locally made Bedouin style tents. You will see stars unlike any you have seen before. Each competitor is assigned to a tent within the campsite which will sleep up to ten people. The tent will be your home for the week. You will also have a warm fire in the morning and at night to boil water and cook.
7: Who typically competes in a RacingThePlanet event?
The typical competitor is a working professional, a high achiever – someone who believes in maximizing every opportunity in life. Our competitors generally work full time, some have families, many do a lot of community service and all lead a healthy lifestyle. Our competitors consist of medical doctors, professors, investment bankers, small business owners, actor, actresses, entrepreneurs, journalists, top athletes and coaches, military professionals, managers and stay-at-home moms and dads. We have many father/son, father/daughter, mother/son and brother/sister competitors.
8: I don't think I can run 250 kilometers, can I still make the cut-off times?
The event is set up to allow for generous cut-off times. The leaders run the whole course, and many walk the whole course.
9: How much training will be required?
Our competitors are busy professionals – we don't expect them to train all the time. Many complete the event with minimal training, some want to win and thus train a lot. Each competitor has his or her own goal. We simply want everyone to finish.
10: Why do you limit the number of competitors in each event to a relatively small number?
 RacingThePlanet events are a unique, special experience. Solitude leads to a different type of challenge and it can be a very spiritual experience. With a small number of competitors you will get to meet many of them, some who will likely become life-long friends.
11: What is special about RacingThePlanet: Jordan 2012?
 Each event highlights an indigenous culture in the region with the hope of preserving the culture for generations to come. In RacingThePlanet: Jordan 2012 you will experience friendship and warmth the Bedouins who are nomadic in nature and therefore you will see many small Bedouin camps along the course. You will also see the true diversity of deserts as you pass through four different deserts with unique characters and landscape. The event will then finish in the World Heritage Site of Petra.
12: What is the best part of the event?
 Many say it's the competitors themselves – that they leave the event with a new set of friends from all over the world. Many call on these new friends in business later or just to have dinner when passing through someone's hometown. Some have even met their future husband / wife!
13: Can I run for a charity?
Absolutely – we encourage it. People support different charities for personal reasons and therefore we welcome you to choose you’re a charity of your choice to support through the event. Many of our competitors have raised significant amounts of money for charities all over the world.
14: My ultimate goal is to complete The Last Desert in Antarctica. Does RacingThePlanet: Jordan count towards the qualifications?
No. The Last Desert (Antarctica) is only open to those who have completed two of the other 4 Deserts which include the Gobi March in China, the Atacama Crossing in Chile and the Sahara Race in Egypt. RacingThePlanet: Jordan does not count towards those qualifications.
15: Any last words to describe RacingThePlanet: Jordan?
Life enhancing for all, life changing for many.