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    Sahara Race Jordan 8 Mar 2015
    Gobi March China 31 May 2015
    RacingThePlanet: Ecuador Ecuador 26 Jul 2015
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New Feature: View from the Front

For most RacingThePlanet competitors, just showing up at the front line is an accomplishment; lasting a few days, an added bonus, and crossing the finish line, a dream come true.  Most could never imagine crossing that line first. 



Mo Foustok of Saudi Arabia did that every single day at RacingThePlanet: Iceland 2013, capturing the championship with a time of 23:04:08. Mo beat his previous time by more than an hour.  At the Gobi March 2012, he came in second, at 24:28:28, trailing far behind Spaniard Vicente Juan Garcia Beneito, who won the race in 23:12:33.  It seems Mo came prepared to beat that time.


“I know the competition and trained accordingly,” he said.  Still, Mo still found things he could improve upon. “I started too quickly, I think, and it was very difficult the last two days.”


But I loved the week.” The course was beautiful. Now it's time for Madagascar.”


On the last day, Mo Foustok of Saudi Arabia came across the finish line first, as he did every day of RacingThePlanet: Iceland 2013.  The victory came off Mo’s second place finish at the Gobi March 2012.  His final time was 23:04:08.  Justus Meyer followed closely behind, as he did throughout the race, finishing with a final time of 23:26:56. Tom Flummerfelt of the United States finished third, coming across the line at 25:31:20. 


Mo Foustok is from Saudi Arabia where he works in defense for the Saudi Establishment for Safety Equipment. Mo placed second overall at the Gobi March 2012 and is returning to his second RacingThePlanet / 4 Deserts event at Iceland 2013.


Competition for the top ten places was fierce every day of the race.  Just one woman made it into those ranks: Lia Farley, now a three-timeRacingThePlanet/ 4 Deserts women’s division champion.  Lia finished eighth overall, with a time of 27:12:26. Linda Doke of South Africa claimed second place in the women’s division with a time of 30:07:23, and Virginie Goethals of Belgium finished in 31:38:25, taking third.