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11th October 2016

Hi friends and family. I'm SO sorry for not being able to blog after the long march. Spoiler Alert, I survived, and in fact finished the race. Here's my recap.  So I had a long, hard day on Stage 4. As much as I enjoyed staying with frien...

Posted By: Tina Beigelbeck    |   

10th October 2016

Things got really tough for me straight away in the long march... the calf pain I'd felt in stage 4 got worse, and with a long stretch over some rough terrain up to the first checkpoint I was really struggling.  I arrived at the checkpoint in...

Posted By: Jenny Mcivor    |   

9th October 2016

As Madonna sang – Last night I dreamt of San Pedro. And this morning we ran to San Pedro. A short 8km hop (for a Viscacha). I ambled along in my normal (lack of) style, - saving my energies for the final run through town, and more specifically the ...

Posted By: David Grosse    |   
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