Breaking News:  Saturday, 1 May, 2010. 12:45pm Stage 6. Salvador Calvo Redondo of Spain has won RacingThePlanet: Australia 2010. American Lia Farley was the 1st placed lady and Team Saigon Children's Charity were 1st placed team. Competitors raced to the finish line at El Questro Station to be greeted by friends, family, volunteers, staff and the children from Dawul Remote Community School, who also helped get the race off to a fantastic start last Sunday. Competitors are now enjoying some cold beers and sodas with food, basking in the sunshine and reveling in their achievements. Results will follow soon.... Breaking News Archive »

  Beyond the 4 Deserts


The beginning of RacingThePlanet
RacingThePlanet commenced operations from its base in Hong Kong in 2002. The first race under its banner was the Gobi March held in September 2003 near Dunhuang, China, with 42 competitors. This race established the basic format of the RacingThePlanet event - a seven-day self-supported footrace of some 250 kilometers which combines rugged physical challenges with rich international and cultural experiences. As with many start-up businesses, a number of significant operational challenges had to be overcome, including in this case the outbreak of SARS in early 2003, but the Gobi March 2003 concluded successfully with Charlie Engle of the United States the winner of the first RacingThePlanet event.

The first Atacama Crossing in Chile took place in July 2004 and was followed by the first Sahara Race in Egypt in September 2005. The Last Desert in Antarctica was inaugurated in January 2006. These races combine to create the annual 4 Deserts series.

In February 2008, a fifth event was added to the RacingThePlanet calendar. This race, of similar format, moves to a different location each year. The first roving race was held in 2008 among the rice terraces of Sapa in northwest Vietnam. Roving races that followed were Namibia in 2009, Australia in 2010 and Nepal in 2011.

To capitalize on the experience of RacingThePlanet participants, the company also developed an online retail store which supplies a wide range of products for the outdoors. The online store has distribution centers in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom and is maintained in English and Chinese (traditional and simplified) languages. The Outdoor Store is now Asia's largest online store providing the world's most respected outdoor equipment and clothing.
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