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    Gobi March China 31 May 2015
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Competitors must carry all "mandatory" equipment at all times during the event. Failure to have all the mandatory items at Competitor Check-In or at any time during the event may result in a time penalty or the competitor not being able to start the event.

You can download the full equipment list.

Review the photos of each mandatory item below to make sure you know what the item is. Recommended products are available at RacingThePlanet, The Outdoor Store.
1 of 31Backpack / Rucksack
Your backpack should be capable of carrying all of your mandatory and optional equipment. A 25-30L backpack is optimal. When full, most competitor backpacks range in weight from 7-15 kg / 15-33 lbs, with the average backpack weighing 9 kg / 20 lbs (without water).
2 of 31Sleeping Bag
The minimum requirement combination of sleeping bag plus bag liner is 5°C/41°F. Bag liners can also be used to add 6°C/10°F of warmth to your sleeping bag.
3 of 31Headlamp x 2
Competitors are required to carry two light sources during the event - one must be a headlamp but the second can be a handheld torch. Both lights must be strong enough to use when on the course at night on uneven terrain because if one fails you need to use the second one. You also need a red flashing light in addition to these two light sources
4 of 31Compass
Any model is adequate. Note: There is no navigation in the event. This is to be carried as part of your emergency gear.
5 of 31Safety Pins
You must have a minimum of 20 safety pins. These are used for many things, including attaching your bib number and event patch. Heavy duty, large safety pins are best.
6 of 31Knife / Multi-tool
A small knife or multi-tool has multiple uses during the event. A pair of scissors does not fulfill this mandatory item.
7 of 31Whistle
This item is part of your emergency equipment - the purpose is to attract attention if you were to need help. When you are out in the open air, especially if there is any wind, a normal whistle will not be heard very far. It is very important that you have a strong whistle which is very loud. The whistle on the clips of some backpacks is no longer sufficient. You need to have something louder such as JetScream Safety Whistle or Coghlan's Safety Whistle.
8 of 31Survival Bivvy / Blanket
The survival bivvy / blanket must be made of reflective material. Bivvys or bags are recommended over blankets as they trap more body heat.
9 of 31Sunscreen, 1 FL OZ (29.5ml) minimum
Choose a sunscreen with a high SPF that is waterproof, sweat proof and non-greasy. It is recommended to bring the required amount in two containers in case one is lost or difficult to find.
10 of 31Lip Sunscreen
Any brand with SPF is sufficient.
11 of 31Blister Kit
The following list of items is the minimal requirement. You may need more supplies based on your experiences and prior history of foot blisters.
  • 10 alcohol wipes
  • 2 hypodermic needles or safety pins
  • 1 roll of paper tape (i.e., micorpore)
  • 1 roll of elastic tape (i.e., Elastikon)
  • 5 second skin or Compede pads
Note: Hydropel is also highly recommended. Foot powder is also recommended for feet that sweat a lot.
12 of 31Medication
Bring anti-inflammatory medication and mild pain relief, such as Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Tylenol or Paracetamol, for head and foot aches. Bring enough so that you are not dependent on medication from the event medical team. Note that using other competitor?s medication and consuming heavy quantities of painkillers can be extremely dangerous.
13 of 31Alcohol Gel, 2 fl oz (59ml) minimum
Alcohol wipes cannot replace alcohol gel, but you may choose to carry both.
A must for toilet use. No toilet paper is provided. Any brand will work (recommended to have at least one pack per day).
15 of 31Red Flashing Light
The red flashing light is required in addition to your headlamp and back-up light. This is to be worn on the rear of your backpack and to be switched on when you are on the course in the dark.
16 of 31Compression Bandage
The compression bandage has multiple uses.
17 of 31Warm Jacket
Many brands are appropriate, but make sure that the jacket will keep you warm at night when it can get cold. Another option is to use base-layer clothing.
18 of 31Shorts / Tights
One pair of shorts, tights or pants is required. It is recommended to bring at least one pair of long tights or pants as it can get cold. Lighter colours reduce heat absorption.
19 of 31T-Shirts, Long / Short Sleeves
Shirts are to be used for sun and sweat protection. They should be made of a quick dry material and have sleeves. Wear long sleeves if you are sensitive to the sun.
20 of 31Shoes
You must wear trail or running shoes.
Note: Buy your shoes 1-2 sizes larger than you normally wear to account for swelling and tape for blisters.
21 of 31Socks
We recommend bringing 6-7 pairs to allow for a fresh pair every day, but only 2 pairs are required.
22 of 31Headgear / Caps
It is required that you wear a cap with a neck cover such as legionnaire design. Light colour head wear is recommended.
23 of 31Sunglasses
Any pair of UV protection sunglasses. Only 1 pair is mandatory but it is recommended to take 2 pairs as they are often lost or broken.
24 of 31Nationality Patches
You must wear nationality patches on both sleeves of all tops (including jackets) throughout the event. These are in addition to the 4 Deserts patches which are provided by RacingThePlanet
25 of 31RacingThePlanet Patches
You must wear RacingThePlanet patches on both sleeves of all tops (including jackets) throughout the event. RacingThePlanet will send you these patches approximately 6 weeks before the event.
26 of 317-Day Food Supply
You are responsible for your own food for the entire event. You need a dried meal for the night before the race, as well as a minimum of 2000 calories/day during the race (7 days) for a minimum of 14,000 calories.
27 of 31Eating Utensil
Ideally bring more than one fork/spoon in case you lose one. Titanium products are the lightest option but are more expensive.
28 of 31Electrolytes / Salt Tablets
Bring enough fluid replacement electrolytes for 7 days on the course. It is recommended that you test these supplements during your training and follow the recommended amounts. It is strongly recommended to bring tablets in addition to electrolyte drink powders. You must bring a minimum of:
  • enough powder to make a minimum of 30 liters of drink, or
  • enough salt tablets / Endurolytes for 30 hours on the course (usually, the minimum is 1.5 tablets per hour = 45 tablets), or
  • a combo of both (e.g., powder for 15 liters of water and tablets for 15 hours on the course)
If you expect to spend more than 30 hours on the course then you should increase this accordingly.
29 of 31Hydration System
You must be able to carry 2.5 litres of water at one time. Use a combination of hydration bladder and water bottles. Bottles allow for more flexibility, as bladder can be hard to refill at checkpoints.
30 of 31Warm Hat
A fleece or other warm hat is required for warmth.
31 of 31Gloves
A pair of gloves is required for warmth.

OMM Classic Marathon - 32L The definitive lightweight pack for those who want to carry more equipment.
OMM Classic Marathon 25L The definitive lightweight pack for those who want to travel super light.
Inov-8 Race Elite 25 An extreme lightweight pack ideal for mountain marathons and longer runs.
Inov-8 Racepac 32 An elite, functional lightweight hydration-compatible pack.
Inov-8 Racepac 25 An elite, functional lightweight hydration-compatible pack
Aarn Marathon Magic Bodypack 33L A pack designed with body movement and stability in mind. Hugs the body even when full of gear.
Osprey Hornet 24 A super light, highly ventilated hydration-compatible pack.
Osprey Hornet 32 A super light , highly ventilated hydration-compatible pack for those who carry more.
Osprey Talon 33 A lightweight but hardcore backpack.
Salomon XA 25 WP Very lightweight, fitted pack ideal for endurance events.
RaidLight Runner R-Light – 30L Ultra-light, multifunctional bag.
30 litres (backpack) + 1 bottle.
RaidLight Evolution 2 – 20L Ultra-light, multifunctional bag.
20 litres (backpack) + 4 litres (frontpack).

Mountain Hardwear Phantom 45 Offers ultra-lightweight durability.
Temperature rated down to 7°C/45°F.
Marmot Atom Light-weight with high-quality down. Temperature rated down to 5°C/40°F.
Big Agnes Pitchpine with Air Core Mummy Pad (regular and long available) Light-weight, high-thread count and mummy-shaped bag down to 5°C/40°F. Integrated pad sleeve.
Western Mountaineering Highlight Light-weight and low bulk.
Temperature rated down to 2°C/35°F.
RaidLight Sleeping Bag Ultra-light bag that transforms into a jacket.
Temperature rated down to 5°C/40°F.

Black Diamond Spot LED A great primary light source. Shines for 34-70 meters.
Black Diamond Cosmo LED A primary light source that shines up to 28 meters.
Black Diamond Gizmo LED A quality back-up light source. Shines for 25 meters but has a low number of lumens.
Princeton Tec EOS Headlamp A great primary light source with 50 lumens and light distance of 50 meters.
Princeton Tec Scout Headlamp A quality back-up light source with 10 lumens and light distance of 8-15 meters.
Petzl Tikka 2 Plus A great primary light source. Shines for 13-35 meters.
Petzl Tikka 2 A great primary light source. Shines for 13-29 meters.
Petzl e+LITE Headlamp Should only be considered as a back-up light source. Shines for 11-19 meters but has a low number of lumens.

Silva 40 Watch Compass Fits nicely on a watch strap.
Silva Thermometer Compass A handy compass with integrated thermometer.
Silva 1 Explorer Compass 1S360 Luminous points for night navigation.
Silva Compass Carabiner 9 A handy compass with integrated carabiner.

4 Deserts SwissCard All the essential multi-tool items (knife, scissors, etc.) in a compact card form.
Victorinox Classic SD Compact & convenient keychain size knife.
Leatherman Knives Compact and functional with great styling.
Gerber Shortcut Mini-Tool A good tool in a small package.
Gerber Clutch Mini-Tool Another good tool in a small package.

Jetscream Safety Whistle Flat enough to fit in your pocket.
Coghlan's Four Function Whistle Four features in one compact package.

Adventure Medical Kits Headsheet 105 grams / 3.7 ounces emergency bivvy.
Adventure Medical Kits ThermoLite 195 grams / 6.9 ounces bivvy sack.
Space Brand Emergency Bag Protection in a lightweight, compact bag.
Space Brand Emergency Blanket Protects against elements of nature.
Coghlan's Emergency Bag Lightweight emergency survival bag shelters against wind and rain

Dermatone Sunblock Lotion with Z-Cote - SPF 36 Waterproof & moisturizing. Z-cote adds essential protection against UVA rays.
Dermatone No-Touch Sunblock Lotion - SPF 30 Fragrance free, waterproof and sweat proof.
Dermatone Sun & Bug Combo, SPF 25 with Insect Repellent Insect repellent for 3 hours, UVA & UVB protection; water proof and sweat proof.
SmartShield SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion with Avobenzone A light, oil-free formula that is waterproof and sweat proof.
SmartShield SPF 30 Gel with Avobenzone Great for people with oily skin. Waterproof gel contains moisturizing and healing Aloe.
Bushman Plus Dry Gel Sunscreen plus lasting protection from bloodseeking insects.

Dermatone Medicated Lip Balm Protects and conditions lips.
Dermatone Spot Protection Stick Protects lips against sun, wind and cold.
Dermatone Lip ‘n Face Protection Crème with Z-Cote, SPF 30 Great for skin that is super sensitive to the sun. (Highly recommended by dermatologists to prevent skin cancer.)

RacingThePlanet® Blister Kit (highly recommended) Basic Kit or Kit with Hydropel. Includes an instruction sheet.
Blist-o-Ban Highly recommended. Prevent blisters from forming, because the easiest way to treat blisters is to not get them in the first place.
Spenco 2nd Skin Jar 48
- 3" Circles (non-sterile)
Spenco 2nd Skin Jar 200
- 1" Squares (non-sterile)
Spenco 2nd Skin Adhesive Knit  

Purell Hand Sanitizer Kills 99.9% of most common germs.

Wet Ones Moist Towelette with Vitamin E and Aloe Thick and soft.
Kleenex Deluxe Tissue Pocket Packs Soft, gentle toilet tissues
4 Deserts Tablet Towels Durable and full-sized (25cm x 25cm / 10”x10”). Nine towels in a pack. Come in a small tablet. Add water to use.

Flashing LED Safety Light Flashing LED Safety Light

Mountain Hardwear Power Stretch Zip T, MicroChill Jacket, Le Hoody Royale, Compressor PL Jacket, Nitrous Jacket, Quark Jacket, etc.
Patagonia Capilene Zip-ups (1 to 4), Guide Jacket, Alpine Wind Jacket, Down Sweater, Nano Puff Pullover, Micro Puff Jacket, etc
Marmot Ion Windshirt, DriClime Jacket, Approach Jacket, Venus Jacket, Zeus Jacket, Leadville Jacket, Precip Jacket, Nano Jacket, Super Mica Jacket, Trail Wind Hoody, etc.
Montane Featherlite Marathon Jacket/Smock Slipstream Quantum Jacket, etc.
2XU 3/4 Zip Thru Top, Active 360 Run Jacket, Jet Track, Orix, Jacket, Raven Base Thermal, Road Combat, Lite Membrane Jacket
Icebreaker Body Fit Tech Top, Rapid Zip Thru, etc.
Orca Lite Jacket, etc.
Salomon XT Softshell Jacket (mens)

CW-X Tights and Shorts (Stabilyx, Pro, Expert, Ventilator) Compression gear that provides support to key muscle groups and joints.
SKINS Tights and Shorts (Sport, She, or ICE Series) Body-moulded compression gear aimed at providing support and muscle alignment.
Orca Tights and Shorts Performance compression tights.
2XU Tights and Shorts Performance compression tights.
Montane Sonic Shorts Lightweight multi-activity shorts.
Mountain Hardwear Power Stretch Tights (men), Solano Shorts (women), Canyon Shorts (men).
Salomon Shorts and compression tights including Exo II Wings TW Short, Exo IV 3/4 Collant, Exo IV 3/4 Tight W, XR Short W

Orca Natural merino wool
Capilene® Patagonia's signature base-layer fabric.
CoolMax® Performance shirts by INVISTA.
DriClime® & UpCycle® Marmot performance shirts.
Koolknit™ Mountain Hardware’s moisture wicking shirts that keep you dry and cool.
Icebreaker Bodyfit Offers light and breathable protection.
Skins Sport and She Tops Compression shirts which improve circulation and muscle support.
Salomon XR 1/2 Zip Tech Tee, XT softshell LS 1/2 Zip Tee (male)

Montrail (trail) Durable, lightweight trail running shoes.
Salomon (trail) Versatile, lightweight trail running shoes.
Inov-8 (trail) Lightweight and with great grip.
Columbia (trail) Lightweight and durable trail running shoes.
Vasque Low profile anatomically-moulded midsole that uses contouring and smart cushioning to get runners physically closer to the trail.
New Balance Versatile, lightweight trail running shoes.
Asics Lightweight and with great GEL cushioning system

Skins Sport Powersox Compression socks increase circulation to the calves, increasing performance and facilitating faster recovery.
CW-X Compression Socks  
2XU Recovery Sock / Calf Guard  
Injinji Crew Toe Toe-fit socks, superb performance.
Injinji Mini-Crew Toe Toe-fit socks, superb performance.
Toe Toe Socks Thin-Liner toe socks are finely knitted with Coolmax material.
SmartWool Adrenalin Mini Crew Durable, sweat-wicking socks.
SmartWool Adrenaline Light Crew Durable, sweat-wicking socks.
DryMax Run Crew Socks Padded socks designed with a Dual Layer Moisture Removal System.
DryMax Trail Run ¼ Crew High Socks Comes with extra foot protection for the trails and an anti-blister system.
Teko Socks Lightweight, quick-drying comfort.
Highly recommended by numerous 4 Deserts competitors.

Sea-To-Summit The Mullet Cap With a multi-position, removable neck flap.
Outdoor Research Helios Sun Cap 50+ UPF rating with a brim.
Outdoor Research Swift Cap Quick-drying cap with a mesh liner.
Outdoor Research Ferrosi Cap A breathable, lightweight soft shell cap.
Inov-8 Hot Peak 60 Breathable stretch mesh, fast wicking.
RacingThePlanet Cap A baseball-style cap.
4 Deserts Cap A baseball-style cap.
Columbia Freezer Ball Cap A baseball-style cap with Omni-Freeze® technology to keep your head cool.
2XU Run Cap Quick-drying cap with a mesh liner.

Numa Sport Optics  
Smith Optics  

Dried Meals We recommend using dried meals as your main food source. Hot water will be available at all campsites.
Expedition Foods (Freeze dried) High calorie (800 per meal) and freeze dried meals. Note: “Freeze dried” is typically better tasting than “dried mix” meals.
Mountain House (Freeze dried) Numerous freeze dried dinner and breakfast meals. Note: “freeze dried” is typically better tasting than “dried mix” meals
Backpacker?s Pantry (Dried mix) Numerous dried mix dinner and breakfast meals.
Back Country (Dried mix) Numerous dried mix dinner and breakfast meals.
Energy Bars / Gels
Clif Bar Whole, all-natural and organic ingredients.
PowerBar C2MAX carb mix contains a special ratio.
PowerGel Delivers a fast energy boost.
Hammer Bars Easy to digest and gluten-free.
Hammer Gels Perfect for a quick energy boost.
Jelly Belly Sport Beans Contains carbohydrates, electrolytes and vitamins.
GU Delivers high-quality, easily-digested and long-lasting energy for athletes.
Nutrition Supplements These nutrition products were recommended by those who have completed the 4 Deserts series.
PowerBar Recovery Take after the stage for muscle recovery.
PowerBar Energize Take during the stage for energy.
Perpetuem by Hammer Take during the stage to fuel your body.
Recoverite by Hammer Take after the stage to aid muscle recover.
Sustained Energy by Hammer Endurance fuel; reduces muscle fatigue.
HEED by Hammer Sports drink; prevents cramps.
Race Caps Supreme Enhances energy and endurance.
Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem Solids Consistent, stable energy.
Whey Protein supplement; helps repair muscles.
Premium Insurance Caps Daily supplement, overall health support.
Other drink mixes Bring your favourite drink mixes for mornings and nights around camp.
Coffee or Tea  
Hot Chocolate  
Snacks An important part of your food supply. We recommended bringing a good variety of your favourite snacks.
Quaker Instant Oatmeal Individual packets offer a quick and nutritious breakfast or afternoon snack.
Cup Noodles Quick, easy and light.
Beef Jerky An essential snack with much-needed protein. Slim Jims are a quality brand.
Potato Chips High in calories and taste; recommended to crush them up and carry in a zip-lock bag.
Parmesan Cheese High in calories and easy to pack.

Sea-To-Summit AlphaLight Spork Durable and ultra lightweight.
Light My Fire Spork Polycarbonate and titanium versions.
Snow Peak Titanium Spork Short Durable, lightweight and compact.
Snow Peak Titanium Spork Durable and lightweight.

Endurolytes by Hammer Nutrition Provides superior cramp prevention.
Nuun (no sugar) Light flavour drink enhancement.
Saltstick Caps Minimises cramping and fatigue.
Hammer Endurolyte Fizz Superior full-spectrum electrolyte support.

RaidLight Bretelle Bottle-Holder Attaches to shoulder of backpack.
RaidLight Dual Chamber Take along for water and energy drink.
Raidlight Bottle with Flexible Valve A soft plastic bottle with a screw top and flexible valve.
SmarTube (for 1.5L bottle) Convenient water bottle adapter.
SmarTube Cap (for 63mm bottle) For wide-mouth bottles.
Hydrapak GelBot Bottle Delivers two performance essentials - fluid and gel - in one bottle.
Hydrapak Reversible Reservoir II Hydration System 3L bladder that is backpack compatible.
Platypus SoftBottle with Closure Cap Ultra-reusable, light-weight and flexible. Rolls up when not being used.
Nathan Hydration Bottle Soft, squeezable and low-density.
Nathan Nutrition Flask (pack of 3) This bottle can be used to hold energy replenishing gel.
Inov-8 Bottle  

Icebreaker Pocket 200 Soft and comfortable (for men and women)
Mountain Hardwear Micro Dome Lightweight and snug (for men and women)
Patagonia Alpine Beanie Lightweight, stretchy, and quick-drying.

Icebreaker Glove Liner Soft and lightweight (for men and women)
Patagonia Lightweight Glove Wicks moisture from skin to keep hands dry