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New Feature: Iceland in Six Words

RacingThePlanet: Iceland 2013 featured hot springs, steaming geothermal areas, lava fields, glaciers, black sand deserts, rolling green hills, mineral-rich lagoons – in short, more than the eyes of competitors could probably take in over their seven days on the course.



It’s no surprise that Iceland drew a lot of applicants. But all of RacingThePlanet’s locations, from the Atacama Desert to Antarctica, boast impressive views – why was it Iceland that drew more competitors than any other 4 Deserts or Roving Race?  To answer that question, we turned to the competitors themselves. Since a description of Iceland could take pages, we challenged them to describe the race in just six words, based on Smith Magazine’s six-word memoir project.  Here, we present Iceland in six words: some poetic, some funny, some inspirational, some straightforward, and many, many about the wind.


“Midnight sun, horses run, waves overcome”

- Mike Sammis of the United States, 139th place


“Broken but not beaten just yet”

- Andrew Espin of South Arica, 64th place


“Wonderful and Terrible all at once”

- Kristin Robinson of the United States, 166th place


“Great people slogging through terrible weather”

- Shannon Pierce of the United States, 162nd place


“Unimaginable and indescribable, worth every minute”

- Chelsey Anderson of the United States, 170th place


“At least I didn’t die trying!”

- Rebecca Sinclair of New Zealand, 52nd place


“It was nothing like the brochure”

- Glen Vaughan of Wales, 50th place


“I am racing a desert next!”

- Andrew Strachan of the United Kingdom, 132nd place


“Iceland? Don’t you mean Windland?”

- Thomas Hill of Australia, 100th place


“Rocky roads and artic winds, Bliss!”

- Jonathon Kissick of Australia, 121st place


“Not recommended for a romantic honeymoon”

 - Sarah Diaz of the United States


“The views were worth the effort”

- Erin Logue of  Canada


“We seriously need our heads checked”

- Heather Draper of Canada, 94th place


“A very happy and relieved man”

- John Kennedy of South Africa, 15th place


“Wind turned off for rest day”

- Linda Doke of South Africa, 17th place


“I know what I’m made of”

- Veronica Fujisawa of the United States, 204th place


“Can we order some sun please?”

- Kristina Arthur of New Zealand, 220th place


“This has been an epic journey”

- Caryn Kennedy of South Arica, 25th place


“Right race to share with Kristina”

- Roberto Rivola of Switzerland, 60th place


“It’s been a unique windy experience”

- Kristina Myreen of Switzlerand, 59th place


“I came to experience the pain!”

- Badr Benlamkaddem of Morocco, 209th place


“Canadian winters are really good training”

- Mary Nielsen of Canada, 69th place


“Windy rain; didn’t get me down”

- Lisa Cox of the United States, 163rd place


“The mind and body are amazing”

- Deborah Madanayake of the United States, 217th place


“Iceland, a good place for kites!”

- Paul Jing (Yu Maio) of China, 227th place


“Enjoy ankle pain on rainy days”

- Yumeng (Raymond) Liu of China, 201st place


Unexpectedly tough race; cheered by friends”

- Lily (Li) Guo of China, 137the place


“Wonderfully unique landscape and tough underfoot”

 - John Murphy of Ireland, 43rd place


“Whose mad crazy idea was this?”

- Mo Foustok of Saudi Arabia, 1st place